Horisia is a Terran World, of the temperate terra type, that lies in the Teira System, and the Deep core of the Tarnos Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It is the Capital and Administrative Center of the Galaxy for the Empire of Mankind. This Planet and Galaxy were named after the Imperial Hero of the Empire, Horis Tarnos, the first renown and founder of the Imperial Dynasty. It is located in the Center of the Galaxy, inside the deep core.

It was the first planet to be settled deep into the core center of the Tarnos Galaxy, although not the first to be settled in the Galaxy. Due to its central location, it was renamed and made the administrative capital of the Sector. It was settled by three Imperial Ships carrying up to 3 million settlers.

The Planet is famous for its colors and large oceans. It has also large Poles icecaps and two Rings across the planet. It has only 4 continents, deployed as large Islands. The Ruling Family is the Noble Family known as Obiria.

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