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Iloia is a ecumenopolis moon orbiting the gas giant Zenelum, which orbits the star Sun Ytham, which in turn is orbiting the supermassive black hole Atès, in the Atès System, which is situated inside of the Zalanthium Galaxy. It is the birthplace of the now-extinct Iloians, which turned the moon into a ecumenopolis along with its brother Wexedas, and controlled the entire Atès System around 800 million years ago.


Iloia was engineered as a habitable planet when the Atès System was presumably engineered, some 7 billion years ago. When the makers, thought the be the Zalanthium Elders, fell, the system was left in ruins and decayed. However, on Iloia, native life evolved from the life that the engineers seeded. These were the Iloians, and built an empire occupying only the core and surrounding systems of the Zalanthium Galaxy. However, they controlled a system of easily a hundred or more colonies, and so lasted hundreds of millions of years. During their golden age, they turned Iloia and their first colony, the sister moon Wexedas, into ecumenopoli. After they fell, the two moons fell in ruin, and ley silent. When the Zalanthium Coalition charted the core worlds, the system was uncovered from the dust cloud that surrounded it, and Iloia was colonised again. Wexedas and it both were restored into ecumenopoli. Today, they are some of the most major planets in the system, and Iloia governs the entire Sun Ytham zone of the Atès System.






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