Once a warm, habitable world, Ildemir (RS0-3-62-664-483-8-4118631-102 3 in is now a cold desertic terra planet situated in an irregular galaxy almost 6 billion light years away from the Milky Way Galaxy. Despite losing much of it's atmosphere and water to space, life still remains in the form of small plants, mammals and microbes.



After it lost its atmosphere and oceans of water to the vacuum of space, the many species of life became extinct, some remain beneath or within the soil and some still exist on the surface. The frigid temperatures of -80 C lock water in the form of ice, buried beneath the thin layer of soil, where its warm enough for water to flow in streams.

The trapped ice has managed to create a whole network of caverns, carved out by streams of flowing water. Although these caverns do not open to the surface, many forms of life have managed to burrow into the soil and discover the caverns. Microbial life and nutrients are transported across the planet by the streams of water in the soil.

The northern polar region contains the most water ice, however, it is situated upon the tectonic boundaries of three tectonic plates. Due to the rising heat from the mantle, and its reaction with the ice, it causes the ice to erupt in water geysers. These water geysers currently produce fog that encompasses the entirety of the northern polar region. While it is difficult to navigate through the fog, most mammals on the planet have adapted to travelling through the thick fog.


As nutrients are transported across the planet through the soil, small mushroom-like plants grow near mountain ranges, absorbing the nutrients from the soil to feed on. The plant survives on the small amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, which accounts for less than one per cent of atmospheric gases. To reproduce, it releases several seeds before death that float through the air, landing where there is enough nutrients in the soil and where the wind is at its weakest; hurricane-force winds will rip the plant from the ground.

One of the last surviving mammal creatures on the planet are small, four-legged herbivores that feed on the mushroom-like plants. Typically, they appear to be in herds of six. All of the mammals on Ildemir are hermathrodites; they have both gender features at the same time. This mammal creature lives for only a decade, usually reproducing at four years old.

Most of the life on the planet is land-based, however, less than three species of life float in the atmosphere. One such species is a small bird-like creature, swooping down upon its prey, usually a small rat-like mammal, when in sight of this beast. It's beak is sharp and used to penetrate through the skin of its prey, letting it bleed and eventually eating the corpse. These tiny birds come in small flocks of around fifteen members.


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