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The Imperial City is the Capital City of Elpida, known in the Imperial Language as "Eimpera Kidin", and the Official Capital of the Empire of Mankind. It's the Seat of the Emperor and the Tarnos Dynasty. The city expands through 1 million km2, being the Imperial Palace, located in its center, also immensely huge and the largest building.


The city holds several palaces for all the vast number of Nobility who had to settled in the City after the Nobility War. It has a very active trading harbour. Some district areas are dedicated to Business, Finance, etc.. while others are expensive residential areas, and the further you get from the core city, the more you get to see more deprived Common citizen neighborhoods. Although most areas do enjoy a very high quality of living.

The Clone and Slave areas are full of functioning, well maintained and boring similar structures. Although, a lot of Slaves live within their owners residence, at least all dedicated to Domestic tasks, other kind of slaves like those own by corporations and those working on other fields, do live in the Far outskirts. Still, slave housing is pretty much nicer than anywhere else outside this City, made to impress.


The Imperial City was previously known as "Indara", and it was a medium-size city, until the Guardian was created. Indara was the home city of Horis Tarnos, and when he arose as the figure of the Guardian he build his rather small palace in his home city. The building was popularly known as the "House of the Guardian". Later when Hannakon I Tarnos declared himself as Emperor, he improved the Palace and the City, and made the city the leading point of the Empire, who grew exponentially. When the City was important enough, Hannakon I Tarnos changed the name and named it "the Imperial City", the name it has retained to this day.


The City's population is around 10 Billion people alone and its lightning can be seen from space. Several massive structures are able to hold this amount of population.

Districts and Neighborhoods

The Soheno District

Its a large district filled with large buildings, beautiful decors, fountains and nice infrastructure. It's mostly based on trade, business and most notably entertainment. It's the main area were middle and high clases in the city choose to go enjoy themselves in their free time, as it is full of restaurants, entertainment options, party locals, bars etc.. Its also home to important Parks. Mostly middle-high classes live in the area, as the prices have skyrocketed. It has a total population of 200 million, a quarter of whom are slaves (Who work as domestic or Service slaves).

The Meliteka District

This area is largely known as the religious center of the city. Several large temples of different religions can be seen in the neighborhood. There are Two immense temples in the District, one in front of the other. One is the Temple to to the Emperors, the seat of the Cult of the Emperors in the city, and the other temple, which is largely bigger and more decorated is that dedicated to the Cult of to the Eternal Flame. There are also two remarcable temples, one to the Unionist community, and a second one to Fuukanist citizens.

Also, some districts are dedicated to artists, with large parks and outdoor spaces. Its an ideal spot for locals to go enjoy nature. Several luxury malls are also located within the area as well as luxurious neighborhoods. It is considered to be a trendy area. One of the areas in the district is full of Art Galleries and Museums. Many artists, sculptors, painters etc... have established their studios in the region, as well as many architects and engineers. Cool bars and entertainment areas also exists in the area.

Some important human communities from other Lewis Nations have appeared in the district, making some areas full with Unionist communities or communities of Federals or Sionese. This has gave the district a distinct flavour with foreign Human amenities. Some areas are inhabited by Medium to Mid-High Classes. Up to 500 million people live in the area.

The Akanis District

Its the main foreign district, many other nationalities can be seen in the district, with most notably Aldorians, Krizik and Humans from other nations. The Aldorians are mostly from the Aldorian League, and they were given the area as their main operation center in the planet. The Inosh Aldorians of the league are focused mainly in commerce and trade, so the area has become a vibrant interspecies-alien national hub. Two important temples to the Aldorian Religion are located here. One is dedicated to the Aldorian Ancestors Religion and the second one is dedicated to the Sacred Aldorian Prophets, one facing the other, they are massive structures. There is also, and not far from there, a large area called "the Park of the Aldorian Deities" holding several large shrines dedicated to many of the Aldorian deities from the Aldorian Gods Religion. The Largest temple is dedicated to Mekaris, the goddess of commerce of the Aldorians, worshipped mostly by the Inosh (Who are a mayority in the city). However, temples of the Kizik race have also been erected, and other alien species have done the same.

The Area is full with alien food and goods, as well as entertainment and alien manufacture goods. Always full of Elpidans wanting to get Alien products or eat exotic foods. All aliens are forced to live in this district.

The total alien population is 270 million (out of which 100 million alone are Inosh Aldorians), with about 130 million being Humans from other Lewis Nations and 50 million imperial citizens, making a total population of 450 million people in the District.

The Kereni District

Its an area full of administrative offices and buildings, where most of the state buildings are located. Also some important scientific facilities and research centers are located in the area. It houses most of the Embassies and centers of foreign Nations, Alien or Human. The district has also some residencial apartments, small but cosy. Its home to 600 million people.

The Odiru District

This district is mixed with some entertainment facilities, business of medium size, some shopping facilities, technology and several areas dedicated to habitation. It holds most of the ancient city of Indara, with most of the old building. Due to this it is nicknamed as the "old town". Its the center dedicated to most universities within the city, holding a campus on the outskirts of the District. Its home to 800 million citizens.

