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Ignibum Falaria, is a hot gas giant planet in the Falaria System, situated in the Outlands Cluster, a globular cluster located in the outer edges of the Solymus subregion in Charybdis. As a gas giant, the atmosphere of Ignibum Falaria is primarily composed of hydrogen and helium, with a smaller percentage of it's composition going to gasses such as ammonia.

Ignibum Falaria is slowly dying, with it's atmosphere being stripped away by it's parent star in a process called an hydronomic escape. Ignibum Falaria's atmosphere is being stripped so fast, that it is estimated that it only has two thousand years left. After the two thousand years, the planet is nothing but an insignificant remainder of the once great gas giant, the core of Ignibum Falaria.

The orbit of Ignibum Falaria is decaying as a result of tidal interactions between the planet and the host star Falaria. Due to this decay, the orbital period will get shorter and the planet will get closer to the host star, until it will become part of the star. The planet has only a hundred thousand years left till that event.

It is currently uncertain what caused Ignibum Falaria to have a decaying orbit. As a matter of fact, it is possible to know the right answer once the atmosphere is stripped away from the planet by it's parent star, seen by the impact markings on the core. It is estimated that Ignibum Falaria was struck by a large planet or a moon in the past. A few orbital anomalies and irregularities in the Falaria System also contribute to that theory, almost entirely proving it to be true.

Renesian Cryolab

An alien structure called the Renesian Cryolab is situated approximately twenty thousand kilometers in the gas giant. It is an highly advanced structures of alien origin, hosting an entire, dubbed the Aizawans, named after Aizawa, their home planet. For a yet unclear reason, the entire species has decided to put themselves in cryogenic sleep for an estimated two million years. This might be because the Renesians were never close to inventing a faster-than-light engine, and in two million years, a star will pass the Falaria System, with the distance between the two stars being only 0.64 light years at their closest approach.

This structures, as with the species, will meet it's end with all the Renesian species. As in two thousand years, the Renesian Cryolab will simply fall down to the remaining core of the gas giant, ultimately destroying it, along with brining the species to their ultimate extinction. Throughout the local government, many plans of putting the Renesian species out of cryosleep and introducing them to the highly advanced society of Charybdis have been proposed. Currently, the proposal is being looked through, and may be accepted.