Evolving over 3.8 billion years ago, the Ingla have an average height of 2-2.5 meters and are built incredibly strong and fast, mostly to deal with the dangerous life that had evolved before their time. They can live to over 200 standard years.

The Ingla are mammalian species with two arms and four legs and a short, stubby tail. They have two eyes which sit deep in their sockets. They have excellent eyesight and despite their well-hidden ears they have excellent hearing. They have large mouths and narrow noses. They also have a horn on their heads.

The male skin is course, thick and strong and is covered in short, curly hairs whereas the skin of a female is more soft and smooth. The male’s skin colors are mostly dark yellow, light yellow, yellow, or a mixture of both which tend to become dull as they age. Female’s skin color tends to be more orange than yellow.

When first seen the humans noted their remarkable resemblance to the mythological centaurs of Earth myth.

Unlike the Hakoduil the reason they became to be the dominant species on their planet was because of their quick speed and great strength.


For all intents and purposes, their history mirrors that of the Hakoduil. They emerged from their planet’s third largest northern continent 3.8 billion years ago. Unlike their predecessors, however, they took longer to master agriculture and the building of cities. 450 million years after the first Ingla appeared they began looking to the stars partially to find those who they called their ancestors.

Thanks to their slower technological development they only were able to explore within a few hundred light years of their parent star. They settled on many of the same worlds as their predecessors had as a way to honor their memory. However, despite their smaller interstellar civilization they had developed a way (thanks to ancient Hakoduil technology) to rejuvenate their star. However around 3 billion years ago their civilization fell quickly, most likely caused by the same calamity that befell the Hakoduil.

Unknowingly following the example of the Hakoduil, the Ingla build suspended animation ships and fled into deep space. For some unknown reason their own FTL failed as well and the STL at the same time. When they entered warp they were only going at a speed of around a million KPH so they floated for around 5 billion years until their computers detected a world suitable for life. As if mimicking the Hakoduil's fate. their computer didn't let them out of suspended animation until 67000 years ago. They named their new world Yvoli.

The Ingla settled on the only piece of land available to them, a small southern continent. They spent the next thousands of years attempting to rebuild their civilization until they were contacted by the Githu a few hundred years ago. They are now part of the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres.


The Ingla are a very honor based society, valuing their skills as warriors and lawkeepers above all else. They live currently under a monarchy as they did in the past. Only the strong become rulers.

The ultimate honor for them is to have a glorious death, whether that be from saving someone from being hurt or in battle. Their major religion reflects this. Their requirements for entering their version of heaven is how much honor you had in life.

When they heard human mythology about centaurs, a few sojourned to Earth to attempt and find out if Earth was one of their afterlife's.

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