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The Intergalactic Gateway Network (Typically referred to as The Network) is a system of enigmatic and mysterious wormhole gateways, which form a large network of communalized intergalactic travel. Originally forged from the likes of Sedrua, it has mostly been restored after an international collaboration of major nations. Currently, The Network stretches across a noticeable part of the Local Universe, through the concourse of the Aylothn Galaxy to the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. It currently stands as one of the most popular ways for long-distance travel. Gates which are compatible with the main network have also been produced in the Lewis Galaxy and its neighbors with resounding success.

There exist many hubs for The Network, the most notable of which resides in the Aylothn Galaxy, connecting the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and the Confederacy of Borealis, as well as more far-flung places in their area. This has directly opened up a massive immigration and tourist network, and it completely extends to other Intergalactic Gateway hubs. As of the modern-day, the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations holds the most Intergalactic Gateway hubs, while the Confederacy of Borealis influences the most singular Intergalactic Gateways.


Use of The Network varies heavily, with nations using them as a form of trade or colonization. While the vast majority of nations only use the network for trade and immigration, the more developed countries are able to utilize it completely, for commerce and resource extraction. The traffic of much of The Network is managed by the Commonwealth's department of Transport and Commerce. It regulates immigration, transport, and any corporate affiliation to the network. Other sections are directly managed by departments of the Confederacy, the Quintet Puontari Federation, and most recently Sedrua.

The Network has held a very contrasting level of use through its modern era, with its usage growing at a rapid pace in the last few millennia. During other times in history, The Network was used for transportation of military assets, and has been a major factor in warfare since Aylothn's Totality. In its more ancient days, The Network was mainly utilized for the purposes of colonization. Sedrua was most able to colonize worlds in distant regions, which was able to bring their empire to a larger extent while keeping cohesion.


The Network was first founded by Sedrua some time in the 236,000s BCE, as a way to connect various points of the nation. Mother Sydiah initially authorized their construction after a request by Itrian Ustya, as he desired to keep cohesion and observation of colonized areas. With time, the first gateways were constructed, with expansion starting from the center of the Suvaren Field. As The Architects grew its influence, The Network strengthened in numbers. Further creation of The Architects also allowed The Network to expand. The Network eventually covered most main routes in the Suvaren Field by the time of Sedrua's creation.

The Network only grew from there. The fall of the United Provinces civilization gave Sedrua a debut in the Aylothn Galaxy, bringing The Network with them. It would predictably become very large after many millennia, with Sedrua incorporating numerous species and rapidly cloning them to create a large population. Megastructures would be built in tandem with gateways, which permitted the growing population to both live and travel freely. This practice would continue for many years, until Sedrua began an age of isolationism. The Network would be placed on hold as the Wane of Reality effected most of Sedruan territory. Following revolts and social changes to full isolationism left some of The Network to be abandoned. Many gateways were scrapped or destroyed upon the fall of Sedrua.

Ever since Sedrua regressed, The Network had minimal use. This lasted until the 30,000s CE, when expeditionary fleets from the Commonwealth detected abandoned yet salvageable stations. Re-activation was very difficult, though it was possible and soon the Commonwealth had a rudimentary network. The Confederacy of Borealis also made a similar, yet smaller network. With this, travel between territory was made much easier, though attempts at recreating gateways was met with failure. Up until Aylothn's Totality, the Intergalactic Gateway Network remained this way.

During and after the Aylothn's Totality, major nations of the Local Universe gained knowledge on Sedrua's modern self. Salvaged technology also helped with understanding the gateways, which were soon comprehended. Over the course of many years, The Network was modified, with hubs and efficient paths being created through the concourse of major nations. The Network would not be effected by the War of the Ancients much, though the Quintet Puontari Federation did create their own network. It was connected to the Commonwealth's after relations settled. The Network remains this way today. with over 200 connected gates across the Local Universe.