The Intergalactic Gateway Network is a system of various enigmatic and mysterious wormhole gateways, which manage to utilize the Janus Network and various ancient outposts for a form of communalized intergalactic travel. Originally forged from the likes of Sedrua, it has since been restored after a collaboration of numerous nations. Currently, the Intergalactic Gateway Network stretches across an area known as the Local Universe, mostly residing in the Local Group, as well as the Thavma Assemblage, Herschel Space, and the Telusian Group. Recently, the Intergalactic Gateway Network has been reopened in the QPF areas of the Zalanthium Galaxy, and further openings have been detected in the regions of the Ambrosia Galaxy and numerous and more isolated dwarf galaxies. There exist many hubs for the Intergalactic Gateway Network, the most notable of which resides in the Aylothn Galaxy, connecting the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and the Confederacy of Borealis, as well as more far-flung places like the Lewis Galaxy. This has directly opened up a massive immigration and tourist network, and it completely extends to other Intergalactic Gateway Hubs. As of the modern-day, the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations holds the most Intergalactic Gateway Hubs, while the Confederacy of Borealis influences the most singular Intergalactic Gateways.

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