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When you see a humeiga for the first time, you may think you are dealing with a human so much that the species are similar. (A human)

Humeiga, also call Sabeiga (in honor of Sabeusna Atès) since 15,362 BCE, is a species quasi identical to human, because their are a the same visual and composition. But there the average height and weight is less than a human to be more adaptive on a more cold environment. It is the species founder of Regnum Aureiga.


Humeigas are very similar to humans, so some informations can be redundant.

Humeigas have a metabolize organic carbon-based compounds using oxygen as the principle electron-acceptor in this metabolism. They use the same solvent like humans, ie water, and their internal fluid is slightly basic compared to pure water. Their DNA are most composed of nitrogen and phosphorous.

Humeigas are a bidepal species that range in heights from 1.4 - 1.8 meters (although some may result in abnormally different heights from genetic defects), with 2 arms and 2 legs, each with hands that generally possess 4 digits, used for grasping and using tools.

Humeigas, have natural fibers, or hairs that extend from the top of their skull and the skin of their body, used as heat insulation, where is more efficace than those of humans, and is also used as a form of fashion. They have 2 eyes with pupils that come in a natural range colors such as red, brown, green or blue used as sight, and a nose set slightly below and between these eyes which is used as a sensor for smelling and breathing.

Humeigas and humans are compatible for have descendents together, but descendents have less chance to have descendents if descendants breeds with a no-[humeiga-human].

History of the Humeiga civilization

Ancient civilization

Data for ancient civilization has been added with elements of discoveries.


~ 90,000 BCE[1] First tools created by Humeiga on the Kàleip continent.
~ 89,500 BCE Discovery of fire, agriculture, writing and creations of the first cities on the continent of Kàleip.

Emergence and start of Akunay domination

~ 80,000 BCE First meeting with an extra-Aureiga civilization, Akunay. Akunay take the appearance of Humeiga.

Some nations start to emerge on Kàleip continent.

Beginning of exploration and colonization outside Kàleip continent.

~ 79,000 BCE Most colonies outside Kàleip continent become independent nations.

Invention of airship to cross between continents more easy.

The population is estimate to 1 billion.

~ 77,000 BCE Little by little, conflict between nations decrease and some nations merge to form major nations.

The population is estimate to 10 billions.

Start of spacial operation, but for a unknown reason, failed.

Discovery of the domination and collapse

~ 76,500 BCE The civilization made a invention to communicate across the planet, even if they haven't satellite around the planet.

Little by little, some information about Akunay emerge. Most Humeigas think isn't real in this time.

~ 76,400 BCE The quantity and quality of information about Akunay is very convincing. Half of Humeigas think is real in this time.

By the magnitude, nations start said the verity about Akunay exist: they want dominate the planet for exploit resources and made Humeiga their slave. Some nations in contrary said Akunay is just a invention of Humeiga.

Humeiga are divided in two: One part want to liberate the planet, and the other want to continue to work to Akunay.

~ 76,370 BCE The revolution turn to a war between nations pro-Akunay domination and anti-Akunay domination, with the help in the 2 camps by Akunay, because some Akunay want to consider Humeiga to their equal.

Nuclear wars made a nuclear winter on Aureiga. By consequence, Aureiga's temperature has dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. Agriculture becomes impossible for years. Since this period, the population has drastically decreased, writing and agriculture have become scarce, and cities have been deserted and crumbling.

~ 76,330 BCE Some survive in Kàleip continent meeting an extra-Aureiga civilization, Triumvirate. A part of the survive are in cryonics in Triumvirate. The Melyos Wormhole is created, which leads to Aegyn.

The rest of the population not in cryonics died.

New civilization


19,623 BCE The population under cryonics are wake up, but no news about Triumvirate, and Akunay also.

Most of trace of the ancient civilization are disappear.

19,596 BCE Rediscovery of agriculture, invention of modern writing and language Lapeito.
19,575 BCE Construction of Zàlepar.
19,484 BCE Discovery of metals.
19,387 BCE Discovery of bronze.
19,305 BCE Discovery of whell.
19,294 BCE Construction of the cities of Kàleip.
19,242 BCE Discovery of coastal exploration.
19,174 BCE Construction of other cities on the continents of Aurùp and Zìa.

