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The Imperial Supreme Court is a Building, allocating one of the highest institution of the Empire of Mankind, and holding the Judicial Power of the State. It is located on the Planet Mitra, making this planet, due to this institution, one of the Three official Capitals of the Empire. The separation of powers has been made in order to divide power and don't concentrate it all in either the Nobility or the Emperor.

The Supreme Court has incredible power, in the sense that Judges can charge even the nobility for their actions and take them to justice if they surpass their own powers and fail at their mission of protecting the citizens instead of exploit them in immoral ways.

This organ ensures the application of the Law and punishes those who dont follow or violate it. This goes from the Emperor himself and the Nobility to the most common poor Slave or Citizen.


The building was already established during the Republic of Elpida, mostly while transitioning to the Republic of Anthropos era. Nevertheless, it did not acquire its full powers until the creation of the Empire. The Central Court of the Nation was here, but High Judges were appointed by the government and thus, regarded as uneffective.

The Building was improved by several Emperors, when gardens where revitalized and the city around them was planned to accommodate the expansions of the building. The Hangul Family has also invested greatly in the building and the city around it.

The High Court gain most of its power after the Nobility War, when the Nobles revolted, in order to prevent this from happening again, the Emperor gave even more powers to the Imperial Supreme Court than previously. He gave this institution powers previously held by the Aristocracy. Ever since, the Nobility has despised this organ, and its feared as the common people arm of justice upon them.

Election of Judges

The Supreme Judges of the Court have to be elected by meritocracy and popular vote between several candidates, in which the Nobility can't intervene nor vote. All High Judges have to be by law from the Common People with the Aristocracy being forbidden from being elected into this government ranks.

By this means, all High Judges are granted a high status by their own personal merits and their successful professional careers, with their entire voting campaign financed by the state with private financing being completely forbidden in order to control that only the wealthy can access this positions. High judges are amongst the best minds of the Empire, since they have to be extraordinary to achieve such high ranks among so many individuals.

Judge campaigns are usually low key, without much display, being those of the Legislative a bit more popular, and those of the Senators even more popular. All High Judges, to be eligible for such a rank, have to gain first the position of Planetary Supreme Judges, this means, they become the highest legal authority of a Planet or a System by merit promotion, being part of a Planetary High Court or a System's High Court. High Judge Elections are held once every 5 standar years.

Each Planet or System, depending on Population and importance, have their own Planetary High Court, or System High Court. To enter into this organs means that those who succeed do so by their own effort and hard work and study of the Law. Once, one is in this organs of Judicial power, they can get access to the Voting Campaign for the Imperial Supreme Court. Once they get some requirements, and get approved, they can get the money to finance their campaign. This means they probably have to campaign against former colleagues. Citizens vote for their favourite, and the winner gets to go to Mitra to represent their system or area.

Some Systems with low population have not a High Court, only local judges, and so, they get associated with the nearest most populated System or planet with a High Court. The amount of population required is quite high, which means that sometimes 50 or more systems have to come together to get enough population for a voting process and get to send a representative High Judge.

The voting system is as follows: Each system with an X amount of population is eligible to get a vote. This vote takes places among several local candidates. The one who wins, represents the entire system and gets a seat in the Supreme Court of Mitra. Each System has its representative into the Imperial Supreme Court, and among themselves, they reunite and choose the top 20 judges who would make the Constitutional Court, who decide on Constitutional Violations and very high important cases.

Even an emperor could be judge by its actions by this organ and imprisoned, being a way for the people to have a lot of power still and forbid absolutism in the country. Nevertheless, the Aristocracy and the Emperor have a lot of power themselves. Usually the common people and the Emperor ally themselves against the powerful aristocracy in order to push out society benefits and restrain aristocratic strength, power, wealth and control.