100th Millennium Wiki

The Imperial Mausoleum is a building located in Tarnis, containing the bodies of all the Emperors of the Empire of Mankind and the Tarnos Dynasty. Located in the continent of Thessia, in the outskirts of the City of Andorlin, it is a big massive and beautiful building with an impressive outside garden made to impress. A copy of the brain and "soul" in hardware of the Emperors is also saved here.


The most beautiful place is the internal private Halls and Gardens, where most of the Remains of the Emperors are still preserved for eternity. Silence inside the Core center of the Mausoleum is breathtaking and nothing is heard other than the river flows inside the Core Gardens. The place is restricted from most Common people. It is a place where only the Imperial Family Members and the Nobility are allowed to enter as well as the tomb and garden keepers. The Core center of the Mausoleum is divided between the High Gardens, where the Emperors and Empresses are and the Low Gardens, where all other Imperial relatives (sisters, aunts, cousins etc) and consorts are.

The rest of the Mausoleum has huge decorated halls with motives depicting the history of the Empire and the achievements of the Emperors. There is a huge alley way that connects the Mausoleum with a Ceremonial Building, and this one in term with the City of Andorlin. This way is decorated on both sides with massive tall dark statues of each of the Emperors, being vigilant over the Imperial road, as it is known. Outside this road guarded by the figures of past Emperors, lies an impressive outdoor area, free for all to enjoy.

Beautiful garden spaces and trees can be seen here. It is a very popular place for locals to hang out in clear sunny days. It has been a popular local park area for the inhabitants of Andorlin and nearby.


The Building was built by Thardos II Tarnos right after the Nobility Wars, at the end of the Rule of the Twelve Emperors. This Twelve Emperors still remain in the Imperial Palace. They are the only ones allowed to be there as a special tribute pantheon to them. Horis Tarnos is buried in a special building inside the Imperial Palace, open to all to visit. It is the only Tomb open to the Public in a special public building, serving an almost worship purpose. Thardos II was the First one to be in the Imperial Mausoleum of Tarnis and all other emperors after him have been placed here, meaning that out of 157 rulers, 145 emperors and empresses, their consorts and close ones are buried and preserved here.

Construction of the Building started in 87,960 CE to mark the end of the Nobility Wars and finance by confiscated properties of the rebellious aristocratic families. This was used in term to propagate the power of the Emperors and used as a sign of strength of the Tarnos Dynasty. A Forty years window was planned in advance so that the Mausoleum was finish by 88,000 CE to commemorate the beginning of the 88 millennium.

The Mausoleum has been upgraded. changed and expanded several times by different Emperors. The outdoor garden was built by Empress Aranis II in order for her citizens to have a space of their own and feel close to the Imperial dynasty. She also used this to enhanced her own power and victory, after the end of the First Relative's War.