Emergence of nations:

  • Regnum de Zàlepar (Zàlepar)
  • Regnum de Leipurn (Leipurn)
  • Regnum de Kàleiro (Kàleiro)
  • Reignyre de Zìu (Pertìow, Oré)
  • Remyk de Zìa (Dèya)
  • Regnum de Zìaing (Zìaing)
  • Uson del Aurùp (Aurìs)
19,107 BCE Construction of the Colem on Dèya.
19,020 BCE Ships begin to navigate the oceans.
18,914 BCE The cities of the Isù and Greas continents emerge.
18,732 BCE Discovery of Tareita.
18,716 BCE Construction of the cities of the Tareita continent.
18,700 BCE The Humeiga population reaches 100 million people.
18,684 BCE All colonies of Tareita, Isù and Greas become independent:
  • Stétas-Usonys de Greas (Medey, Greberas)
  • Stétas del Isù (Isoùk, Noa)
  • Noyminod de Quatei (Quatei), a vassal of Regnum de Zàlepar
  • Vylieunes de Tareita (Taounpak, Meitar)
  • Reignyre de Tarortà (Nebiena)

Aureiga map in 18,684 BCE

Bloody age

18,315 BCE An unknown pandemic on the continent of Aurùp decimates ⅓ of the continent's population.

Uson del Aurùp ask help to control the situation to Rémyk de Zìa.

18,312 BCE With the influence of Rémyk de Zìa, Uson del Aurùp merge with Rémyk de Zìa. Rémyk de Zìa is rename Rémyk del Aurzìa.

Discovery of prinery.

18,301 BCE Reignyre de Zìu declare war to Regnum de Zìaing.

Construction of the Greade Walail of Zìa by Rémyk del Aurzìa on the border between Rémyk del Aurzìa and Reignyre de Zìu.

18,298 BCE Reignyre de Zìu declare war to Rémyk del Aurzìa.

The population on Aurìs proclame to become a city-state.

Merge of nations of the Kàleip continent to found Regnum de Kàleip, to be prepare in case if the war on Zìa and Aurùp will be come on the continent.

18,284 BCE First detection of Aylathiya's Traveler on Aureiga.
18,276 BCE Discovery to the gunpowder and glass.
18,214 BCE Rémyk del Aurzìa ask help to Regnum de Kàleip to the defensive war against the warlike Reignyre de Zìu.

The war already coast 1,000,000 humeiga life.

17,945 BCE The number of humeiga life lost during the war is around 4,000,000. Reignyre de Zìu is defeat and be annex by winners. Regnum de Kàleip is rename to Regnum Aureiga.


17,826 BCE Rémyk del Aurzìa join Regnum Aureiga.

Construction of the Capitole on Zàlepar.

17,751 BCE Others nations of Zìa continent join Regnum Aureiga.
17,533 BCE Industrialization of cities and electricity begins.

The humeiga population reaches 1 billion.

17,501 BCE First railway line completed.
17,475 BCE A few city-states emerge (Roley, Lopy and Taley).
17,421 BCE Discovery of aviation.
17,383 BCE First Aureiga turn with a plane.
17,342 BCE Design of the first computer.
17,284 BCE Discovery of nuclear reaction.
17,114 BCE Assembly of the first nuclear missiles.
17,092 BCE 06/10: With nuclear deterrence, city-states agree to be dependent on Regnum Aureiga.

Others nations join Regnum Aureiga.

The humeiga population reaches 4 billion.

Modern era

16,855 BCE First satellite around Aureiga.
16,848 BCE 07/25: First Humeiga around Aureiga.
16,822 BCE First satellite around Selos.
16,799 BCE 04/13: First Humeiga on Selos.
16,786 BCE Assembly and launch of the first probes to explore the planets around Melyos.
16,764 BCE Questions arise about space exploration. Space exploration slows down.
16,759 BCE First robot designed.
16,722 BCE Assembly of a scientific research station around Aureiga.
16,694 BCE First robot on Saring.
16,682 BCE First robot on Junest.
16,671 BCE First Humeiga on Saring.
16,659 BCE First Humeiga on Junest.

Space age

Start and exploration of Melyos System
16,610 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Selos.

Regnum Aureiga become a type I civilization.

16,584 BCE At least one probe passed near all the planets around Melyos.
16,547 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Junest.
16,502 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Saring.
16,433 BCE First robot on Toi.
16,365 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Ceryous.
16,259 BCE First robot on Aitta.
16,004 BCE First Humeiga on Toi.
15,958 BCE Discovery of traces of ancient civilization as well as ancient technologies.

Since this date, little by little, the history of the ancient civilization is know.

Also, the most discoveries made in previous, they thinking was just natural shape in Aureiga, is challenged, if was also traces of ancient civilization.

