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The Ikla compound is a state within the larger Nuurian Federation. It is located in the Kevenam Galaxy, in Herschel Space and it's inhabited for the most part by the Nuurians. The nation is based out of the Iklanism believes of the Nuurians. Most of the believers of this faith headed towards the territories that now form the Compound. This nation is located close to the Intergalactic Federation's territories within the Kevenam Galaxy as well as close to the Lorship of Nuur territoty.

The state is ruled by the "Compound" a set of "Harmonious Leaders" as they are called who are chosen by rituals within the religion. Usually they are expert members or wise Nuurian members who are offered membership into the Compound. For the most part, they have to serve as ruler of a planetary region, later a planet and later a whole system to even be considered elegible to be a member of the Compound. Most of the members win their seat because of something relevant for the nation; Command the armies into victory, supervise large constructions for the community, provide large scale help for those in need, negotiate favourable trade deals or diplomatic deals, etc... Membership however is not for ever and at any given time, it can be revoke is all members of the Compound agree.

The Ikla compound is really booming currently on its economy. Mostly due to its close ties with the Intergalactic Federation with who it had positive relations since the beginning even though they also have positive attitudes towards the Lorship of Nuur.


The origins of the Ikla compound have to be trace all the way to the early stages of colonization by the Nuurians. Several colonies had been stablished by Anuur in the early days in what is now the Ikla Compound's territory. It was long till those colonies began to rise and grow sustantially in size and importance. Most of the worlds in the region had been colonized by Iklanism believers, some of them firm adherents of this religion (some will call fanatics) and thus Iklanism became the main belief in this area of Nuurian colonized space. It wasnt long when the Ikla Compound pushed for independence as many of the other nations did. They managed to fight but a weaken Anuur space granted them independence.

The original Ikla compound was formed when granted independence by Anuur. However, the main and most important and influencial colonized worlds of the newlyy formed nation couldn't decide where the capital should be and who's hegemonic world would be to rule. This lead to the compound to the colonization of the world of Urmuuk, which will serve as the new capital (so it did not give preference to any of the already existing worlds over the others). Urmuuk was colonized for this specific purpose and its buildings, streets and cities were beautifully decorated to show the explendor of the capital. Ever since, Urmuuk has grown notably to become a populous and very important world (economically and politically) within the nation as it is the seat of the Compound.

Soon later, with the looming threat of the Lorship which was threatening the frontiers of the Compound, they approached the newly formed Nuurian Federation to negotiate anexation and protection. This was granted and a war began not much later with the Lorship to which the Ikla compound suffered the most of. The Ikla won over the Lorship against all odds. This stopped the expansion of the Lorship over Federal territory, but also stopped the Federation from declaring war on the Lorship again.

Notable Worlds

  • Urmuuk

The capital world of the Ikla compound, it holds the seat of the nation as well as many important state institutions. It has some of the most exquisite decoration in the entire Nuurian Federation, dating back to the days in which the Ikla Compound was it's own nation and Urmuuk was the capital.

  • Harku

One of the most important worlds within the Ikla compound, it is an important and religious site of the Iklanist religion. On top of that, it places a large economic role with its services, merchants and agriculture. It is also located at a very strategic location within the Ikla compound. It is as well one of the oldest worlds within this state.

  • Muundar

Mostly based on manufacturing, it is a large producer of goods and one of the most important worlds within the Ikla Compound. It holds firm control of vast amounts of gas extraction, minerals and wanted goods. This has made the world key player on the Compound. Its colonies served mostly for extracting resources en masse and manufacturing most of the goods of the Ikla compound. Muundar is also deeply religious and is one of the footholds of Iklanism within the Nuurian Federation.

  • Elanuur

A center of scientific research and technology, it is placed very close to the Intergalactic Federal border. It has thus profited the most from its proximity with large scale trade and scientifical exchange. Even now, some humans can be seen on Elanuur as well as Luunans. However, this are still a tiny minority and for the most part, are merchants and traders. Elanuur is based mostly on research and manufacturing of high technologies for the rest of the compound. However, trade has seen it's importance grow over the years. Among the Compound, the Elanuur as the least religious or the least fervent even if they adhere to Iklanism.

  • Siruukan

This world holds the military of the Compound and most of the military products are manufactured here. The world has always been heavily militarized as it has constantly suffered on its history through the menace of the nearby Lorship of Nuur. Because they opose this nation, the Siruukanians are among the most fervent Iklanists as well as the most convinced citizens of the Nuurian Federation. Siruukan was a prosperous world, mostly based on trade of its goods but ever since the war with the Lorship, they have become known for its gun production and refine armours and weapons. Siruukan is also a synonim with bravery and strenght of will and physique. They still have remanents of the accomodated past, and some elegance can still be seen among them. Spacecrafting is also a known product of Siruukans, ever since before the war but accentuated with it.