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The Weng Family is an important High Aristocratic Family of the Empire of Mankind. Although not the richest they do have an important amount of wealth and power. They are one of the only families to have the titles of Archdukes.

Their seat of Power is on Planet Eyen. They have won their wealth and power from a very diverse amount of products. They got benefits through mainly mining, chemical extraction and metal and alloys production. To a lesser extent they also get benefits from financial assets and weaponry as well.

They also control a third of the Clone slavery production (although they aren't the main producing house on the market), and some important industrial manufacturing goods and services.

The traditional symbol and emblem of their house is a Tallindar, an animal native to Eyen and their reference color is Yellow.


The House can trace its origins back to Lee Weng, a wealthy merchant that gain notoriety by producing goods and extract resources on a large base for the Second Civil War, supporting Hannakon I Tarnos. In Gratitude, he was given the title of Archduke and thus automatically granted High Aristocratic Status. The Weng as most of the other houses can trace back to early Elpidan settlers and even further, back to colonist of Anar.

They fought against the Emperor during the Nobility Wars, since their wealth was high without Imperial intervention, due to nobility having increased liberties during this period. They changed their mind, switching sides in the middle of the war, due to interest and priority problems with the other rebellious houses, becoming loyal to the Emperor again. For this reason, they were forgiven but still watched closely by the next Emperors, who forced them to live in the Imperial Palace during the next centuries.

During the War of the Two Emperors, they were extremely loyal to Kador V Tarnos and won prestige out of support for him. Still, they lined up with Hannakon against Aranis, during the First Relative Wars, but were spared by the Empress when Hannakon lost the War, since some few members of the Family had remained loyal to Aranis, creating a chism inside the Weng House (although most line up with Hannakon). During the other relative wars, they remained loyal to the Tarnos Dynasty, but had most of their prestige tainted by their previous actions and were mocked by other houses as traitors.

Keira Weng, Daughter of the Archiduke, Varlon Weng and his spouse Miara Hangul, from House Hangul (Small Sister of Anya Hangul, head of this house)

During the War against the Union, they proved all wrong and gain their prestige and lost glory again when cause mayor defeats to the Union and conquered several off their planets and systems. Some of their enemies have though accuse the House of their atrocities towards unionist citizens since they forced many to remove their gift parasite what causes death to 85% of those who try to remove it. This meant that only 15% survived the removal, creating a massive genocide in some of the planets. Still, their victories were seen as glorious by many

During the War of All they were targeted by the Seeker and an assault was carried against they Planet Eyen.


Most of the Weng territories lie nowadays outside the Lewis Galaxy although some planets and systems are indeed located in this Galaxy. They rule over millions of systems and planets, through a set of lower aristocratic families that have pledge allegiance to them, as they have in turn to the Emperor and the Tarnos Dynasty.

Most of the Galaxies under their rule are:

  • The Kaila Region
  • Legis Marva Nebula
  • Half of the Alba Region
  • The Smyrin Cloud