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The House Kalainen is one of the richest and most powerful families within the High Aristocratic Families of the Empire. They are among the few families to have the title of Archdukes of the Empire. They are among some of the oldest and most prestigious families and its loyalty towards the Emperors has been unquestioned since they were granted status of Nobility.

The Family Colors are White, Black and Light Blue, and their national animal is the Avaram, a flying impressive majestic and beautiful creature, native to the Planet Kalain, renamed after the Family's name as a great honor to their services towards the Emperor. They are, after the Hayalons, one of the closest relatives to the Tarnos, as many members of the family have married within the Kalainen.

The Wealth of the Family is based mostly on industrial production, textiles, technology and softwares. They have also great powerful mines fue to their dominance of some of the outer territories of the Empire, ruling over some large portions of several Galaxies.

They have been known to be lovers of science and progress and have actively finance great research centers, most notably in Engineering, Chemistry and Physics. The Great Hall of Science, one of the largest of its kind located in Iona is a prove of this.

The Current leader of the house is Melivan Kalainen, Archduchess of the Empire and daughter of the Famous Irgen Kalainen. and the biggest sister of Jonnas Kalainen who has pursued a career in the Military.


The early Kalainen family members can be traced back to the first settlers of Elpida. However, the family migrated soon to the Planet Pax, and some centuries later some members of the Family also moved to Mitra (although this branch went extinct after the First Civil War).

In Pax they started a career in finance as small entrepreneurs, turning later on into industrial mass production and special materials for the military. Due to their growing strenght in the field of military, the family wealth started to increase and soon they decided to move to the center of such industry. For that reason, they ended leaving Pax and moving to Haldar and it was here that they largely improved their situation and by the First Civil War many of its members became enrolled in the military. Due to their military careers, they became known among the common people as some of the most important generals in the First Civil War. After the war, the Kalainen relocated to Memphis.

The Military leader to be given status of the Archduke and Nobility by the Emperor was the great general and comander Ediron Kalainen. This man is still nowadays very prestigious and is a source of pride for the family to have such a founder.


During the Second Civil War, they became one of the most influential military leaders in the conflict, putting themselves at the service of the Guardian. They were sucessful generals winning against the political parties of the Old Republic of Anthropos. For such, they also used their inner weaknesses as diplomatic tools to defeat them. This loyal and great service was later compensated by the Emperor Hannakon I Tarnos by granting them the status of Nobility and great powers within the Imperial territory. The Family then was given "ownership" of Memphis, who had been the base of the family for the early centuries between the two civil wars. It was here that an interest for industry and technology started to develop, diversifying the assets of the family.

During the Rule of the Twelve Emperors they were one of the richest families and one of the most powerful. They always kept honor towards the emperors, even during the Nobility War, the Kalainen were among the few houses that did not rebelled at all. Due to this, the Kalainen were among the few that the Emperor trusted to allow the head and the family to reside some time together away from the capital. They also could have a personal army of their own, larger than it was granted to other families.

During the Great Slave Revolt, the Kalainens went in to fight intensively and managed to secure their main worlds while some struggle. This meant that some important Kalainen members died during the revolt. Although not many. The old duke Ulyses Kalainen was killed during the fightings and was succeeded by Yoren Kalainen who would be involve in the War between Kador V and Roldar and Larissa.

The War of the Two Emperors was significant for the Family as they sided with Roldar. However, after the death of Roldar they defected to the side of Kador V, who reluctantly forgave them. They consider the war a lost cause for Larissa.

In the Imperial-Unionist War, the Kalainen were in the front line and lead the way for the conquest of the strategical Zeurel System. The Kalainen led the invasion and attack and hold control for a some years but they were repelled by a counter offensive and guerrilla warfare and had to retreat.

Planets and Territories

The Family has its capital split in several planets, as it is a common practice among the High Nobility. The most important planets of the Kalainen are the Planet Kalain (rename from its previous name, Taulus) and Memphis in the Lewis Galaxy, as well as the Planet Iona, in the Iskadi Galaxy and the planet Uldusi in the Kevenam Galaxy. This four planets act as the seats of power of house Kalainen over their destined ruling territories.