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The Inosh are an ethnic group of the Aldorian species native to Orian (where they originated), a continent in the planet Birnis, the homeworld of this race. The Inosh are the founders of the Aldorian League and can be found in large numbers all over the Aldorian Nations, either as merchants of the trading outpost in the other Aldorian nations or as resident minorities.

They can also be found in the Lewis Nations, such as the United Alliance and to a lesser extend the Intergalactic Federation. The Inosh are related very distantly with the ancestors of the Margak and the Tarkas (two of the most important ethnic groups in Fandor and the North of Birnis)


The ancestors of the Inosh where a set of trading and sailing people, that crossed the isthmus between Fandor and Orian, settling in Orian who had been previously unpopulated. There, the Inosh ethnicity was born. The Aldorians founded several city-states and trading nations, that became more and more interconnected through trade. This made the Inosh ethnicity to be born as well as the Orian Alphabet, needed in trade and intercommunication. Inosh communities then made ships and sailed for trade to Mirgalan and Fandor, settling and creating huge communities there, even influencing them greatly.

The cities organized themselves to form a singe nation, the League, which through commerce and trade managed to unify the entire Orian continent into one single country. This was mostly due to the nature of the few Aldorians who migrated there in the early days.


The Inosh are a peaceful people who's main interest is on trade and commerce. A third or more of the species though is found produccing manufacturing goods, services, food or processed items to sell.

They speak the Inosh Language or Orian, a language similar to Proto-Margak and other languages of northern Fandor and Northen Enuhara. Although is distantly related, so much so, that is usually referred as another family of languages on itself. The Inosh however, learn since they are young to speak multiple languages, either Aldorian or not. Also most of them learn Margakian (the Lingua Franca of the Aldorians).

The script used is the Orian Alphabet. This script is used in Orian and in large parts of Mirgalan due to the Inosh influence in the region.

Inosh States

There is only one massive state in Birnis, issued from the unified city states. This nation is the Aldorian League who operates in Birnis and abroad in Space and other Aldorian colonies.

One of the Inosh trading City-Ships. They can accomodate up to several billion individuals and works as a massive floating city who's only purpose is to trade.

Its a nation, who's inhabitants live in three distinct forms. A third of the population lives in Space, in massive colony ships that sail through space bringing goods and others from Aldorian colony to Aldorian colony regardless of their national adscription.

Another third lives in Inosh neighboorhoods in several planets. They are in charge of getting goods from the planet and make contact with other Inosh aldorians in other planets to bring goods demanded by the local population from there. They serve as a connection between the locals and the Inosh goods and trade resseau.

The final third lives in Inosh Aldorian colonies. This few fully Inoshian colony worlds serve as bases for trade, religious service, or administrative points.

The large ships usually used this planets to get fuel, reparations and even more goods, as well as declare taxes and others.


Religion is importance in the lives of the Inosh, as in all their species. They are somehow less fervent compared to the others. Religion places a big part in their cultural believes. Among the Great Gods of the Aldorians, they worship mostly the goddess of Fortune.

The Inosh also worship the Aldorian ancestors, in a very particular way. They like to keep altars in their homes to burn them offers. They think fortune and luck (two of the most revered pillars of Inosh society) can be brought by keeping your ancestors happy. If you threat them well, they will threat you well while if you threat them bad they will bring equal bad to you.

The Prophets Path is one of the least followed as none of the Five Prophets reached the continent of Orian, where the Inosh arose. However, it was brought by merchants from far away lands into their way back to Orian.