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Horis Tarnos is a famous Hero of the Empire of Mankind and the first famous ancestor of The Tarnos Dynasty, the current Imperial ruling family, that have ruled the Empire for more than 72 000 years. He is revered by most of Humanity in the Lewis Nations, as a Hero that stood for the people against the interests of privateers, political corruption and company interests.

He gave peace to the early humans that settled in this area of the Universe and has been present in the memory of every citizen of the Lewis Nations (as a marvellous ancestor) but mostly of the Empire of Mankind, where he is seen almost like a god-like figure. He is the grandfather of the first Emperor, Hannakon I Tarnos, and the direct ancestor of the current Emperor and all other emperors that ever ruled.

History and Background

He was born during the time of the Republic of Anthropos in Elpida, out of a family of successful Elpidan merchants that could trace their ancestry all the way back to already successful Anarian settlers in Anar, that came to the Lewis Galaxy after mistrust towards the Erstes Konsortium. He enrolled early in the Military and gain merits, ranking into the position of General early on and moving to planet Haldar who was already starting to have a leading role in shipbuilding and naval construction as well as increasing is military importance.

When the First Civil War broke out, he was already a successful member and a respected general among their peers. His charisma had gain him the love of its soldiers and officials. When the war seemed to be impossible to stop, all generals gathered in one of Haldars Moons, and Horis was put in charge of all of them by a massive majority. He was able to lead the military against the Parties of the War, finally defeating them and gaining massive popular support during the process and afterwards, to the point of being granted the position of Guardian and be instituted in the new Constitution of the Country as an hereditary position in charge of protecting the nation from future hostilities.

Marriage and Family

He was born out of the marriage of two wealthy merchants that lived in Indara and had built powerful connections and grew its trading company through effort and hardwork. Alisa Tarnos, previously known as Alisa Roin, was the daughter of a manufacture exporter from Elpida but living in Pax and Erion Tarnos, was the son of a Family in the Trading business of Elpidan origin.

His parents settled in Indara, where their relatives came from an settled a beautiful home on top of a hill, with views all over the bay. Here, Horis Tarnos was born, alongside two of his siblings, a younger sister and a younger brother. Horis was soon proven to be really smart and capable and was sent to make a living in the Military.

He was the oldest son, but at his personal will, he was given the house and the land of his parents in inheritance while the company of his father was given to his younger brother and the Family's money was given to his sister.

Horis Tarnos went to study in Haldar where he spent most of his young adulthood. Soon he started working in the Military and being upgraded by its merits inside the military forces. During this time he met Sara Olaf, from Mitra, who was finishing her Industrial Engineering Doctorate studies in Haldar. They fell in love and finally married. The couple was happy together and out of this union one son and two daughters were born.