15,952 BCE First Humeiga on Aitta.
15,950 BCE Discovery of warp travel, reaching 10% of the speed of light. Aureiga is home to 8 billion Humeigas.
15,876 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Toi.
15,870 BCE Beginning of the colonization of Aitta.
15,750 BCE Discovery of precious minerals on Laveh using a probe.
15,674 BCE Creation of an alloy resistant to high temperatures.
15,663 BCE Creation of a Laveh mineral outpost begins.
15,661 BCE Discovery of warp travel reaching 25% the speed of light.
15,525 BCE First probe passing near Lemerya.
15,474 BCE Discovery of the planets of Lemerya.
15,400 BCE The humeiga population on Aureiga reaches 16 billion.
15,397 BCE Discovery of warp travel reaching 75% of the speed of light.
First discovery of new life form outside Melyos System
15,394 BCE Discovery of the famous wormhole, Melyos Wormhole.
15,376 BCE Preparation of a space army.
15,362 BCE A probe is send to travel the wormhole.

Sends a scientific and military expedition to cross the Melyos Wormhole.

Discovery of Helyar System, whose planet Aegyn.

First contact with Humans and Triumvirate: A treaty is signed between there where Humeiga be a vassal of Triumvirate, and by consequence, Humans and Humeigas are allied also. Also, Triumvirate help Humega to be more developed.

Also, Humeiga and Humans decide to have a second name for avoid a species confuse them.

Humeiga share information about Akunay to them.

15,361 BCE With the help of Triumvirate, Humeiga can travel to 1kc. Also, they maitrise to collect and send energy by distance.
15,343 BCE With data collected during the travel of Melyos Wormhole, Humeiga can travel to 4kc. The data are also send to Triumvirate and Humans.

Start of construction amount of solar satellites to collect energy from Melyos.

15,337 BCE Start of research expedition and some colonies around Melyos System.
15,325 BCE Discovery of Zèya on Lyos System.

Colonization of this world some months after.

15,276 BCE Regnum Aureiga become a type II civilization.
15,089 BCE Regnum Aureiga become independant of Triumvirate in same time with Yohjan Confederacy. Made a alliance with them. C-Unit is adopted in currency. Humans become the second official language.

Regnum Aureiga become a allies also of Triumvirate.

14,985 BCE Discovery to create temporary wormhole for travel.
1,285 BCE When Yohjan Confederacy declenche the War of the Final Transition, Regnum Aureiga broke the alliance but not participate to the war.
0 CE[2] When the War of the Final Transition is finish, Regnum Aureiga help Humans to have a government: Erstes Konsortium. Ernest Konsortium is a protectorate of Regnum Aureiga.
456 CE Meeting with Un'oit Collective.
2,187 CE Discovery of Tiafe.
4,206 CE Meeting with The Rorran Intendancy.
7,415 CE Meeting with Florenta
The First Galactic War
9,899 CE Un'oit Collective declare war against Erstes Konsortium, starting the First Galactic War. Consequently, Regnum Aureiga declare the war on the Un'oit Collective.

Regnum Aureiga asks for help from Triumvirate, which accept.

10,001 CE Erstes Konsortium capitulate but some armies and civilis are retreat to Regnum Aureiga. The war agaisnt Un'oit Collective isn't finish.

Regnum Aureiga, with the help of Triumvirate block Melyos Wormhole for avoid Un'oit Collective invalidate the space of Regnum Aureiga, for gain time to made a counteroffensive.

10,105 CE Allies start to investigate in technologies and armies to liberate Erstes Konsortium.
10,216 CE Start of the invention of travel by temporary wormhole.
10,334 CE The travel by temporary wormhole is possible.
11,582 CE Start of a invention of a superweapon.
11,784 CE Regnum Aureiga and allies start a offensive operation against Un'oit Collective.
11,802 CE Florenta join the war against Un'oit Collective, in side of actual allies.
12,488 CE With the help of allies liberate Alkan Intendancy. The war isn't finish yet.
12,764 CE With the help of allies liberate Erstes Konsortium. The war isn't finished yet.
13,095 CE Sabeusna, a superweapon with the capability of destroying planets, is created.
13,105 CE Sabeusna fire on an uninhabited on a planet under control of Un'oit Collective in Torlak's system to a demonstration of force.

The Un'oit Collective surrenders as its new rulers decide that the war should end. They lose several systems to Erstes Konsortium and Regnum Aureiga while having to pay reparations to the Triumvirate.

Un'oit Collective is occupied by Regnum Aureiga and Triumvirate, but a part of their territories close to Erstes Konsortium is create to a dominion of Regnum Aureiga : Noyminod del Auyen.

For the resistance of Erstes Konsortium against Un'oit Collective, Erstes Konsortium becomes fully independent.

Regnum Aureiga forms an alliance with Erstes Konsortium.

