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The Hangul Family, it's one of the most important families of the Empire of Mankind. They belong to the Imperial Nobility and are among the most reknown of the High Aristocratic members of society. They retain the titles of Archdukes of the Empire, the highest nobility title possibly achieved. Their seat of power lies on Planet Mitra, one of the Three Capitals of the Empire of Mankind. Having control over this planet has been one of the main causes for them to become so powerful, due to the Media and the Justice system being located in Mitra. The Family has its wealth thanks to the control of media and entertainment.

Their traditional symbol has been the mythical creature known as "Dragon", and their traditional color is Jade Green and Black. Their banner is in display over their palaces and in their main planetary strongholds. The Hangul are as well a very ancient family, from the early able date back to the early days of humanity in the Lewis Galaxy, when they inhabit the old Republic of Elpida.


The Hangul are direct descendants of Mir Hangul, one of the Generals that served under the commands of Hannakon I Tarnos, just as Mir's ancestor had done fighting alongside Horis Tarnos back in the First Civil War of the Republic of Anthropos. They have supported the Tarnos Dynasty and the winning side of Imperial conflicts ever since they rose to Nobility, and have gain a lot of economic and social power and prestige throughout the Millennia, being one of the richest and most important Aristocratic Families.

During the Nobility Wars, they remain loyal to the Emperor serving for his interests during the Conflict. They have provide most of their private funds to finance the War of Kador V against Larissa I and Roldar I, winning animosity of the later Empress Larissa when she married Kador V. Still, the house managed to cope up but problem arose agains. The House was a Target for the Pretender to the Throne, Hannakon on its conflict against Empress Aranis II Tarnos on the First Relative's War, promising a Rebellious General of Elpida to give him nobility and the position of the Hanguls, as well as handle him control of Mitra in exchanged from rebelling in Elpida and hand control over it to Hannakon. This however failed and did not last long since the rebellious general was defeated in time.

Although Mitra is the traditional home of House Hangul, they have been using Planet Kottar and Planet Arshek, as secondary worlds for territorial governance, since a large part of the territory under their command is located outside the Lewis Galaxy

They have their resting place at the planet Hangulia.

They have an asiatic origin but due to their marriage with the Imperial Family and the rest of the Empire's Nobility, most of their traits now are of a caucasoid-asiatic mix nature. The most renowned member of this house is John Hangul, being his daughter Anya Hangul the next successor in line. Although John is the current Archduke, he is too old for actual rule and lives retired on planet Hangulia, being his daughter and heir to the House the actual real power and the ruler de facto of the Family and its possessions.