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The Etchalon Family is one of the main Aristocratic Families of the Empire of Mankind. They belong to the High Nobility and are among the few to have the title of Archdukes of the Empire. The Family has its based seat on planet Haldar. Most of their wealth is based on military production, shipbuilding, naval building, weaponry and other artifacts. They have also some wealth coming from robotic production and machinery.

Their symbol is Red and Purple and their emblem animal is the Teholdar (and sometimes the Yakum), a predator animal from Planet Haldar but exported all over the Lewis Nations.

The current head of the House is Marcus Etchalon, a direct descendant of the founder of the house, Jensen Etchalon.

History and Origins

The Family traces its ancestry back to Anarian Settlers who left Anar for Elpida, and who, by the time of the Republic of Elpida, were among the first to settled in Haldar and gain its wealth throughout the Republic of Anthropos era. It was in this period, that Jensen Etchalon, leader of important enterprises directed to military production supported the Guardian in the Second Civil War. He was key in producing enough supply to maintain the war for Hannakon I Tarnos. Once the conflict was resolved and the Empire of Mankind declared, he was given the title of Archduke, due to the support he had given to the Emperor.

During the Nobility Wars, they remained in the Imperial side and thus gain the Imperial Dynasty complete support.

On the War of the Two Emperors, the Etchalons took side with Larissa and Roldar, but after Larissa married Kador and they became Emperor and Empress, the war was over so no consequences were given to neither of the sides. The Etchalons remained loyal for all the War period, supporting Larissa even to the meeting with Kador to discuss the peace treaty.

The conflict between Hannakon and Aranis, during the First relative war was on the Hannakon side of the Family who by that time had become more conservative due to the demilitarization promoted by Aranis side. During the battle of Haldar, the war was lost but the Family was forgiven although severally punishements were implemented by the Empress.

For the following war of the relatives, the Etchalons proved their loyalty as never before, and were the main key factors to defeat Hannakon's descendants. This led the Emperors to gain the favour of the family again, who arose back to its previous position and was released from their punishments.

During the War against the Union, the Etchalon were active warriors against the Unionist forces as well as during the War of the Ancients.

Planets and territories

They have Haldar as their main center, but Deiana or Brelax are as well part of their homebase. Their based on the Iskadi Galaxy, in the Alba region is located in Atherak, in the Moons of Kolth. They ruled a vast area in the Lewis Galaxy but also in the Iskadi Galaxy (Most notably the Alba region).