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"Remember Liq’Ziq, and remember the faces and the flags of those who took the home-world from us. Remember what the Architects taught us. Hold nothing back."

The Ik’Ik’Vikira (Pronounced Ik-Ik-Vik-ee-ra) are a millipede-like insectoid species that were native to the planet known as Liq’Ziq, known now as Krieg, in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. They shared this world with another insectoid species, the Zek’eke’zka, with whom they shared a co-dependency for the maintenance of their society.

They were forced off of their home-world by what would later become known as the Kreigsleute, with whom they engaged in a decade-and-a-half long war with after the latter crashed on their home-world after the Great Seal-Off of Verpletter. They eventually made their way to The Commune Federation, whom offered them refuge. With little other option available to them, the Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka accepted the offer, and were relocated to the world of Ta'Ziq'Taka

Noteworthy for their unrelenting hatred towards the Kreigsleute, their pragmatic distrust of Humans at large, and self-isolationist generalities, they are often seen as a misfits within the Federation. It is undeniable, however, that they have made valuable contributions to the Federation, and that they serve as very willing soldiers within the Stellar Fleet. It is hoped that they will eventually become more active within the Federation as a species, along with their Zek’eke’zka allies. There are signs of this happening, though perhaps understandably, they are slow to trust Humans.

They are considered an endangered species, though their numbers have been recovering since joining the Commune Federation.


The Ik’Ik’Vikira are from the world of Krieg, which was at the time, known as Liq’Ziq. They lived alongside the Zek’eke’zka, in a joined society, where the two species had separate roles due to their biological differences. The Ik’Ik’Vikira were the hunters of this society, and would use their speed and acid spitting abilities in order to chase down prey.

In 0VC, a ship crashed onto Liq’Ziq. the arrival of foreign aliens, and what happened next is contested. The Ik’Ik’Vikira and Zek’eke’zka claim that the refugees attacked them, whereas the refugees claimed that they were attacked first. Regardless though, the two sides were engaged in a brutal war, in which both sides were shown no mercy by the others, and it turned into a war of extermination.

This led to the defeat of the native insectoids in 15VC however, and they were forced to flee on colony ships. they spend the next few centuries drifting from star system to star system, gathering resources wherever they could find them. However, they were treated with deep suspicion throughout the space they travelled, due to their intimidating appearances. This continued for several millennia, during which time the species became more and more bitter, and angrier and angrier at those who took their home-world from them.

At one point, the fleet made the attempt to return to their home-world, only to discover many light years away from it that it had become the center of an incredibly fortified civilization that they had no prayer of retaking on their own, and were forced to abandon their plan. They were forced to drift throughout these regions of space, scavenging whatever they could, until they eventually reached the Commune Federation.

They were surprised by the willingness of the Federation to offer assistance, though they were openly hostile towards the Human members of the Federation who were helping in the matter. They were offered membership into the Federation, which they accepted, as they had little other choice. A world was selected by them, based on their needs, out of the worlds the Federation offered. They were offered as much assistance as they needed to rebuild their society, though they rejected much of it.

As their built up their society, more and more Ik’Ik’Vikira and Zek’eke’zka began to join the Stellar Fleet as military forces, often requesting combat especially against the Kreigsleute.

Appearance and Biology

Ik’Ik’Vikira are a species that are akin to millipedes. They are a long species, capable of reaching twice the length of the average Humans height, and unlike millipedes, they have spines, which are flexible, which allow them to curl up and bend at will. They have four eyes, which are completely pupil-less.

Along their bodies, they have small segments, which are aligned with joints within the spinal joints. These segments are covered in a very tough and hard to penetrate from the back. They are designed to protect the spine, which is a weak spot of the Ik’Ik’Vikira. The underbelly however, is still quite soft, and can be penetrated with a sufficiently sharp object. Each segment has a set of tiny legs, which help them move quickly.

They are also capable of spitting acid from their mouths, which allow them to dissolve rock and assist in their tunnelling, though it's primary purpose was to use it as a weapon, which allows them to be a powerful close-combat opponent.

The Architects

The Architects are the religious figures of the Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka, which are incredibly important figures within their society.

In the religion, the Architects are brothers, one an Ik'Ik'Vikira, and another Zek'eke'zka. Born with different abilities and skills, the two would brutally compete with one another, until they ruined the world that they resided in. Reconciling their differences, they worked together, seeking to remake the world as they arrived at. They succeeded, and, at the end of their lives, curled up and died, and from their bodies, crawled the children of the Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka, of whom all Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka are the descendent of.

This story is the basis for the co-dependent relationship the two species have with one another.