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The Intergalactic Council is an intergovernmental organization and alliance tasked with managing peace, trade, and the coordination of international projects among its members. It offers a platform for the peaceful resolution of problems, promotes diplomatic solutions to problems, and often passes resolutions for signing nations to consider. The Intergalactic Council embodies the Treaty of Hikari, the peace treaty signed after Jezebel's War. The nations involved in the conflict, or those who were about to become involved, all signed the treaty to create this alliance.

It is both the largest and most powerful international organization in the known universe with few others having a similar reach. Traditionally, it was headquartered in neutral, intergalactic space around a rogue star. However, in case of an attack on the headquarters, it was moved to a station orbiting Nocturne, an object never successfully attacked in modern history.


In total there are 14 member states in the Intergalactic Council. Despite being open for all nations to join, most of the member nations are largely Human or influenced by Humans. Members include:

An attack on one member of the Intergalactic Council is, by treaty, an attack on all. Since most of the nations that joined are unlikely to attack one another, with two notable exceptions, this has proved to be an effective policy. One of the signers is a non-governmental paramilitary organization which also participated in the conflict.


While talks to create an alliance between allied nations after the War of the Ancients existed since even before the war ended, they did not go into effect until after Jezebel's War and the near destruction of the Boreal Federacy in 90,804 CE. This near-miss prompted most involved nations, who just so happened to be Human or Human-influenced, to sign the Treaty of Hikari, causing the formation of the Intergalactic Council.

Since its formation in 89,321, the Intergalactic Council has not presided over any major conflicts; however, it has done much to keep tensions from escalating between its two members, Tenshi and the Entente of Ventemir. These two nations only reluctantly signed the treaty and had been at odds since the Entente's formation shortly after the War of the Ancients. In 92,094, tensions nearly caused Tenshi and the Entente to drop out of the alliance to resume hostilities. Under threat of sanctions from the Intergalactic Council tensions died down.

The nations of the Intergalactic Council adopted universal standards for SICTIRIAD in 93,811 CE, allowing for all SICTIRIAD stations across allied nations to be mutually compatible. These stations, a relatively new invention, are now indispensable forms of transportation thousands of times more efficient than wormholes. This standard has greatly increased travel and trade between each of the member nations of the Intergalactic Council. Recently, there have been talks of expanding the Intergalactic Council to include nations such as the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, who also used the same SICTIRIAD standards and has similar values. The Quintet Payotari Association and its allies in the War of the Ancients are officially banned from ever joining; however, this may change as places such as Kristallaus also seek membership.