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Imbrose is a small selena moon, the largest satellite of the planet Diadanella. Itis a regular, somewhat small moon orbiting at a distance of around 36,500 km around Diadanella, resulting in the planet being extremely prominent as seen in Imbrose. It is also tidally locked to Diadanella but not vice versa. It has a diameter of just around 700 km, and the body is just barely in hydrostatic equilibrium.

Geologists have noted how Imbrose' composition and density, both its crust and core, differs noticeably from Diadanella's. It is hence currently believed that the moon used to be an independent dwarf planet which was part of a twin system captured when Diadena's protoplanet belt coalesced, while its companion impacted Diadanella and resulted in the smaller asteroid moons currently in place.


The satellite was explored with Diadanella in 99,785. A research outpost inhabited by 10 scientists was established by the survey ship on the moon's near side, partly as an atmospheric surveillance site for Diadanella in addition to a geological research post for the moon itself. As colonists began to arrive in Diadanella, Imbrose quickly became a body of interest for the establishment of a spaceport outside Diadanella's atmosphere and immediate gravity well, with the planet projected to be populated by billions within a short time.

By 99,822, shortly after Diadanella's selection as the capital of human Locomra, funding was approved by the Confederacy of Borealis to construct a space port on the near siide coupled with a space elevator. Construction of the port was complated in 99,825 and the elevator in 99,828, with Imbrose's population rapidly growing after due to the emerging mining and shipping industry and their ensuing colonist migration.

On 99,932, the Diadanellan government approved funding to construct a secondary, far-side port in order to minimize traffic and backlog at the near side, which was quickly becoming crowded with spacecraft parked in low orbit. The spaceports are connected with several gravity trains through Imbrose's core transporting cargo and passengers. Construction was completed in 99,950.


While the moon has a decently robust mining industry fueled by demand from Diadanella, it is relatively limited by the moon's small size and it is expected that easily accessible resources would be exhausted by 200,250 or so. The primary driver of Imbrose' economy is clearly Diadanella's spaceborne trade, as it acts as Diadanella's primary spaceport. The two spaceports, directly and indirectly, generate over two-thirds of Diadanella's economy.


Imbrose is administered as a semi-autonomous territory by the Diadanellan government, with a single representative in the Diadanellan parliament.

The farside spaceport acts as the primary base of operations for the Diadanellan space fleet, stationed on a military base slightly away from the commercial port. Around 300,000 fleet personnel is stationed there, in addition to 50,000 regular ground personnel guarding the complex.