New diplomacy
23,009 CE Un'oit Collective occupied by Triumvirate is occupied by Regnum Aureiga with the fall of Triumvirate.
24,026 CE Regnum Aureiga have meeting all major civilization in Via Aylathiya.
25,009 CE Alliance with United Federation of Star Systems (ex-Ertes Konsortium).
29,913 CE Start of the colonization of Namegi Galaxy. The first colony is Sabeusna on Atès System.

Meeting with Namegi Coalition.

30,801 CE Regnum Aureiga become a associated nation of Confederacy of Borealis. Boreal Basic become the third official language.
31,018 CE Regnum Aureiga become a type III civilization.
34,071 CE Occupation of Un'oit Collective by Regnum Aureiga is ended.
Recent events
89,375 CE United Nations of Tiafe became a protectorate of Regnum Aureiga.

Aureiga map actual


Humeigaity culture first of all designates the observable cultural practices of the inhabitants of Aureiga (139,742,000,000, estimate in years 100,000). Humeigaity culture also defines what Aureiga has been since ancient civilization, as one of the greatest cultural centers of Aureiga.


The influence of this culture is exercised in many fields, both artistic and scientific. The culture influence most Aureiga and colonies of Melyos System, the other colonies can be have the culture but with mix with culture of other civilizations.


With discoveries concerning the ancient civilization, it can be noted that there were several languages but which were similar, before the single humaigaity language was established, the Lapeito.

This language also influenced Humans to the invention of their new language, Boreal Basic.



Long before scientific discoveries were made, the humaigaity population worshiped Melyos and Selos, even in the old civilization.

Little by little they started to worshiped some other celestial bodies like Junest, Saring and Zeuters.

When a children become a adult (around 16 years old), there are a tradition where the children made some sporting and intellectual events during the day of his birthday. This allows them both to know their level and also to meet other people born on the same day.


Flag of Regnum Aureiga

Flag of Regnum Aureiga

The flag of Regnum Aureiga was created in 18,298 BCE. The star represent Melyos, the color gold represent Selos and prosperity, the red the blood of life.

The National anthem of Regnum Aureiga is Aureiga Usonys (United Aureiga), create some days after the unification of Aureigaty 17,092 BCE, when Sabeusna Atès was the leader. This song is famous even for others species.

Lyrics of Aureiga Usonys
Humeiga Humans
Tanwis hué larmin tes humeigas

Quide êtry'as cigba

Y okunes êtry'as kuvane

Cat okunes respek chver okune

Kàleip, nòber aurò

Tò avù'as êtry nòber derò

At êtry able at rasam nos à tàyon

Cat hîo êtry'as sùfison

Te Regnum de Kàleip

avù'as te deteip

At rasam tà okunes

At mekep te pà

Okune tiénas comsta'as at ei meidly

Zìu nòber enly qué êtry'as anega,

Zìa nòber prex vozyne y êtry'as unyt sacly

Cat pà êtryas entyl malige en Aureiga

Sabeusna Atès, tò êtry'as te solùton,

Tò nos sbiz'as tà

En nos êtry regta

Deum hîo jate,

Regnum (del) Aureiga starel

En oro de chwalel

Lane amive at Aureiga Usonys

While among the humeigas

Some were fighting

And others were crying

But others respected each other

Kàleip, our cradle

You were our thought

To be able to bring us together

But that wasn't enough

The Kingdom of Kàleip

had the duty

To bring others together

To keep the peace

Other nations began to join her

Zìu our enemy who was annexed,

Zìa our close neighbor and our first ally

But peace was still fragile in Aureiga

Sabeusna Atès, you were the solution,

You brought us all together

In we are grateful

Since that day,

Kingdom of Aureiga will remain

In hour of glory

Long live to United Aureiga


The architecture of building are most white for have a best isolation and also some red roofs, most for estetic design. The more famous are the Capitol on Zàlepar and the city of Deyà.


The calendar of a year is divide in 20 months or 365 days, where 15 months are divide in 18 days and the other 5 months are divide in 19 days. A week is divide in 5 days. The calendar used is the temedar sabeunay, a calendar create during when Sabeusna Atès was the leader in this epoch. The calendar is based with Aureiga around Melyos and also Selos around Aureiga. The year 0 exist in this calendar, is correspond to 17,945 BCE when Regnum (del) Aureiga was proclamed. Each 4 years, a day is add in the calendar, for to catch up a day lost during this 4 years to be the more closer to the sideral year of Aureiga, and also of to fix with the phases of Selos view from Aureiga. The year is named anear del Aulos and the extra day add in the end of the last month is named Aulos. The first was made in the year 0 of the calendar. The first day and the mid-day are approximate when is the solstice on Aureiga.

