100th Millennium Wiki

"I have created a new era in history. My discovery heralds a new age. Never again will we fear the waste of fission or inefficiency of the starlight. Now is the time when I can decree: No Lacertian man, woman, or child will go without power."
-Hyq Sossoth

Hyq Sossoth was the first Zopoquan Head of Energy. He developed efficient nuclear technology and later helped create the first Dyson Swarm in the Zopoque. The former accomplishment is what led him to a seat on the Ghenon. His discoveries power most Zopoquan systems and ships, and he is known as the Father of Star Stretching Energy.


Hyq was eccentric and enthusiastic. He would perform speeches whenever he made developments and focused on possible outcomes. He usually enjoyed speaking with the Department of Exploration and Department of Provinces. He was generally benevolent and geared his developments toward improving lives, but he had a short temper and often responded to criticism poorly.


Hyq was a blue-scaled Lacertian with black eyes. He was 7.3 meters tall and weighed 237.6 kilograms. He was very light in weight, though he had a balanced diet and exercised often.