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Imperial Slavery is a form of slavery largely practiced in the Empire of Mankind. It is one of the most fundamental bases and crucial elements of Imperial society and was created somehow around the times of the Second Civil War and was reinforced after the Nobility War. Every major conflict within the Empire, except for the War of the Two Emperors which had a national pardon given to all members involved in this war, has generally added a significant amount of new slaves into the system.

Imperial Slavery must be understood under its two Slave General Categories. This are Born Slavery and Clone Slavery. All slavery is always Human, and xeno-slavery has been very rare in the Empire. Owning an alien slave is consider to be a rarity of extreme luxury and only the very wealthy own one. However, due to the xenophobic nature of the Empire, Xenos are generally badly viewed and thus many wealthy and high noble houses don't like having large numbers of Xenos slaves as they will be associated with a love for the Aliens and put down by society.

Born Slavery or Traditional Slavery

Born Slaves or traditional slaves are Human (and to a lesser extend some aliens) who were born with the condition of slave, and which had parents usually also slaves or at least one was.

The vast majority of the born slaves are partially descendants from those who lost the Second Civil War and supported the Parties heavily and not the Guardian figure. Firstly it was meant to be temporary services, but was integrated into the society so well that it became a pivotal institution in the Empire and became hereditary.

During the Nobility War, some people who served deeply under the rebellious houses were also put into slavery, making the Born Slavery at its highest. Soon, defeated people from other conflicts joined the ranks. This is true during the Imperial-Unionist War, in which many unionist were forcibly streaped from their parasites. Those very few, lucky enough to survive, were enslaved by the Empire.

On the other hand, people in debt can sell themselves into slavery to pay out for it, loosing their rights for a period of time. Also prisoners or thieves are often sentence to a live of slavery as punishment for their crimes.

Many however have, over the years, build up their way up to freedom paying their debt and buying themselves free, or being freed with time by their masters. Today, Born Slavery is in strong decadence and is constantly dwindling, as the number of people getting free exceeds that of the newly born slaves.

They make about 35% of all slaves in the Empire, down from a 100% before the Great Slave Revolt. 1% of which corresponds to alien slavery


Being born out of parents means that the slaves have still some basic rights and are threat as subjects of Law and subjects of the Emperor. They are considered to be paying a debt or be unlucky people. Thus buying themselves into freedom is common practice. They have no genetic modifications and thus are regarded as superior to clone slaves by the entire society. This means that they are usually used in many good position, usually domestic care or services and almost never employed in disgusting or hardworking tasks such as cleaning the sewerage or mining.

This slaves have rights in front of the Law, and specially can prosecute in court their masters for bad treatment or any other abuse. They can't be killed, tortured heavily, be mutilated or having them poorly dressed and badly fed. This slaves can thrive and have wealth of their own and possessions

A Born slave can eventually become an Imperial citizen at some point. They can achieve residency and finally attain full Imperial Citizenship. This separates Born Slavery from Clone Slavery, since the latter cannot be freed at any point in time.

Clone Slavery

It arose during the Great Slave Revolt of the Empire, when massive revolts and uprisings began among the slaves all across the Empire. This led to several large conflicts in many worlds but soon the revolt was finally calmed down and many fled to what would later be known as The Union. Soon after, by the War of the Two Emperor, clone slavery began to rise significantly and by the end of the conflict, it had become one of the largest forms of slavery.

During the following years, clone slavery became dominant and soon started replacing key areas who had been given traditionally to born slaves. Clone slavery was a process that could be achieved thanks to the use of ectogenesis, a production method that involves cloning and producing fetuses without a human womb. They are thus machine-made and bred with altered genetics and physical and psychological traits, to make them more obedient. Their genes can also make them slightly stronger for the low amount of labor work that they may do

The Clones are genetically modified to be more docile, to be less intelligent, less ambitious, submissive and sterile. This prevents uprisings such as the ones in the Great Slave Revolt. They also have shorter lifespans but a wide variety of clone models exists, and parameters can be changed.

Today they make around 65% of all slaves in the Empire. An notable increase over the millennia. They make the vast majority of slaves, and are used specially by the government and other corporations, as well as mass production industries and some services. Their master can do what they want with their slave, so this kind of slave lacks any sort of right and can be badly threaten, but not killed, sadistically tortured, or poorly fed. Clones aren't considered people completely due to their altered genetic conditions and breeding. They are forbidden from liberty or achieving Imperial Citizenship being dammed to a live of servitude.


Clone slaves usually are to be identified by a big tattoo on their necks. It is also a common practice to shave their heads and to use similar uniforms. They are not consider human beings or people, like the Human Born slaves are and thus can never achieve freedom. They have also been programmed to be always expecting orders and o not know how to operate in the absence of leadership.

Illegal Slavery

This are slaves smuggled into the Empire illegally. It's the lowest form of slavery, and is a increasing issue for the Empire authorities. Most of this slaves are forced into hard work without food, and treated worse than animals sometimes. They can be human born or illegal clones. They are brought into the Empire by criminal bands. This slaves are a problem the government is trying to solve, and has been chasing and liberating those human who are found and putting the clones into Clone Slave categories. They make less than 1% of the total slave population

Slave Function classifications

  • Working Slaves:

Slaves are used for intensive task such as working in factories, mining, agricultural work, construction etc.. usually, slaves appointed to these tasks belong to corporations or multinationals. Still, the use of slaves for this task has been greatly reduce during the evolution of the Empire through the centuries. Most of this task is performed by machinery and robots nowadays, with assistance from some slaves. Almost all slaves working in this category are clones.

  • Domestic Slaves:

This slaves are those who live more comfortable lives. They are used by the imperial population for domestic and personal tasks. Usually they serve entire families and they do all sort of house work, from buying things for the household to cleaning, taking care of kids and take care of the daily routines of their masters. Most of this slaves are Human-born slaves, and very rarely clones.

  • Services Slaves:

This sort of slave is found in all sort of businesses and companies that work providing client services or face to public attention, like bars, restaurants, gyms, prostitution centers, dances, music performances, etc... They are slightly less Human-bornSlaves than Clones working in this category.

  • Public or State Slaves:

They can be found in public spaces and they work face to the public in administrative task and other government bodies, public services etc... These slaves belong to the state. Most of this are equally Human-born and Clones. Some human-born slaves are here to pay a debt they have with the state.

  • Military Slaves:

They are used as first combat front. Some are used as soldiers while other are used for other military task such as military production, military training etc... All this slaves are clones being human-born slaves forbidden from this category, but could still be used as State slaves for tasks such as producing military equipment.