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Interceptors are starfighters designed to chase down and destroy other fighters. They are the fastest and most agile kinds of fighters, but often the least armed and armored. To improve their evasiveness, interceptors are also usually smaller than other kinds of fighters.


Interceptors are fast, some of the fastest known ships in the entire universe. They also sport exceptional maneuverability, being able to pull off moves that would be impossible for most other ships. However, this means that they can be rather difficult to fly, as their controls are noticeably more sensitive than other fighters.

Interceptors are usually lightly armed, as their primary targets are mostly other fighters and similarly-sized craft like shuttles. They are typically armed with weapons like laser cannons, autocannons, and anti-fighter missiles.

Interceptors are a common sight in both official militaries and in the hands of law enforcement agencies. They are typically flown by the most elite pilots within a nation's astronavy.

Notable Examples