Hyacinthum is a warm, fairly hospitable desert world. Its surface is covered with hills, mountains, and canyons. The sand on the planet is primarily filled with iron, tin, and salt which produces a strange green coloring. This coloring is across the entire planet, leaving it to look like its covered with grass from space.

The planet is tidally locked to its parent star Talora A, meaning one side of the planet is in permanent day, while the other is in permanent night. However because of the planet's thick atmosphere, there is very little difference in temperature between the two as the atmosphere traps the heat within it. Like many tidally locked worlds with an atmosphere, a large permanent hurricane constantly rages across most of the day side of the planet.

This wasn't always the case as it originally had a standard prograde rotation, however this changed when the Talora A system entered within the orbit of the Talora B and C system's.

The planet has five dwarf moons in orbit around it, they were all captured by the planets gravity while inbound to impact the planet.

Hyacinthum is the second most populace world in the Talora System, after planet Dralora. It has several large cities across its entire surface, most famously, its capital city Helena was located near the Helen Mountain Range.

Its local government held major power within the short lived True Alliance of Man. However after the government's dismantling, the planet lost all of its political influence.


Hyacinthum formed during the formation of the planet's parent star, Talora A in side the star's planetary accretion disk in 9,204,100,000 BCE. It would capture its dwarf moons throughout the remainder of the 9,000,000,000 BCEs as well.

In 5,210,550,089 BCE, the Talora System's orbit in the galaxy crossed within the path of a passing by binary star system, the three stars' gravity would combine their respective worlds into a triple star system. During this event, Hyacintum's rotation would become tidally locked to its parent star. This caused the temperature of the planet to rise slightly and made its atmosphere thicken exceptionally.

When humans entered the Talora System, its sister planet Dralora would be primarily focused on. However due to the planet's fairly hospitable temperature, colonies would established on the planet with the largest of which, Helena, would be founded on 10386 CE.

During the three respective wars the True Alliance of Man took part in, Hyacinthum would remain untouched during these events.


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