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Hypnos is a temperate terra moon orbiting the rogue gas giant, Erebus. It contains countless robotic machines that have an unknown origin. It is said that the strongest machines, called The Brains, loosely control the area of Hypnos in urban complexes. The Brains are also recorded to be sapient, and they exhibit unique properties. They are currently presumed to be a civilization, and have been theorized to create every machine on this planet.


It was discovered in 2648 CE, when a strange signal was detected coming from the vicinity of a rogue gas giant. When it was first visited by a ship, one of the crew members noticed what looked like strange lights on the surface. A small stealth probe was launched from the ship to take a closer look and to the crew's surprise, analysis revealed that the object was a humid terrestrial world, kept above freezing by the gravitational pull of its parent planet, Erebus.

A set robotic drones were sent to the surface to investigate the surface for any discrepancies. The crew at large, including much of the Federal population, was intrigued by a discovery of sentient robotic organisms which followed sapient 'brain'-like structures on cities. Contact was attempted numerous times to no avail, with ground crews and similar being unable to communicate with the sapient mechanical life.


A list detailing all the robotic entities encountered on the surface before the drone's mysterious deactivation. Their purpose for existing on their world is still widely unknown.

The Brains: Strange bio-mechanical entities that reside in glass domes on pedestal-like structures. The Brains get their name by being, well, brain-like structures. They are protected by layers upon layers of metal, built by the machines they control. They presumably control all activity within the cities they inhabit. The 62 known copies of The Brain are strewn across multiple cities and hubs. All Brains have almost the same exact size, rounding down to 120 meters in height, and width. Some Brains extract minerals straight from Hypnos, and do not need help from Sentinels.

Almost every contact with The Brains has come out to be mysterious, containing unknown words, phrases, and gestures that are generally difficult to understand and translate.


The Cities themselves act like a hive of machines that coalesce into a network of highways, tall structures for machines to recharge, and mines that extract minerals from Hypnos. The Cities are circular in shape, and come with different rings, or sectors, with The Brains in the middle of each one.


Height: 3 m to 4 m

Weight: 300 kg to 400 kg

Drillers: These machines are used to drill underground and create entrances to resource deposits as well as scan for minerals. They sometimes relay information to Miners, which in turn help them excavate the land. It has been seen that Drillers can grow appendages to aid them in excavating for minerals. How they do this is unknown.


Height: 1.5 m to 2 m

Weight: 50 kg to 150 kg

These vaguely humanoid robots serve the function of gathering valuable minerals from resource deposits. Some of them are even sent to some of the other Erebusian moons on automated spacecraft. The reason that they send them to other moons is theorized to be so other cities can be made.

Miners are relatively scattered lowly across Hypnos, and there is a population tally of only 50,000.


Radius: 3 m to 11 m

Weight: 1,000 kg to 15,000 kg

Not much is known about these machines. They have been observed to slowly roll across the surface. Rollers are almost spherical in shape and have a blue light at their center. They are about 3 meters in radius, while the largest ones can be upward of 11. It is theorized that while rolling on the surface, they check for trace minerals in the air, or on the surface. This can be used to find new surface-level deposits.

Rollers are equipped with tiny lasers that have been seen chipping off rock in some mines. This has proven that they also collect resources while not randomly rolling around.


Length 3 to 4 m

Weight 150 kg to 200 kg

These mechanical constructs fly close to the ground, only 1.6 meters in the air. They currently act as surveillance drones, that appear to scan for any threats. Countless amounts of Sentinels protect The Brains, and have been proven to be effective against foreign invasions.

They have one oval shaped, robotic eye on their faces and can fire lasers, that fend off any threat. Sentinels often seem to relay information back to The Brains, giving them updates. These machines are the strongest small-order machine on the planet.


Length: 50m

The name is rather self explanatory, several of these jet-black obelisks can be found across each of the cities. It is believed that they act as communication relays to check up on off-world operations on Hypnos' sister moons.


Length: 20 m to 210 m

Weight: 72,000 kg to 1,200,000 kg

These triangular, pointy structures can excrete tiny nanites, which are now on called 'Bugs'. They possess markings and circles that have orange light protruding from them on the surface. The Bugs seem to inhabit the Spikes, and they live on its faint glow. Spikes also inhabit the other creatures listed from before, mostly consisting of Miners and Sentinels. The tallest of these structures is 41.3 meters tall.


Length: 900 μm to 2 mm

Weight: 10 mg - 25 mg

These machine entities are to be avoided at all costs. Any instances of inhalation of Bugs will result in rapid multiplication of said machines. They will end up protruding outside of skin, tissues, and eventually use electrolytes in a biological's body to make more versions of themselves. It also drains the power of synthetic organisms. It is recommended that if anyone approach 'Bugs', they should wear a mask and protective suit at all times. Do not approach the Bugs within a 5 meter radius, unless you have the proper training, and equipment.

In the event that a strike team should capture a Bug, or multiple Bugs, they should check the containment level of The Bugs. If its level and population exceeds (2.5 and 5 Trillion respectively), The Bugs on Hypnos should be declared a planetary threat.

Wire Bushes:

Length: 2-6ft

The name given to odd, bush-like constructs found just outside each of the cities. As the name implies, they look like several, dark blue wires poking out the ground in small formations. Their purpose is unknown as they have only been observed emitting flashes of electricity which has led some to theorize that they could act as charging stations for Rollers and Miners.


Length: 10m

Width: 10m

Weight: 5 - 10 Tonnes

Overseers are artificial satellites put into orbit by chemical rockets. These rockets were built by The Brains, with the purpose of making communications to other cities much easier to accomplish. They are also used to contact any incoming ships. Some Overseers are equipped with a section of a Brain's knowledge, making them sapient. Overseers also attain a high level of autonomy.

New Overseers that are being launched are occasionally equipped with small laser cannons, as a way to deter any theft or piracy. This has proven to me moderately successful for small pirating fleets.

Organic life?

What look to be large, possibly skeletal structures have been found in some areas of the surface along with what look like fossilized remains of possible plant life. It is highly likely that Hypnos was harbored life in the past, presumably intelligent as well if the Brains are indeed native.