Ilúvatar, also known as HIP 104764 4.7, is a custom built moon orbiting the famous planet Eru.


In the year 92321 CE a group of colonists left Earth to search for a nearby world around which to build a custom moon. They settled quickly on creating a moon around Eru. Thus Project Illuvatar began.

Eru from Ilúvatar's surface

The colonists set up orbit around Eru in a large orbital habitat while they sent out large tug-probes to tow large asteroids and comets from the rest of the star system. Through the use of terrashaping, the colonists began to create the core, mantle then inner and outer crust of the moon that would become known as Illuvatar. The project took twenty years, but in the year 92342 Illuvatar had been completely built.

The colonists then spent the next nine years terraforming the lifeless world into a vibrant green and blue world full of terrestrial plants and animals. In 92350 CE the first town was set up during the new world's first early spring.

Ilúvatar map

Over the next few hundred years the colonists and their descendants spread across the new world, settling new towns and continuing to spread out.

As the planet's population grew, so did its popularity with tourists. The planet's economy was built upon the income brought in from the tourist trade.

Not only did tourists come because of the incredible view of Eru, but the world was a warm one and had a longer year than most. During the summer seasons many came to enjoy the warm equatorial oceans and the plentiful fishing and camping locations all around the world. During the winter months many came to enjoy winter camping, skiing and many other winter activities.

Currently, the planet is fourth in the Top Ten Vacation Planets listing, according to the United Federation of Star Systems tourism guide.

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