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This Planet a terrestrial terra, is located in the Lasoprian System and the Iskadi Galaxy, inside Herschel Space. It is known to be one of the most arid worlds in the Empire of Mankind, and a training ground for the Mikauvar Elite Warriors. The Planet is one of the most hard environments in the nation.

The world is known for being really warm during the day hours, while being very cold during the night time. The Fauna in the planet is aggressive and quite inhospitable. Few settlements exist in the world and most of the economy is based around mining, industry, chemicals and services to some extent.


The Planet is a set of three massive deserts, separated by a set of mountain ranges. There is also a Plateau region, and two poles.

  • The Oviana Desert

It is a sandy region, a sea of dunes cover this vast region. This inhospitable region is uninhabited with no water. The only oasis are located nearby mountains, or at northern lattitudes. No settlement is to be found in the desert, only in the mountains that delimit it's boundaries. The oviana desert is so vast that it takes up to a thrid of the planet's surface.

  • The Amadra Mountains.

Located between the Talima and Oviana Deserts, they are isolated and the highest peaks in the planet. Some claimed them as being a high oasis in the middle of a wasteland. A set of settlements made of miners, herders and moisture farmers has flourished here.

The total population in the region is about 350 000 people. Most of which live in scattered farms, little towns and small cities. The largest settlement is Vidudra, with about 182 000 people, holding up to more than a third of the population of the region. They tend to herd the Amadran Birds, a local species of this mountains, use for meat, transport, textiles etc... and the feathers being used by high classes all over the empire as a luxury item. The only means of communication is through spacecrafts. This communities live in peculiar hanging cities, which are usually constructed between peaks in a peculiar construction style.

  • The Talima Desert

Its large desert, located towards the southern hemispheres of the planet. It has several canyons who seemed to have been the source of ancient rivers or lakes, or even oceanic bed-floors. Very few oasis exist and the people live in this protected areas and nowhere else in te Talima desert. The canyon holds 2 settlements, the City of Alviran and Oloya, both with around 1 million each. The rest of the area is rather uninhabited. This two cities are built almost on the walls of canyons and even under the stone, where they are protected from winds and extreme temperatures. Moisture from the night is collected to assure survival.

  • The Sukra Mountains

Mostly uninhabited, they split the Oviana and Ziloth deserts. Some communities exist here, but no city has yet been build. The total population is around 105 000. Most of which live in the higher peaks, the only place water can be found. They are considered savages and lived in small settlements. Their economy is base on survival farming, herding and mining.

  • The Ziloth Desert

Its an arid desert, with traces of rock all over the region. In the middle of the desert is a Military Base, and the Headquarters of Bioskava Activities. The City is known as Skava in honor of the Company and has a total population of 1 million inhabitants. There is no other settlement or inhabited territories in the rest of the region.

  • The Toudred Mountains

This is a large mountain chain, delimiting the Ziloth and Talima deserts from each other, is home to some moisture farms and small towns. Traveling out of the region is mostly due on spaceships. The total population is around 250 000 people. It's Larger town in the Tondren mountains, Bevarik, has 177 000 people. Most of the settlers here, live out of basic activities, mining and trade. It is pretty common for them to decent and travel the Ziloth desert, the least hospitable one, to reach the city of Skava, and the large cities of the Agabi plateau for economical purposes.

  • The Agabi Plateau

Its a high ground made of mountains. The top of this mountains are very snowy and vegetation is rather anemic. It has large mountains, valleys and Canyons and is the only source of water in the planet, as the snow melts and flows towards the lower areas of the plateau before disappearing to the increasing heat of lower heights. The City of Mauvin is the largest settlement in the planet, who's main activity is mining the Plateau, services and industry. It has a total population of 6 million.

  • The Yuriva Pole

The Southern pole. It is usually the starting point of the Mikauvar journey. It has 2 settlements and is mostly inhabited by a sparsely population of moisture farmers. The City of Tibalon is the third largest in the Planet with 4.5 million. It is an agricultural and industrial center. The other settlement of Numidria has a total population of 2.5 million. It is mostly based on water extraction, energy and mining.

  • The Zasanid Pole

This area is the northen pole. It is the final destination of the Mikauvar journey, who have to travel all the way from Yuriva to Zasanid poles, through the Talima and Oviana Deserts. It is largely inhabited due to the poles of the planet holding large quantities of water and being cooler than other regions. It has three cities, Mobrailen, Lerthama and Ikariba. The later has a total population of 5 million, the second largest in the planet, and its mostly based on services, agriculture and industry. Lerthama, with 4 million is the fourth biggest settlement and is based mostly on chemicals and energy. Mobrailen has 2 million and is mostly based on textile and manufacturing.


