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The Hayalon Family is the most important, powerful and rich, among all the High Noble Houses of the Empire of Mankind. They belong to the Imperial Nobility and are among the most reknown of the High Aristocratic members of society. They have the highest title possibly achieved by the Aristocratic Families, that of Archdukes of the Empire. They are as well the most closely related to the Tarnos Dynasty and those with a highest claim to the throne, in the almost impossible case of them going extinct. Most of their wealth comes from producing services and manufacture goods but most comes from the production and benefits of Pharmaceuticals, medical and agrarian items, as well as naval and water military machine production.

The Traditional Symbol and Emblem of the Family is the Teyak, a well known majestic and beautiful predator from planet Thetis, while their color is Blue.

Origins and History

Their Home Planet is the World of Thetis, an oceanic world that has been the seat of the Family since the times of Hannakon I Tarnos. In fact, it was the General Marcus Hayalon, one of the highest commanders of Hannakon's armies, the founder of the House, achieving noble status by helping the first Emperor during the Second Civil War. Loyalty to the Tarnos goes far beyond, when Marcus grandfather, Thora Hayalon, fought alongside Horis Tarnos during the First Civil War. They can trace their origins to the earliest settlers of Thetis, as well as to settlers from Elpida and all the way back to Anar.

The Hayalons had supported most of the Emperors all over the history of the Empire, except for the time of The War of the Two Emperors, in which this family rebelled against the Emperor creating a big civil war that lasted several centuries but ended up by marriage and in this way the Hayalon avoid extermination. They have since become closer to the Dynastic line, since they have close ties with it.

It all began with the Archduke Gildorn Hayalon, having a daughter named Halmara, which was the lover of Emperor Teragan I Tarnos. Although the Emperor later married the Empress Faranis, he had several children with both women. It was commonly known by all at court and outside of it, that Halmara was the love and the lover of the Emperor, and that the children of Halmara were those of the Emperors, being Royal High Bastards that the Emperor recognized as his. When Faranis and Teragan direct official male lines seem to have been extinguished, the Emperor Kador V, son of Mara and daughter of Teragan, and grandson of Teragan, took the Throne.

However, he had to fight the threat of Roldar I Hayalon, named himself Tarnos, that considered himself to have a higher claim to the throne than that of Kador V. When Roldar was defeated in the Battle of Thetis, his sister, Larissa I took up on arms and took his brothers claim for herself. The war was on a death point, so they both made peace and married, bringing up unity once again to the Empire. Their son will rule the Empire while his younger son inherit the title House Hayalon becoming its current ruling line.


The seat of the Family is the world of Thetis, but other planets were used as minor seats of the Hayalon family. Most notably the Planet Eune, and the Planet Shalash.

The lands owned by this family extends throughout various millions of systems, several Galaxies and many more habitable planets. They rule their vast territories thanks to the support of the Lower Aristocratic Families that pledge allegiance and vassalization towards House Hayalon, just as they in turn do to the Emperor. They maintain rule by delegating it to these lower nobility families. Still all houses have to respond ultimately to the Emperor or Empress of the Empire. The Most famous territories are:

Capital Palace and Headquarters of the Hayalon's Family.