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The Dalvan Family is one of the High Aristocratic Families of the Empire of Mankind. They are among the few in the nobility to have the titles of Archdukes of the Empire. Their homeplanet is Astrion, from where they rule. It is said to be among the most honest and closest to the Common people of all the Houses. John Dalvan is the current leader of the House. His daughter, Laura Dalvan, is a popular icon for fashion and is spotted frequently by gossip entertainment programs in the Empire.

The Colors of the Dalvan family are Black, Red and Grey, and their House animal is the Koraux, a reptile apex predator, native to Astrion, known as a reptile saurus like animal, it is famously known for its fierce and strong character. Most of their wealth comes from the Finance and Transportation markets (like Lios Corporation), owning shares in the main enterprises that control this two sectors. They have also some wealth from insurance companies. They are one of the most ardent against slavery practices, although themselves are usually forced to use them from time to time..


The Dalvan family can be traced back to the Republic of Elpida's era, as do most of the High noble families. The Dalvan Family was one of many Anarian families to embark on a colony ship to settled on Elpida. One of the Dalvan branches emigrated to Pax, and several many generations later, they were one of the founding families in Astrion. Due to their relative financial merchant experience in Pax, they manage to build several banking and finance enterprises on Astrion, becoming by the era of the Republic of Anthropos, the wealthiest family in the planet. During the rule of Hannakon I Tarnos, due to its help during the Second Civil War, they were granted the status of Nobility.

The proper founder of the house as one of the most famous High noble families in the Empire was Julia Dalvan, a prominent banking figure of Astrion, and cofounder of the Lios corporation, who was granted the title by the Emperor himself in gratitude for financing him during the War. All the members of the Dalvan House are direct descendants of her.


Irvin and Hamlet are two main planets of the Dalvan Family, alongside Meldan, which is after Astrion the most Important one. Before it was completely devastated during the War of the Ancients, Monka was as well another of the key worlds of the Dalvans. This planets serve as main centers of power for the Dalvan family, located in different Galaxies that allow them to exerce power and give control and stability to those galaxies for the Empire of Mankind.

The Some territories they rule are the following:

  • Thisbe Nebula
  • Pyramus Region in Rodaun
  • Several Scattered regions in Iskadi
  • The Goilan Corridor.