Probes were launch to survey the planet as early as the 44 788 CE. It wouldnt be after two more millennia until the world was colonized. Several teams of biologist, geologist etc took interests in the planet and studied it, creating a scientific orbital outpost in 45 956 CE. This station gather vital clues about the biosphere of the planet, its geological importance and its resources. This made the planet more appealing to authorities and by 46 189 CE it was placed on the world's for colonization list. Two centuries later it the discovery of the Eshel Mushroom and its healing properties, as well as the vast resources of the planet, made it a key interest of Bioskava Laboratories and nearby settlements.

The Planet was settled in the late 46 322 CE, by some poor colonist miners thanks to the financing of Bioskava Laboratories and the Sigurdssons and Imperial approval. The early colonist had a very hard time settling in. Most of the settlements failed early on, and just a handful of them thrived. Bioskava Laboratories were interested in harvesting the Eshel extract mushrooms who grows in the mountains and poles of the planet for pharmaceutical purposes and focus their efforts on such places. Most of the production is shipped to Skava to be processed and exported outside. The Eshel mushroom is mostly used as one component for preserving clones on suspention.

The planet has been traditionally viewed as a punishement zone by the nobility. Usually a degraded noble, out of favor, is usually put in charge of this world as a punishment, as no person in its right mind would like to be given such a task. No luxury exist in this planet, and any civilized commodity, or social active live of importance, is also rare. The planet is considered a backwater and very rural world.

Fauna and Flora

The Eshel Mushroom

Its a large yellowish mushroom who grows in high lattitudes thanks to moisture, collected during the night periods of the planet. It is usually used by the Pharmaceutical companies to transform it into a liquid, mixing it with other chemicals to make the substance in which the clones are grown. Although other means of making this liquid exist, the Mushroom substance has been seen to have higher and better results. It is usually used in special clone models, such as Mikauvar (Elite guardian/warriors), the Shila (Pleasure Slacves) etc...

The Amadran Bird

Its a large white bird, covered in feathers. It has four sets of wings and is a stable source of food, materials and transport, between the settlers of the Amadra Mountains. Its meat is eaten by the locals and so are its eggs. The skin is used for clothing, as it is hard material, and the feathers are usually exported as a luxury item who gives loads of money into the Amadran colonists. But the Amadran are very much used to travel between cities and small towns and villages between the Amadran peaks, as the cities are hanging in between mountains, either a spaceship or a bird can reach them. The Amadran are the cheapest mean of transportation by the locals.

The Zoldrak

Its a large predator, usually the size od several meters, who is considered deadly. Always hungry, hunts anything he can find. It is mostly out at dawn or twilight and sometimes during the night, as its the moment when most live comes up in the planet.

The Turul

Its another predator who lives mostly in all the mountains of the planet and the Agabi Plateau. It hunts large prey like the Nuimi and the Janiba. It is very dangerous, and has been found to attack lost humans. It is common that the Mikauvar fall under its hands.

The Nuimi

Appreciated for its meat, this species has been domesticated in the mountains, and plateau where it lives. It is mostly used as well for textile, milk and its horns. The Nuimi can be agresive it found surrounded. It lives in large herds of more than a 100 individuals, roaming the anemic plant live that grows in the mountains and valleys.

The Janiba

Another herbivore, this group is largely wild although it has been domesticated mostly in the Plateau and to some extend in the Ziloth Canyons, but it can be found pretty much wild in the mountains and the Ziloth region as a whole. It lives in groups between 10 and 25 members, headed by a Patriach and a Matriach leading the group. It is sometimes hunted for its meat.

The Yeigan

Used as transportation all over the planet, this animal is very resistant to high and low temperatures. It has a water filled sack obtained from night moisture. The water there is used when needed.

Local Noble Houses

The local nobility, House Amadra took the Amadran Bird as a sign of their house and even their name as a house comes from the bird itself. Some important Amadran members even married into the big families. Originally of the lower nobility, they were granted higher status for their contribution to the Empire after the Relative's Wars in the outer colonies. This boosted their status and ever since, they have been part of the high families. However, the fact that their high noble status wasnt granted by Hannakon I Tarnos at the founding of the Empire has been a motive of mockery by the other houses. That was true in the early days when the house had ascended and the other houses saw it as a rival that needed to be put into it's place.

House Amadra is currently an important house of the high nobility, however, they are new into the nobility scene. They were granted nobility status as their military general Erik Amadra, who took for itself the name of this bird, after its origin. Nevertheless the Family today has for the most part relocated to another planet with more hospitable life. Inishan has been mantained however, as one of the most important planets of the Amadra House, for being the seat and birth of the House itself. For that reason, the planet would always have this special place.