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When you see a humeiga for the first time, you may think you are dealing with a human so much that the species are similar. (A human)


Humeiga, also call Sabeiga (in honor of Sabeusna Atès) since 15,362 BCE, is a species quasi identical to human, because their are a the same visual and composition. But there the average height and weight is less than a human to be more adaptive on a more cold environment. It is the species founder of Regnum Aureiga.

History of the Humeiga civilization

Map of Aureiga

Data for ancient civilization has been added with elements of discovery.

Ancient civilization
~ 21,000 BCE[1] First tools created by Humeiga on the Kàleip continent.
~ 20,500 BCE Discovery of fire, agriculture, writing and creations of the first cities on the continent of Kàleip.
~ 20,000 BCE Volcanic eruption of 2 mega-volcanoes. Aureiga's temperature has dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. Agriculture becomes impossible for years. Since this period, the population has drastically decreased, writing and agriculture have become scarce, and cities have been deserted and crumbling.
~ 19,950 BCE Meeting with an extra-Aureiga civilization, Triumvirate. A part of the population are in cryonics in Triumvirate. The Melyos Wormhole is created, which leads to Aegyn.
~ 19,800 BCE The rest of the population not in cryonics died.
New civilization
19,623 BCE The population under cryonics are wake up, but no news about Triumvirate.
19,596 BCE Rediscovery of agriculture, invention of modern writing and language Lapeito.
19,575 BCE Construction of Zàlepar.
19,484 BCE Discovery of metals.
19,387 BCE Discovery of bronze.
19,305 BCE Discovery of whell.
19,294 BCE Construction of the cities of Kàleip.
19,242 BCE Discovery of coastal exploration.
19,174 BCE Construction of other cities on the continents of Aurùp and Zìa.

Emergence of nations:

  • Regnum de Zàlepar (Zàlepar)
  • Regnum de Leipurn (Leipurn)
  • Regnum de Kàleiro (Kàleiro)
  • Reignyre de Zìu (Pertìow, Oré)
  • Remyk de Zìa (Dèya)
  • Regnum de Zìaing (Zìaing)
  • Uson del Aurùp
19,107 BCE Construction of the Colem on Dèya.
19,020 BCE Ships begin to navigate the oceans.
18,914 BCE The cities of the Isù and Greas continents emerge.
18,732 BCE Discovery of Tareita.
18,716 BCE Construction of the cities of the Tareita continent.
18,700 BCE The Humeiga population reaches 100 million people.
18,684 BCE All colonies of Tareita, Isù and Greas become independent:
  • Stétas-Usonys de Greas (Medey, Greberas)
  • Stétas de Isù (Noa, Isoùk)
  • Noyminod de Quatei (Quatei), a vassal of Regnum de Zàlepar
  • Vylieunes de Tareita (Taounpak, Meitar)
  • Reignyre de Tarortà (Nebiena)
Bloody age
18,315 BCE An unknown pandemic on the continent of Aurùp decimates ⅓ of the continent's population.

Fall of Uson del Aurùp.

18,301 BCE Reignyre de Zìu declare wars against all nations on Zìa to dominate the continent.

Construction of the Great Wall of Zìa by Remyk de Zìa on the border between Remyk de Zìa and Reignyre de Zìu.

18,298 BCE Merge of nations of the Kàleip continent to found Regnum Aureiga, to be prepare in case if the war on Zìa will be come on the continent.
18,291 BCE Discovery of prinery.
18,284 BCE First detection of The Traveler on Aureiga.
18,276 BCE Discovery to the gunpowder and glass.
18,214 BCE Remyk de Zìa ask help to Regnum Aureiga to the defensive war against the warlike Reignyre de Zìu.

The war already coast 1,000,000 life humeigainne.

17,945 BCE The number of life humeigainne lost during the war is around 4,000,000. Reignyre de Zìu is defeat.
17,826 BCE Remyk de Zìa join Regnum Aureiga.

Construction of the Capitol on Zàlepar.

17,751 BCE Others nations of Zìa continent join Regnum Aureiga.
17,533 BCE Industrialization of cities and electricity begins.

The humeigainne population reaches 1 billion.

17,501 BCE First railway line completed.
17,475 BCE A few city-states emerge (Aurìs, Roley, Lopy and Taley).
17,421 BCE Discovery of aviation.
17,383 BCE First Aureiga turn with a plane.
17,342 BCE Design of the first computer.
17,284 BCE Discovery of nuclear reaction.
17,114 BCE Assembly of the first nuclear missiles.
17,092 BCE 06/10: With nuclear deterrence, city-states agree to be dependent on Regnum Aureiga.

Others nations join Regnum Aureiga.

The humeigainne population reaches 4 billion.

