When NASA discovered the Kya in 2039 CE, at first they were unsure of how the public would take definite disclosure that life elsewhere had been found, and within their own solar system as well. It was decided to keep the news secret for 2 years, and gauge the public to see whether or not they could take the news.  Also, they had to consider other impacts as well, such as the impact on religion. How would Pope Linus II respond to discovery of intelligent life elsewhere? Would the news implode the Catholic faith?

A study was initiated that took 10,000 people from every nation on Earth, and asked them a few dozen questions about alien life, cleverly disguised as random innocent questions. Some people were understandably annoyed at this and did not participate; after all why would NASA want to ask random people random questions? A few religious people said that God created all life, even those which would arise on other planets; they would welcome the news though. Still others were skeptics and did not believe in other life among the stars, and the shock of disclosure would probably cause many health issues among them. The believers on the other hand would welcome the news with open arms. Some of them probably had some hints as to what was going on as well.

Rumors started by a few of those believers quickly went viral around the world. Even though NASA did not announce extraterrestrial life yet, some news stories were extremely speculative; so much so that NASA had to cover up those stories and said to not believe rumors. For the most part they succeeded in quieting the speculation down some. But NASA knew the truth, and the head of NASA was understandably torn about keeping disclosure from the public at this point; so much so he was pondering whether or not to release the news early.  

The study taken earlier showed that most people would welcome the news, even Pope Linus II, who said "I am sure the Catholic population would be interested in other creatures that God has made.  Even if their religion is different, they worship the same God." NASA was steadfast in their disclosure deadline though, and spent the entirety of 2040 CE figuring out how to go about doing it. They eventually settled on a press release that would be streamed live on all major television and satellite networks. NASA realized the world was about to change, and most of the public was ready for it.

NASA released the news on January 15th, 2041. The press release started with the chairman at NASA saying:     

 "Two years ago, we were able to answer a question that has plagued humanity since the first human gazed skyward. 'Are we alone? Are we the only life in that vast sea of stars?' Since those dark days, people all over the world kept their eye on the night sky, just wondering. Waiting. I'm here to announce the wait is over at last. This video, taken by the European Bullet, shows clear signs of intelligent life in Europa, and we have determined their technological level is similar to that of the Bronze Age on Earth. We have created a simple language to communicate with them, and have learned a great deal about their society. We have called them, Captiosus Ceti. They call themselves, the Kya. We are pleased to reveal that the answer to that age old question is...No. We are NOT alone."

The effects of this press release was immediate. It was also broadcast via radio, and people were so shocked that it caused massive pileups on the Interstate system, traffic jams occurred in major cities; some took days to clear, excited people could be seen dancing on their lawns, and even the Pope got in on the act, calling for the faithful to gather and praise God for the new life that was found. It was a few days before the announcement sank in and everything went somewhat back to normal, however an excitement that could not be felt before was in the air. Amateur radio operators tried in vain to contact the Kya, who obviously did not have radio technology yet. When the universal language that was originally kept secret leaked out, home-made landers were developed specifically to send messages to them.

The Kya seemed just as intrigued as Humanity was about them. They thought these "messages" were extremely crude, but accurate, and they relayed their responses through NASA. Some people on Earth even made friends with some Kya, and they hoped to be able to see them in person soon. Unfortunately, this would not happen until 2272, when terraforming was completed on Europa. During the 200 years between the discovery and terraforming completion however, a good relationship between Human and Kya was established. Some ships were even built with specialized tanks full of water from Europa to show the Kya around on Earth. They seemed to like Earth and said that Earth was beautiful. They also said that at times, even they wondered if they were alone in the universe.

Within the Kya, when the news broke of other beings in the universe, there was confusion at first. They were not sure what to make of this news. They gradually accepted it when NASA and the Kya started communicating, and they found Earthlings extremely intriguing. They did not understand how Humanity could explore space at first, thinking that humanity must be magic users or something. They also could not understand the European Bullet at first. Before it initiated contact, it was poked, pulled, and was actually tasted. When the first 10 prime numbers were relayed, the Kya present understood what they were and immediately replied with the next 6. This was the moment they realized that THEIR world was about to change as well.

And change it has.

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