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The Imperial Palace is an official building belonging to the ruling Family of the Empire of Mankind's and is located in Elpida, at the Center of the Imperial City. It is the home seat of the Tarnos Dynasty and where they reside. The Palace is among the biggest buildings in the Universe and expands through a vast area of land, with several Gardens and scattered Buildings.

Most of the Palace is divided in several regions. The Back side is reserved for the Imperial Family and it's close by relatives. The Back side is the largest area of the entire palace and also holds the Imperial Gardens. The Front side however, is reserved for Public Receptions, Council Meetings, Balls and Feasts, Official Parties, State Celebrations, and other State Activities.


Construction of the Palace started in 28,650 CE (8,466 ADL) by order of Hannakon I Tarnos. It was built on what had been until then the seat building of the Guardian, known as the House of the Guardian. The House was isolated in a large plain of land, unexploited for the most part. The House was enhanced and improved to resemble a Palace for the Emperor, and a new city began to be built around it, known as the Imperial City. With time, the city around the palace began to grow exponentially.

Imperial Palace dome and garden.jpg

The Emperors liked to enlarge areas of the Palace, making it bigger and bigger. By the Reign of Thardos II, the Palace was completely renovated and the city was transformed to accommodate the new nobility that now had to reside in Elpida. The Palace was left on a large field with space for future expansions and the city grew around it, expanding through 1 million square miles.

Each and everyone of the Tarnos Emperors and Empresses, have enlarge, rebuilt or construct a new side or alley of the Palace, with some engaging in minor constructions while others looking for entire new areas made to impress.

The Palace was almost assaulted during the First Relative's War, since one of the Generals committed treason in search of glory and acceptance for him by the pretender if he gave him the Planet. This action proved to be worthless, since the assault was a failure, although he was close to gain control of the Imperial city, an emergency fleet soon arrived and he could be stopped. This made the following emperor very scared of future problems and really fixed the security of the Palace, the Planet and the entire system. No enemy has ever come close to the Imperial Palace.

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One of the most beautiful attractions within the Imperial Palace is its Gardens. They expand through miles of land and are divided by a natural area and a covered area of domes. The Covered domes have different ecosystems that represent the different and diverse worlds inside the territory of the Empire of Mankind. It has its own private zoo as well. The Back Garden also has several building dedicated to Baths and other aquatic activities. Some local forests, Fountains etc... form part of this beautiful relaxing space.

Imperial Gardens (Domes)

Some of the Most famous scenarios hold lands from planets such as Mitra, Pax, Alma, Haldar etc... while also more oceanic type ecosystems like the one found on Thetis or Egea.

The Zoo takes species from every corner of the Empire, with most of them being mild to inofensive creatures, to some areas holding some more dangerous ones. Extremely Dangerous creatures are kept aside in different buildings, separated from the Gardens and the main palace and subject to a strong vigilance. In case of scaping, the creatures could in theory never reach the main palace since they will be cut off from the main areas. Most of the Dome creatures are kept under intensive vigilance, since they could contaminate Elpida's Fauna and Flora, as well as dying if the creatures can't adapt to Elpida environment.


The Building is located on the Continent of Meltarna Nearby the Palace, is located the Dome of a Thousands Stars, where all Emperors and Empresses have to be Crowned. It is one of the biggest buildings, covering over 20 km2 in sizes, with ceiling so high they can hold building within buildings.

The Trone Room

Inside the palace one of the inmense halls is dedicated to the Throne. Where the Emperor meets with visitors, other nobles or gives speeches to the public. The Throne was designed in by Erken the Elder, a famous architecht serving Kador II. Most of the room however has been untouched and the throne is considered to nicknamed "The Shining Sunthrone".