Modern era
16,855 BCE First satellite around Aureiga.
16,848 BCE 07/25: First Humeiga around Aureiga.
16,822 BCE First satellite around Selos.
16,799 BCE 04/13: First Humeiga on Selos.
16,786 BCE Assembly and launch of the first probes to explore the planets around Melyos.
16,764 BCE Questions arise about space exploration. Space exploration slows down.
16,759 BCE First robot designed.
16,722 BCE Assembly of a scientific research station around Aureiga.
16,694 BCE First robot on Saring.
16,682 BCE First robot on Junest.
16,671 BCE First Humeiga on Saring.
16,659 BCE First Humeiga on Junest.
Space age
16,610 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Selos.

Regnum Aureiga become a type I civilization.

16,584 BCE At least one probe passed near all the planets around Melyos.
16,547 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Junest.
16,502 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Saring.
16,433 BCE First robot on Toi.
16,365 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Ceryous.
16,259 BCE First robot on Aitta.
16,004 BCE First Humeiga on Toi.
15,958 BCE Discovery of traces of ancient civilization as well as ancient technologies.
15,952 BCE First Humeiga on Aitta
15,950 BCE Discovery of warp travel, reaching 10% of the speed of light. Aureiga is home to 8 billion Humeigas.
15,876 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Toi.
15,870 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Aitta.
15,750 BCE Discovery of precious minerals on Laveh using a probe.
15,674 BCE Creation of an alloy resistant to high temperatures.
15,663 BCE Creation of a Laveh mineral outpost begins.
15,661 BCE Discovery of warp travel reaching 25% the speed of light.
15,525 BCE First probe passing near Lemerya.
15,474 BCE Discovery of the planets of Lemerya.
15,400 BCE The humeigainne population on Aureiga reaches 16 billion.
15,397 BCE Discovery of warp travel reaching 75% of the speed of light.
15,394 BCE Discovery of the famous wormhole, Melyos Wormhole.
15,376 BCE Preparation of a space army.
15,362 BCE A probe is send to travel the wormhole.

Sends a scientific and military expedition to cross the Melyos Wormhole.

Discovery of Helyar System, whose planet Aegyn.

First contact with Humans and Triumvirate: A treaty is signed between there.

Also, Humeiga and Humans decide to have a second name for avoid a species confuse them.

15,343 BCE With data collected during the travel of Melyos Wormhole, Humeiga can travel to 4kc.
15,337 BCE Start of research expedition and some colonies around Melyos System.
15,325 BCE Discovery of Zèya on Lyos System.

Colonization of this world some months after.

15,276 BCE Start of construction amount of solar satellites to collect energy from Melyos.
15,089 BCE Regnum Aureiga participate to the formation of Yohjan Confederacy and made a alliance with it. C-Unit is adopted in currency. Humans become the second official language.
14,985 BCE Discovery to create temporary wormhole for travel.
12,712 BCE Regnum Aureiga become a type II civilization.
1,285 BCE Regnum Aureiga join Yohjan Confederacy to the War of the Final Transition.
0 CE[2] The War of the Final Transition is finish and lost. Humeigas know was Humans started the war. A crisis happen during 187 years.
456 CE Meeting with Un'oit Collective.
4,206 CE Meeting with The Rorran Intendancy.
7,415 CE Meeting with The Empyrean.
13,913 CE Start of colonization outside Via Sagittaria. The first colony is Orain on Alhcot System in Ouranir Galaxy.
25,009 CE Alliance with United Federation of Star Systems.
29,913 CE Start of the colonization of Zalanthium Galaxy. The first colony is Sabeusna on Atès System.

Meeting with Zalanthium Coalition.

30,801 CE Regnum Aureiga become a associated nation of Confederacy of Borealis. Xeno become the third official language.
31,018 CE Regnum Aureiga become a type III civilization.


Lapeito is a language use by humeigas created in 19,596 BCE with the invention of the modern writing. In this language, verbs aren't influence by the number and adjectives, professions, subjects (I, me, mine,...) aren't influenced by the gender.

Some translations from Lapeito to Humans language
Lapeito Humans
salvon hello
virelîs goodbye
mi, tò, ei, nòb, vòs, eis I, thou, he/she/it, we, you, they/its
mier, tòer, eier, nòber, vòser, eiser mine, yours, his/hers, our, your, them
Quid ? Com ? Qué ? Ow ? Nom ? What? How? Who? Where? How much/many ?
ot êtry to be
ot avù to have
Com vòs êtry ? How are you?
Mi êtry prone. I am fine.
Mi êtry mabud. I am bad.
Quid vòser noma ? What your name?
Mier noma êtry Quarior. My name is Quarior.
deator leader
reprastor governor
nymitor minister
entoyen citizen
glacio glacial
de/del of (behind consonant)/of (behind vowel)
tàyona everyone
lopytìon localisation
vylie city
ràe region
tiéna nation
regnum kingdom
reignyre empire
remyk republic
stéta état
uson union
usonys united
vylieune commune
noyminod dominion
auslei isle/island
autinent continent
maro = mera sea
oceano ocean
nortà north
sùd south
zìes west
autà est
mona world
aureit planet
selàs moon
elyar star
sùtem system
netras galaxy
  1. BCE: Before Common Era (according to Timeline)
  2. CE: Common Era (according to Timeline)