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The Zykov Family is one of the most powerful of the High Noble Families of the Empire of Mankind. They are among the few families to hold the title of Archidukes of the Empire. They originated in the Planet Kalmar, their seat of power. They have been said to be among the wealthiest of all High noble families and they have control among most of the Real State Industries, Cosmetic and Fashion, Construction and Military Production.

Their colors are Gold, White, Black and Blue and the house emblem animal is the Tilkan, native to Kalmar, and known for their sigilent and elegant behaviour. This soft creature is usually black with golden in its belly.

The current head of the House is Fiona Zykov. She is known for being one of the most beautifull personalities in the Empire of Mankind and even beyond. It has been featured in several entertainment and fashion media as the most sophisticated women in the Lewis Territories and is a major celebrity in her country and even abroad.


The Family origins can be traced back to the original settlers of Elpida, but even before, to Anarian settlers that decided to leave the planet for a new beginning. The Zykov family emigrated in Colony Ship 233 Aura and was the first ship to land in Elpidan lands. They soon became landowners, basing themselves in agriculture. However, a branch of the Zykov family emigrated to Kalmar later on, during the Republic of Anthropos and started to be wealthy as Kalmar seem a new land for opportunity. It was this branch of the Family, that supported the Tarnos in their Civil Wars. During the Second Civil War, Thomas Zykov was a key support member of Hannakon I Tarnos, and for his immense crucial help during the conflict, he was granted Nobility status and was given the title of Archduke of the Empire to himself and his descendants. All current Zykov members are related to him in a way or another.

During the Nobility Wars, the family was split between the supporters of the Emperor and the Rebellious Nobles. However, due to the crucial support of the branch that supported the Emperor, he was merciful with the Zykov's and gave the entire family a pardon.

In the War of the Two Emperors, the Zykov supported the Emperor and fought the Hayalons. They were the biggest supporters of Kador V during the war.

During The First Relative's War the Zykov supported Hannakon to the throne, but finally betrayed him and supported Aranis when the war was assumed by them to be over for Hannakon. During the early stages of the War they remain in Aranis side, while secretly supporting Hannakon. But during the Haldars battle, they betrayed him due to several reasons and as they saw him as a lost cause, for Aranis, which made the balance of Power in favour of her helping her win. Due to this key point, they were forgiven by Aranis, since without their help, Hannakon would have not been completely defeated and the war would have continued.

During the War against the Union, the Zykov were one of the main houses to lead the offensive, attacking many Union worlds.


The Zykov have land in many Galaxies. Their main seats of Power apart from their homeworld are Isolda, Sobek, Okaia and Saladan

They have control over several areas of the Lewis Galaxy as well as many other areas like:

  • Orsuldai Region
  • Several regions of Iskadi
  • The Oraios Nebula
  • The Hannakon Shroud
  • The Keaka Nebula
  • The Aura Nebula

Current members


  • Revan Zykov (Son of Fiona Zykov, future head of the house)
  • Iben Zykov (Little Brother of Fiona)
  • Mikael Zykov (Uncle of Fiona)
  • Thorin Zykov (Son of Mikael and cousing of Fiona)
  • Kersion Zykov (Retired Head of the House, father of Fiona and gran father of Revan and Irina)


  • Fiona Zykov (Current head of the house)
  • Aviena Zykov (Sister of Fiona Zykov)
  • Irina Zykov (Daughter of Fiona, would inherit the seat of Isolda after her aunt's passes away)
  • Sidil Zykov (Cousin of Fiona Zykov, Daughter of Mikael)
  • Vana Zykov (Aunt of Fiona, sister of Kersion and Mikael. Now Vana Bergeron through marriage)

Related to the Zykov Family but belong to other Houses

  • Dardrelle Hosenberg (Niece of Fiona, daughter of Aviena, member of House)

Adopted Member by Marriage

  • Ailera Zykov (Born Aliera Hosenberg, mother of Fiona, Iben and Aviena, granmother of Revan, Irina and Dardrelle and wife of Kersion Zykov)
  • Verona Zykov (Born Verona Lavey, wife of Mikael Zykov)
  • Hilla Zykov (Formerly Hilla Kalainen, granmother of Fiona, Iben and Aviena, mother of Kersion and great granmother of Revan, Irina and Dardrelle)

Historically Famous members

In Chronological Order

  • Thomas Zykov (The Founder)
  • Mielki Zykov (The Mad)
  • Aredel Zykov (The Beautiful)
  • Rolan Zykov (The Strong)
  • Nurin Zykov (The Wise)
  • Fiona Zykov (The Intelligent)