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"Born out of the ashes of war, we stand strong in the emptiness of Space. Our founding fathers came as refugees and built this nation to coexist and spread peace all over the cosmos. A place for everyone to live in freedom." - Founding declaration speech, Thara Olissipo.

The Intergalactic Federation, sometimes abbreviated as I.F, is one of the biggest nations of Humanity, and one of the most powerful and extensive human nations in space. This nation is an evolution of the previously known Lewis Federation. The change for this was the expansion of the Lewis Federation into nearby Galaxies, thus no longer confined to the Lewis Galaxy and this event made the nation's name out of sense, so it was changed for the Intergalactic Federation. Basically the Lewis Federation and the Intergalactic Federation are the same country, being the Intergalactic Federation the continuity of the Lewis Federation.

The Federation is made of several Nations, as they are referred to. Some are Human and some are made up of other intelligent species. This means this nations are members who are under common federal protection and control.

Some Other Alien States are associated members of the Federation, not being full members of it. This means that they are usually trading partners and depend heavily on Federation assistance and sometimes even, protection. Many associate members are on the process of becoming full members while others prefer to stay aside from it but have strong ties either economic and/or diplomatic. Mostly, it's the case of states that do not share the same federal values.

The I.F inhabits the Herschel Space alongside other many human nations, all called respectively the Lewis Nations, since they were all original and created in the Lewis Galaxy, in which the capital of all this nations lies into.

The Intergalactic Federation has its capital in Elysium, and has some other government seats delegated on other planets, such as the national banking and treasury being hold on planet Nexon, for example.


The nation was founded as the Lewis Federation in the year 45,378 C.E (although settlement into the Core worlds started way before by 45,230 C.E) but after expanding towards several Galaxies, the Intergalactic Federation was forced to reconsider its own name and foundations to include the peoples living on far away Galaxies if the nation wanted to keep it status in global affairs and don't suffer a secession crisis in which the different world would reorganized into other smaller nations. It was then that the Intergalactic Federation came to place, with all the several candidates and Galaxies taken into account. It was founded in the year 60,255 C.E

Short time after the foundation, the first crisis arrived with the war against the Empire, and later the small war against the Union. All this wars were a testing ground for a bigger conflict that was about to shake the entire universe, the War of the Ancients. In this conflict the I.F suffered severely. It had to join forces with the Union and the Empire to drive away the invaders. Although the fighting was a success for all the power of the Herschel Space and the invaders concentrated themselves on other powers such as the CoB.

The nation traces itself back to the "Founding Planets" a set of 13 planets that were the first planets to be inhabited by war refugees and dissidents from the Empire and the Union, giving ground to the current nation as well as the previous Lewis Federation. Together they start the history of the country and form the central core of the Nation. They are the most important not only economically and technologically, but symbolically of all I.F planets.. This planets are:

  • Elysium (The Capital)
  • Nexon (The Financial Center)
  • Aurora (The Judiciary Center)
  • Nova (The Oldest world)
  • Mirdan (The Educational Center)
  • Thalassa (Medical and Service Center)
  • Mukan (The Entertainment Center)
  • Anubis (The Media and Espionage Center)
  • Tartessos (The Research Center)
  • Kronos (The Industrial and Military Core)
  • Helios (The Informatics and Mining Center)
  • Ganesha (The Agrarian Center)
  • Anza (The Biogenetics and Flora-Fauna Preservation Center)

After this founding members, all of which concentrated on the Akai Nebula Cluster, they started expanding again to the Lewis Galaxy core, and most notably to other Galaxies.

The I.F, before being reshaped to its current form, was known as the Lewis Federation. As the Lewis Federation, they were a series of conflicts that had important consequences in the nation. The First and most important was its birth as refugees. The following millennia had not a big impact on the nation, and it was based mostly on expansion and colonization, extending its influence and territory. However, there was a series of wars with the Empire and the Union. A cold war was also something decisive in Lewisian affairs among these nations until the creation of the Lewis Council and later the Herschel Council.

Another challenge the country had to face was the independent movement of the Germinis Sector. It was a pro-xeno and isolated community from the Federation, with great mineral significance. This led to their own particular and distinct culture and language, and following a series of economic challenges, issued after the wars between the I.F and the other Lewis Nations, these planets started a war of independence. Due to the control of the area and the guerrilla tactics, the Federal government was powerless in the area, and had to acknowledge their independence. This new nation was known as the United Alliance, and it was a diverse xeno-human nation.

This blow was an important and decisive moment in Federal affairs, still, they managed to recover and during the next centuries, saw the birth of the Republic of Sion. Afterwards, relations between the UA, the I.F and the Republic of Sion have been cordial and good, to the point of mutual cooperation. They are known as the "The Three Free Nations" and after the motto "The Three, one". They had to join forces in order to have some power against the larger Union and Empire nations.


The Intergalactic Federation is run by a Parliament, a Senate and a President. The Parliament is chosen by voting several large parties. The Senate is represented by the amount of population of each Galaxy, with the most populous having more than one seat, and those with less than the minimum required population, having no representation at all. Still all planets and Galaxies can vote on the Parliament Parties and the Run for President which are regarded as more important.

The Senate has a function of overseeing the legislation and judiciary activity of the Parliament and the President. It has a rather function of supervision and support to the government organ.

The Parliament and the Senate have Human and Alien Members alike.

