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The Sigurdsson Family is one of the most important High Noble Families of the Empire of Mankind. They are among the few having the titles of Archdukes of the Empire. The origins of the Family go back to the old Republic of Anthropos Era. The Emperor Hannakon I Tarnos gave them Nobility Status as a reward for their service to him, who was crucial to his success during the Second Civil War of the Empire an event that marked the birth of the Empire as we know it.

Most of their wealth comes from the Pharmaceutical Companies, Raw Mineral extraction and processing, as well as Chemical Production. But as all Families, they have diversified themselves in other businesses such as entertainment, tourism, finance, insurances, agriculture and shipbuilding.

The Family is based on three Planets, known as Adrax, Fenris and Yabenus. Another important world is Tolmund. The later was granted to them after the expropriation and exile of House Urayas took place, right after the Nobility War. This has granted the Sigurdssons the eternal hate of the Urayas who have tried numerous times to take back Tolmund for themselves once again, attacking through the Plutocracy, most notably during the First Relative's War.

The Traditional Symbol of the House is a Roxindar. An animal native to Yabenus. The Colors of the House are Gold, Dark Purple and Black. Sometimes Dark Blue is also used.

They have large control over several galaxies, and while Yabenus is their original ancestral home, Fenris and Tolmund are also important possessions in the Lewis Galaxy. However, their most important world is currently Adrax which lies in the Iskadi Galaxy.

The Current Head of the House if Merku Sigurdsson, but Power in the House is held by its two twin daughters, Orena Sigurdsson and Mirin Sigurdsson, two of the most important personalities in the Empire. Merku holds the titles of Archduke of Pisces, Duke of Ethos, Duke of Porphyrious (among many other Duchies) and Count of Yabenus. But his titles are numerous.


The History of the Family goes back to the early Republic of Elpida. The early Sigurdssons can trace their origins back to the early settlers of Elpida and some family lines can be trace even further to Anar.

However, the Family forged itself right after the Founding of the Republic of Anthropos.When they moved as Colonist to the Planet Yabenus, they started making money and soon rise to be one of the most influential families in the Empire, by making money out of the exploitation of rich mineral sources as well as Chemicals.

They also expanded to some Military and Shipbuilding activities later on right during the First Civil War of the Empire, however they aligned with the Democratic Parties. However, by the Second Civil War of the Empire, this time they supported the figure of the Guardian desilutional and discontent with how the democracy they had believed in had turned out to be.

Soon after the Second Civil war broke out, the Sigurdssons aided the side of Hannakon I Tarnos, with giving him and producing for him essential basic resources, key to give him advantage. They also manufactured weapons for the war on a massive scale in Yabenus and organized a resistance against the Parties. The Emperor Granted Privileges to Yabenus and gave Abran Sigurdsson the status of High Nobility for his help during the War. This man was the founder of the Noble dynasty and thus all Sigurdsson Archdukes and Archduchesses are direct descendants of him.

During the Rule of the Twelve Emperors, the Sigurdssons were on the lead of Colonization of frontier wars and acquired new territories in the Lewis Galaxy, becoming very powerful. They grew discontent with the Emperors rule over them and soon were lured to rebel against them. When the Nobility Wars broke out, the Sigurdssons were on the Rebellious nobility side. However, they were betrayed in the Battle of Yabenus by the Urayas, and thus, they surrendered to the Emperor, and asked for forgiveness. To by such prize they had to tell them about secret plans the Nobles had, and due to such valuable information, the Sigurdssons were punished but not exiled, destroyed or degraded.

When the War of the Two Emperors broke out, a schism occurred within the Family and one side supported the Emperor while other supported Roldar's claim. When both sides unificated by marriage, the family was reassembled back together and forgiven.

In the Imperial-Unionist War, they sided with the Emperor and were successful in conquering some systems and launching an Attack on the Zeurel System, maintaining its dominance for long period, alongside House Zykov. After their defeat at Zeurel, they consecrated themselves to the defence of their territories from Unionist attacks.

The First Relative's War saw the Family divided again on two sides confronted to each other. Some of the members on Hannakon's losing side were given a pardon but most of the Sigurdssons that supported him were sent into exile (most of whom went to live in the Plutocracy). They faced a strong opposition by the Urayas, a powerful family of the Plutocracy, but the rest of the Houses welcomed them with open arms. This rivalry continued between the Urayas and the Sigurdssons. Those Sigurdssons that were forgiven reunited with the loyal side of the Family.

During the Second Relative's War they sided with the Empress. They led the armies against several of their own ancient members of the Family, defeating them. The Sigurdssons from the Plutocracy became then weaker and weaker, although still influential. They were slowly merged into the Noble Families of the Plutocracy making the Sigurdsson's Branch in the Plutocracy disappeared.


They rule over several millions of planets and systems, as well as hundreds of Galaxies, controlling several billions of lives, that are directly under their supervision and protection.