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The is one of the many Ring-Riding tournaments organized by the Crown Jewel Racing Association, taking part in many worlds located in the NGC 362 dwarf galaxy, known by the inhabitants as the Crown Jewel Galaxy. It was first held in 69960 and still continues to this day. It takes place around and within the rings of a claimed planet in the Lanoir Confederacy, and is extremely dangerous. A Racer has to have incredible agility to complete the course, with said course winding through and around large chunks of rock and ice within the rings.

Racers have died during the course of the season, with the worst so far claiming over 24 participants.


These are the catalogued designations for the systems where these races are held:

#1 RSC 8474-2692-4-506-82 5


#3 RSC 8474-2692-4-2707-527 3

#4 RSC 8474-2692-4-903-16 3

#5 RSC 8474-2692-2-7-98 5

#6 RSC 8474-2692-2-7-98 7

#7 RSC 8474-2692-4-3161-63 4




# Name Where Course Map Details
1 Marishania Challenge Marishi V

Red dot indicates start/finish line.

The first race of the season is also one of the most dangerous, due to a very technical switchback section weaving around some large protomoons in the rings. Some of the gaps between these moons are no more than 2 meters wide. Compounding this is the extremely inhospitable nature of the planet itself. Racers who lose control and get sent into the thick clouds are never heard from again.
2 Lanoir Grand Prix Lanoo VI
One of the sparser ring systems in the championship, but by no means is it easy. Some of the ice chunks in the rings must be flown through, and there is little margin for error in these sections.
3 Darkstar


Chesharish III

The darker green is an alternate route the race takes every other year.

Taking place above the colorful surface of the homeworld of the Chesharaa, the race is so named due to its proximity to the central black hole (Darkstar) of the system, less than 10 light years away. The planet's beauty belies its danger - the atmosphere is so thick, any racer that loses control will burn up instantly.
4 Kolishi Invitational Kolisha III
This is the narrowest course in the season, and is made even more dangerous due to the system's star being an extremely dim L8.2-class brown dwarf. In these conditions, some of the darker ring particles are completely invisible. The race also includes some slalom sections in the extremely thin outer ring.
5 Zirconium Championship Unknown
The first of two races taking place in the same system. This one is named for the larger of the two binaries that this planet orbits. There is no indigenous life in the system, but people still come here in droves to watch the races. Halfway point of the season.
6 Interspacial Challenge Unknown
The second race in the system, and the only one in the series to utilize a moon as well. Named for the fact that space is empty between the rings and moon.
7 Arsaa Challenge Arsii IV
Located less than 5 light years from Lanoo, Arsii is known unofficially as the Confederacy's second capital. The native Arsaa enjoy the spectacle this race creates in the night sky.
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