Jates de wenay (days of the week):

  • Aulos (special day add in the last month of Atàs during the anear del Aulos)
  1. Melye
  2. Sele
  3. Aure
  4. Fùne
  5. Unie

Moses del anear (months of the year):

  1. Sabès (divide in 19 days)
  2. Duose (divide in 18 days)
  3. Leia (divide in 18 days)
  4. Rosale (divide in 18 days)
  5. Cuos (divide in 19 days)
  6. Zàse (divide in 18 days)
  7. Bluse (divide in 18 days)
  8. Vautlas (divide in 18 days)
  9. Ahre (divide in 18 days)
  10. Tobar (divide in 19 days)
  11. Merya (divide in 18 days)
  12. Shreysa (divide in 18 days)
  13. Indyar (divide in 18 days)
  14. Aume (divide in 18 days)
  15. Elyse (divide in 19 days)
  16. Kerl (divide in 18 days)
  17. Seyun (divide in 18 days)
  18. Auge (divide in 18 days)
  19. Lubrex (divide in 18 days)
  20. Atàs (divide in 19 days or 20 days if is the anear del Aulos)


Lapeito is a language use by humeigas created in 19,596 BCE with the invention of the modern writing. In this language, verbs aren't influence by the number and adjectives, professions, subjects (I, me, mine,...) aren't influenced by the gender.

Some translations from Lapeito to Humans language
Lapeito Humans
salvon hello
virelîs goodbye
mi, tò, ei, nòb, vòs, eis I, thou, he/she/it, we, you, they/its
mier, tòer, eier, nòber, vòser, eiser mine, yours, his/hers, our, your, them
Quid ? Com ? Qué ? Ow ? Nom ? What? How? Who? Where? How much/many?
min un (-1), zàl (0), (pos) un ((+)1), duo (2), mit (3), qua (4), hua (5), huayun (6), huayduo (7), huaymit (8), huayqua (9), (un) huas (10), (un) huas y un (11), duo huas (20), (un) ces (100 o 1C), (un) mile (1,000 o 1M), (un) reta (1,000,000 o 1R), (un) brey (1,000,000,000 o 1B), (un) tera (1,000,000,000,000 o 1T), (un) duaq (1,000,000,000,000,000 o 1D), safùn (∞) minus one (-1), zero (0), (plus) one ((+)1), two (2), three (3), four (4), five (5), six (6), seven (7), eight (8), nine (9), ten (10), eleven (11), tweenty (20), (one) hundred (100 or 1H), (one) thousand (1,000 or 1K), (one) million (1,000,000 or 1M), (one) billion (1,000,000,000/1G), (one) trillion (1,000,000,000,000 or 1T), (one) quadrillon (1,000,000,000,000,000 or 1Q), infinity (∞)
zàl (+), min (-), quyle (× o *), dèson (÷ o /), equal (=) add/plus (+), minus (-), time/multiply (× or *), divide (÷ or /), equal (=)
yè, nì, pêtry, unkynu yes, no, maybe, unknow
ot êtry to be
ot avù to have
Com vòs êtry ? How are you?
Mi êtry prone. I am fine.
Mi êtry mabud. I am bad.
Quid vòser noma ? What your name?
Mier noma êtry Quarior. My name is Quarior.
ot acosna to learn
ot encosna to teach
encosne teacher
lyuga language
Mi paek lapeito. I speak Lapeito.
y and
o or
à at
te (mozaki), tes (stézaki) the (singular), the (plural)
hîo this
ei'try thes
at (obut, decerìon, yon, resjet) to (objective, direction, people, object)
der for/to
osi (Mi volle osi.) also/too (I want too.)
de (devore un sogla), del (devore un ave) of (before a consonant), of (before a vowel)
tàona/à tà everyone/to all
tempy time
wenay week
equalox equinox
melyce solstice
temedar calendar
anear-mose-jate oro:nim:sek year-month-day hours:minutes:seconds
deator leader
reprastor governor
nymitor minister
entoyen citizen
glacio glacial
lopytìon localisation
vylie city
ràe region
tiéna nation
regnum kingdom
reignyre empire
rémyk republic
stéta state
uson union
usonys united
vylieune commune
noyminod dominion
auslei isle/island
autinent continent
keal lake
maro sea
oceano ocean
nortà north
sùd south
zìes west
autà east
mona world
aureit planet
selàs moon
elyar star
sùtem system
netras galaxy
  1. BCE: Before Common Era (according to Timeline)
  2. CE: Common Era (according to Timeline)