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The Imperial-Unionist War is one of the most massive, longest and bloodiest conflicts among the Lewis Nations. It took place in the Lewis Galaxy between 45,032 CE and 45,587 CE (24,866 ADL - 25,421 ADL of the Lewisian Calendar), and was the first war involving the Lewis Nations known as the Empire of Mankind and the Union. The war lasted a total of five centuries being one of the longest in the History of the Lewis Nations.

The war caused millions of deaths, on both sides and finally ended by the Pact of Resina. A truce that draw again the borders and set the war conditions. No winning side came out as it was the high cost of the war and lack of true advancement that set the will to finish the war.


It was the result of a centuries old held cold war between both nations. The relationship between The Union and the Empire had been worsen and the inicial cold war that had lasted for about several hundred years was now escalating quickly. The Union was under the rule of a new militaristic and fanatic High Theocrat that looked for mass conversion of the Imperial citizens either voluntarily or by force. This corresponded with the approaching borders between both nations in the Galaxy and soon conflict seemed unavoidable. Both nations also had unresolved claims in the systems that lied in between. The conflict arose from three major pilars:

  • Historical factors of mistrust and hate:

The Union arose from the Great Slave Revolt of the Empire, and thus regarded the Empire as their oppresive tyranical overlords. They had set themselves free from the Empire and then hated them to the core. The Empire considered them as rebellious dissidents, remanents of the conflict that shook the Empire so long ago.

  • Border claims and territorial conflicts:

During the previous centuries, borders among both nations had been approaching. Colonization of planets in those areas of the Lewis Galaxy became a priority. Soon, border claims and a race for colonization began to claim said territories before the other nation did. This innevitably led to tensions, and small conflicts and even battles that escalated until open war.

  • Ideological differences:

The Union was more egalitarian and democratic than the Empire. The Union was firmely anti-slavery and seriously consider the Empire as inmoral. They considered their duty to free the slaves in the Empire and stop the production of clone slaves. The Empire on the other hand considers the Union to be religious zelots and radicals, that are possessed by parasites and seek to take the free will out of them by forced converstion.


This war was the most massive and the most destructive of the Empire and the Union. Heavy losses were brought into both sizes and many worlds were destroyed or sacked. Some of the worlds that fell into the Union had is citizens converted by force. Most of this lied in the Far Colonies, away from the central core. The Union worlds were in turn forced to leave their religion, causing millions of deaths and millions of displaced people.

Out of the War, many imperial refugees and unionist refugees settled in the Akai Nebulae in 45,378 CE and finally founded the Lewis Federation, the ancestor of the Intergalactic Federation.

The Last battle was fought for the control of Hamlet, who had been taken by the Union. The war lasted for five centuries and in 45,587 CE, peace was signed between the two nations, with devastating consequences. The Union was the one that lost more worlds, and falling to gain most of the unclaimed territory. The Empire in turn suffered from a heavy economic recession and hardship. Kerin Owango, the leader of the Union was judge for treason and executed, the first time a High Theocrat has ever been convicted.

Recession lasted for many centuries, and most of the world that had later shined, were now torn apart from war and devastation. But luckily enough, other Planets got the opportunity to rise in power and influence taking the fallen one's position. Other manage to be reborn, like a phoenix from its ashes, with some becoming even more powerful. Relations with the Union were for the next 2000 years no more than futile and cold, being both nations too busy repairing themselves from struggles of War. But as soon as generations died, new commerce routes appeared and some nearby planet started comercial contact. This weakeness of both nations allowed for the expansion and consolidation of the Lewis Federation.

The first commercial route between both nations started in 46, 366 CE and soon many followed with an explosion of commercial routes between the two nations especially around 54,000 CE and 55,000 CE, opening a new era in the relationship between the Union and the Empire, although mistrust has always prevail between the two to this day.