The Horis District (or Imperial District)

Also known as the Imperial District or the Guardian district, Its the place where the Imperial Palace is located, as well as the Imperial Gardens. The only inhabitants of the district are the Imperial Family, and its servants and personal workers (and their families) that amount to about 370 000 people in all.

The Mai-Korath District

It engulfes the Horis Area and sometimes its is merge with it. Its a vast area sprawling many kms, with large and luxurious mansions, belonging to all aristocratic Families in the Empire. It was build after the Nobility War, to hold the nobility close to the Emperor. The entire area is focus mostly on the nobility and their needs. Large parks, luxurious venues and shopping centers and restaurants. The district in itself is divided in 2 areas: the Mai District holds all of the middle and lower Nobility and is were most of the urbanizations, shopping areas and schools are built and the most populated of the two, while the Korath district is only for a very selected few, those who belong to the High Nobility, the big families. Korath is mostly based on large mansions and luxurious large terrains. Families like the House Dalvan, the House Zykov, the House Hayalon etc.. have a Mansion here and are forced to reside here for a period of the year by law.

About 500 million nobles live here in both districts. Korath holds the High Nobility which is less than 10 000 members in all, belonging the main High families, while the Mai District, has the rest of the nobility, which for the vast majority belongs to the middle to lower nobilities.

The Adaka District

Its the business and financial city, with large buildings and corporations having a seat in the district. Its home to various luxurious accomodations for the wealthy as well as many large luxurious shopping centers and restaurants. However the area is also full of restaurants for middle workers who come to the district to work in the offices. It holds as well huge administrative centers for the daily routine to manage the Empire. Its home to the wealthy citizens of the nation. Up to 600 million of them live here.

The Irika District

Its a medium class district, well populated and famous to hold apartments and leisure areas. It's considered perfect to raise children by families. Most of its inhabitants are medium or high-medium class. It is famous for its shopping and vibrant night festivals. Its safe and quiet, with beautiful decorated arquitectures and parks. Up to 950 million people live in the district.

The Tundi District

Its a medium class district, mostly residencial. It holds one of the biggest health centers in Elpida. A large hospital, one of the largest and more modern one is located here. It is located a bit far but not too much from central districts. It holds a total population of 1,2 billion residents. Close by there is a large Shipyard, based mostly on all Space traffic of passengers and Products.

The Sharu District

The District is a large residential area, mostly for middle class and working class citizens of the Empire. It has also on its most faraway area, several sectors dedicated exclusively to energy production. It has one of the largest Mall and Shopping district for the Working and Middle Classes among all districts, covering up to almost 20 000 kms. Due to the location of the district it has one large station to connect with the rest of the planet. It holds up to 1,4 Billion Residents.

The Peiko District

The Horis District, with the Imperial Palace and the Luxurious neighborhoods.

The district holds most of the Mid-lower imperial clases, a work-class district with cheap accomodations.Still it has some well off parks, and relaxation areas. The main problem is its far distance and proximity to slave districts. There are various long streets for shopping, leisure and enjoyment. However, most of it is residencial. It has a total population of 1,1 Billion.

The Krosmi District

Known as a Clone slave district, it is considered the ugliest and is located far from the other areas. Millions of slaves commute daily from the district to their working places. Inside the district three areas can be seen. One is for Human-born slaves, which has some more commodities and better off areas. Another area is for the security forces which is the most luxurious and holds the houses of those in charge of look after the proper behaviour of slaves, keep down criminality, and force them each day to go back to work, as well as other clone destine amenities. Finally there is a third area were the Clone slaves reside. It is very basic and built in blocks (all look the same), packed with thousands upon thousands of slaves as it was planned to hold as many as possible. it holds a total population of 1,3 Billion

The Yumi District

It's a district famous for its underground and criminal activity. It is mostly based around industry, chemical activities and other pollutants. It is mostly a working district, where medium or lower classes come to work but don't live in. This massive amount of factories, cables, tunnels etc.. are home to most criminals, outcasts and illegal immigrants as well as being the second biggest slave district. It wasn't made for population purposes, but to keep the working and polluting industries away from citizens. So it became a perfect hidden place for many of the unwanted. It has a total population of 200 million people, with a large underground activity, prostitution, gambling etc. The Farshlag Syndicate is very active here.

The Rishi District

Its located in the Outskirts of the city. It is connected to the center, most notably the Adaka and Mai-Korath Districts. It is home to relaxing areas and mansions outside the bustling city for the high or medium-high classes to enjoy nature and the ocean. It is located on a coastal region, with several smooth hills. Somehow poshy. Around 300 million nobles and 300 million wealthy citizens live here, either permanently or as a holidays secondary apartment. Also a fair amount of Medium-High citizens may have houses in the area (about 200 million). This makes the population of the district to about 600 million in all.

The Kleipa District

Holds the Military and the main forces that lead to protection of the city, and the Emperor. It holds military training centers, secret military areas, the soldiers and official's families etc.. It holds only about 200 million military personnel alongside family. In times of war the population of the district usually explodes demographically to go down again in times of peace.