The Ibeicarro Group (Also referred to as the Cluster of Dreams) is a thinly populated and isolated galactic cluster located far from the reaches of the Local Group. The Ibeicarro Group is mostly known for being the birthplaces of the Quintet Puontari Federation and The Recreators, and is notoriously riddled with the scars of numerous wars and conflicts. The Ibeicarro Group is named after the ancient planet of Ibeiccoum, which was the site where the Quintet Puontari Federation was first created. Now thought to be destroyed, this once thriving planet has been immortalized through the name of the Ibeicarro Group.


Numerous civilizations used to exist in the bounds of the Ibeicarro Group, but this would soon change after the rise of The Recreators. Seeking to gain complete dominance of the Ibeicarro Group, The Recreators sought after numerous species, ending many lives and civilizations. What was left was recorded by the Quintet Puontari Federation, and is compiled in a list below:

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