IntergalacticFederation government.jpg

Population and Society

The Population and Society of the I.F is based on the grounds of democracy and liberty, and the ideals of equality for all. Still, it is a rather Humano-centric society as they were the founding species of the federation and the most numerous. It prefers to avoid foreign alien immigration (from non-member Alien nations) if it isn't required, and for the most part only grants citizenship to Humans and Aliens within the Federation. Special migration treaties exist with the Associated members and the Internal National members.

Internal migration is somehow limited. Humans usually can migrate to other Human worlds but not to Alien ones, and viceversa. Although there are exceptions to this and internal migration policies are competence of the Cantons, Provinces or minor administration divisions rather than the Federal Supreme Powers.

It has a caution policy towards I.A and androids as it is in most of The Lewis Nations, except for The Republic of Sion, for the fear of informatic intelligence taking over control. Still, technology and IAs used are very advance, and much more than what can be found in either The Union or the Empire of Mankind. They also banned any form of slavery, cloning or drug abuse.

The Planets of the I.F are somehow very diverse in their cultures, shaped by how humans adapted to the different ecosystems. Nevertheless, they are all unified by a common cause "Liberty and Equality" as well as democratic values, which are one of their most identitarian attributes. Also the money and the language of the peoples in those planets are the same. There is something very homogenous as well in Federal Citizens, known as "It smells too federal" as the Empire of Mankind peoples would say.

Issued from Refugees, the country has been known as a beacon of liberty and a window of light in the dark cosmos. This background has enormously shape the values of the Federation and thus become very keen as the main signs of identity among Federal citizens. Humanity is regarded as the epicenter of their culture, and there is great work to preserve the Human arts, architecture, style, gastronomy etc.. in general, it exhibits all the wonders of the past of humanity since ancient civilizations to the modern era.

Administrative Divisions



Its the body in charge of cohesion within the entire vast nation. It holds the Federal main bodies, such as the Federal Supreme Court, the Federal Parliament, the seat of the President of the Federation and many more which seat within the Federal Capital, Elysium, Aurora and Nexon. The Intergalactic Federation is organized in Nations, which in turn are divided in Subdivision (Provinces, Communes, Cantons etc...), then each subdivision is divided in Systems, with the biggest worlds have their own independent administrative position.

  • Nations (Alien and Human) [Like the Malaskan Triumvirate, the Zvern Confederacy, etc...]
    • Provinces (Example - The Malaskan Triumvirate is divided in Provinces)
      • Systems (Example - The Malaskan Province of Melessa is divided in the Ikaul System, the Yura System, etc...)
        • Worlds (Example - The Ikaul System holds the world of Nakasha with an independent administrative position)
    • Communes (Example - the Holy Order of Yryth is divided in Communes)
      • Systems
        • Worlds
    • Cantons (Example - Only the Intergalactic Human Federal Space is divided in Cantons)
      • Systems
        • Worlds
    • Other forms of Management ( Regions, Sectors, etc...)

Nations and Cantons


The Federation is composed of Several Nations. The Nations are bounded between them through the supranational Federal Law and governments. The biggest and most populous Nation is Human but most of the several Nations that integrate the Federation are Alien.

Nation Capital World Description
Intergalactic Federal Human Space Elysium,

Nexon, Aurora

Its formed by the vast majority of Human Space in the Intergalactic Federation, meaning that this nation is formed by Several Cantonal regions. It's the largest and most populous of the Nations in the Federation.
Malaskan Triunvirate Malaskan An association of three species, in the Iskadi Galaxy. They are commanded by a council of three, and have been fully integrated in the Federation.
United Aldorian Worlds of the Pearl Elekaris These are scattered worlds of the Aldorians in the Pearl in the Iskadi Galaxy, that have joined the Federation for protection, mostly against other Aldorian aggressive factions. Most were settled by independent Aldorian groups.
Heptarchy of Revis Dum Commanded by a council of Seven Highly Tecnified professionals, this scientific directorate has abandoned War but had to join up with the Federation when they were attacked by the Krizik Dominium. The Heptarchy also is home to several Alien species.
Zvern Confederacy Nviv Mostly controled by the Zvern, a species in the Aura Region. It is a species that expanded throughout it and nowadays controls the Federal Territory within.
The Holy Order of Yryth Idren Its a Theocratic and Peaceful society that has recently joined the Federation in order to seek protection from other Galactic Powers.
The Kuuss


Yezzen Its a Matrilinial held society led by the powerful council of Matriarchs.
Arati United Worlds Earitan Located nearby the Arati Clan's Independent nation, these worlds were loosely colonized areas from the Arati, far from the mother nation. With the rise of the Intergalactic Federation, they have united and merge seeking Federal protection and support.


The slight majority of the Intergalactic Federation is made of Human settled worlds, as they are the Founding species of the country. All of them are included inside of what is called "Human Space". This worlds have organized themselves in Cantons.

Most of the Cantons are put together to form a Nation named "Intergalactic Federal Human Space" who joins the other Alien Nations to form the different regions of the Federation. In contrast, each Alien Nation inside the Federation has its own forms of internal administration and ruling (either divided in sectors, provinces, communes, etc...).

Human cantons, are thus after nations the most important bodies to be considered. Even holding more importance than other internal divisions of other Nations.

Name of the Canton Cantonal Capital Description
Canton of Akai Nexon This canton is made of all the member planets of the Akai Nebulae and that includes the 13 Founding Members and the Capitals of the Federation
Canton of Mekrem Alun Its one of the most populous and importan Cantons within the Lewis Galaxy
Canton of Delta Hermes & Delta Contains all the territories of the Intergalactic Federation in the Iskadi Galaxy. Its capital is Hermes but the entire Canton is named after Delta, where some Cantonal organizations have its base.