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The House Urayas is currently one of the houses belonging to the imperial aristocratic families but it wasnt not for a large part of it's history. Previously it was one of the most prestigious noble houses of the Empire of Mankind. Most of this prestige however is a mere shadow of what it used to be. The title of Archidukes of the Empire was lost and currently, they have the minor title of "Imperial Dukes".

Arose to nobility after the Second Civil War of the Empire, they grew in power during the reign of the first 12 emperors. However, they were exiled in the aftermaths of the Nobility War for being the leader house of the rebellion against the emperor. Due to this, they moved alongside other rebellious and expelled houses to form the Plutocracy of Gish, to which they were one of the main ruling houses (The most powerfull of them all) in that Nation.

However, due to the Gran Rebellion on the Plutocracy, the Urayas run away back into the empire where they begged for forgiveness and to be accepted once more into the Empire after millennia out of it. They were granted some of the frontier dominions with the Plutocracy to gather a watch and control over the Plutocracy but most of their territories were given in distant frontiers

The former seat of the house were the worlds of Yabenus, Kirvan, Odelon and Tarnis. The first one was given to their rivals, the Sigursson Family. The Second and Third were given to House Lavey and House Moratani respectively, and the last one was taken by the Emperor himself as his retirement place, copying the use the Urayas gave to Tarnis as their private natural retirement home.

As their former ancestral seats of power and dominion were taken away on the aftermaths of the Nobility War, and thus were under the dominion of others for so long, the Urayas were unable to claim them back after their return. Thus they were granted other worlds and lands by the Emperor to act as the seats of their power. As a result, their current bases have now changed and are known as Tieden and Zuldax.

During their time in Exile as rulers of the Plutocracy, House Urayas dominions were the worlds of Telvi and Ornox. This worlds were lost to the Revolution, and while most of the Urayas fled away, some very few members of the house decided to stay due to their rich holdings and private businesses and integrate with the new burgouisie.



The House Urayas has it's origins in Isil Urayas, the master of spies and secret services of Hannakon I Tarnos. He was granted nobility and the title of Archiduque of the Empire due to the important service he had provided to the cause held by Hannakon. The house was then given the world of Yabenus which became the first and original seat of the Urayas. The Urayas soon became one of the wealthiest and most powerful of the great houses.

Empire of Mankind - Nobility War

The Nobility of the empire had been growing massively since the time of the Empire was created. The houses had expanded their territories by promoting colonization and exploration as well as building up important and strategic strongholds for the nation. This led to some families becoming as rich as the emperor himself. Thus, the families were gathering too much power to the point of being in intense tensions and disaray with the Emperor and his policies. This resulted in an open revolt and war against the Empire, a conflict known as the Nobility War. However this war ended with the exile and defeat of the rebelious houses and originated as a result the nation known as the Plutocracy.

Plutocracy of Gish

Even though it became the second nation to be born in the Lewis Galaxy and thus the second Lewis Nation, it became soon stuck in a corner of the Galaxy due to it's location. The exile carried by the houses was done in a rush across the vast void-desert of Mikos leading to the Termula Region, a region of the Lewis Galaxy that is located on the margin of the galaxy and separated from the rest thanks to this void. The only point joining the Plutocracy with the Empire was the Nisapa Strait or Pass on the right side and the Umaki Scattered Systems (A dozen of scattered systems that barely connect with the rest of the Galaxy through the left side of the plutocracy). This locked the Plutocracy in the Termula region and thus they were unable to expand away. The region also lacked major natural wormwholes and even in case they had the technology, the Termula faces the Great void of the Local Universe towards the Florathel Galaxy. This means they were in a bad spot to jump to the other Galaxies conforming the rest of Herschel Space.

Due to this, the Plutocracy concentrated itself in maximizing the region they hold land in, and gave control to the exiled noble families who constituted themselves in an Aristocratic Plutocray with a Council governing equally. This was in theory as three main Houses dominated the politics of the Plutocracy: House Alisan, House Gemeldi and House Urayas. The Urayas were the most powerful and one of the wealthiest. It's policy was based on attacking the empire and expand over their territory. House Alisan and House Gemeldi however favour a more pacifistic approach.

The Urayas were industrious, based on mining, manufacturing and military production, the Alisan based themselves in promoting scientific research, high-tech, pharmaceutical-medical products, agricultural production and the improvement of the middle class and the Gemeldi were promoters of trade, commerce, services, banking and finance. The house Alisan and Gemeldi allied themselves to be stronger than the Urayas and keep them down in the politics of the Plutocracy. However, sometimes the Urayas regain momentarily power, usually when conflict among the Alisan and Gemeldi houses arose, the Urayas took the opportunity to ally themselves with one of them. They took this opportunity to push for war against the Empire and althought they tried multiple times, most of them ended up in a defeat.

Later on, the Plutocracy became an ally of the Empire, a small puppet state until the revolution. The Plutocracy was very dependant on the Empire for extra-goods and others. As the conditions of the Plutocracy were worsen in their small space, crushed by the nobility, which limited the rich burgoisie, a Revolution took place. This led to the Urayas leaving the Plutocracy and seeking refure back in the Empire.

Return to the Empire

In 92 410 CE, a meeting was held between the Urayas and the Emperor of Mankind to beg for their acceptance back into imperial territories. The Empire fearing a similar rebellion happening within the borders of their nation, decided to accept the Urayas but in exchange they would have to prove their loyalty to the Emperor. Most Urayas daughter were given away in marriage to other houses and the Tarnos Dynasty and the successor of the House was to be kept in Elpida under imperial supervision. They would have to renounce to their former ancestral worlds and build new ones in the new lands or worlds granted by the Emperor.


The lands of the Urayas have changed substantially during the milllennia due to them leaving the Empire for the Plutocracy and then return to the Empire, the current territories of the Urayas have remained in their hands for just less than 8500 years compared to the folds of other houses who have been in their hands for more than 75 000 years. The current bases for the house are the planet Tieden and the world of Zuldax.

Territories belonging to the House: