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The Interstellar Systems of Ysau (ISY) is semi-autonomous republic controlling much of the Ouranir Galaxy. The nation has been an "autonomous oblast region" of the United Federation of Star Systems since it was first incorporated in 23,404 CE. The modern nation was established by a treaty signed in 23,404 CE after the First Magellanic War. The nation is named for the species that makes it up, the Ysau.


The government of the Interstellar Systems was originally an absolute monarchy. The descendants of the original king retained power for tens of thousands of years, an incredible feat given the inherent instability of monarchy as a form of government. The monarch had absolute power over everything in the nation. They could create or destroy new governmental bodies at will, were the supreme leader of the military, and they typically expected every order they gave would be fulfilled at whatever cost. The Ysau accepted this in part because their culture because no one had ever invented a different system. Without external contact, it would be very unlikely that the Ysau would ever conceptualize a different form of governance.

This nation would remain as a monarchy until the founding of the modern state. After the modern Interstellar Systems of Ysau was founded, the first elections were held to appoint a local governor, representatives for the Senate of the UFSS, and elections for representatives in the Confederacy of Borealis. The government is a very typical representative democracy based on a unitary state.


After leaving the world of Ysi, the ISY began searching for worlds to colonize in their home system. Their very first colony was a small base of one hundred on their asteroid moon, Little Ganyi. Little Ganyi became a mining colony, and the asteroid was used to construct massive structures on the planet's surface. However, Little Ganyi is now a hollow rock with very few inhabitants. The people desired a large colony, a moon or full planet where they could land and begin setting up a new frontier of the Empire.

It would not come quickly. They found only asteroids and frozen rocks with unbreathable atmospheres. Small mining colonies were the only outposts on other worlds for many years, large scale colonial efforts taking too much effort and money for the rulers to begin the arduous process. Instead, planets were disassembled for materials. These materials would then be used to create O'Neill Cylinders and other megastructues to handle the growing population.

Then, after a hundred years of this colonization, scientists at the First King's Royal Research Institute created a functioning Warp Drive. This began a golden age of exploration, and soon, colonization. Less than two and a half parsecs from home, the Ysau found a world with a majority H2O atmosphere, tidally locked, with high temperatures and alien forests. This world became their first large scale and permanent colony, Sakeb. (Pronounced Sah-keb) Here the empire was finally christened the Interstellar Systems of Ysau.

The became kardashev II in 10,018 BCE. The Ysau expanded mostly unhindered for many years, easily annexing or subjugating the few primitive intelligent species they came across. They were well on their way to the status of "Great Power" by 2,000 BCE and would have attained it were it not for the War of the Final Transition.

In this war, the Ysau sided with the Yohjan Confederacy and allies against the Local Axis, comprised of the Lowuks Entente, Florenta, Dotskgard, and more. The Ysau were the first line of defense in the Ouranir Galaxy, and bore the brunt of a first wave of Local Axis ships, but once Yohjan support arrived the two nations easily threw back these invaders from the cloud. When the Triumvirate Civilization joined the war against most other polities in the galaxy, Ysau soon fell due to their proximity to the Triumvirate's home-galaxy. Large numbers of its worlds were annihilated by the ruthless autonomous forces of the Triumvirate. Having to defend against both the Triumvirate and the Entente, they quickly fell, freeing up resources for both the Entente and Triumvirate to use against the Yohjan Confederacy.

When the Yohjan Confederacy collapsed in 0 CE due to internal pressure, the galaxy was thrown into chaos. This chaos, however, gave the Ysau a chance to rebuild without the fear of a more powerful nation attacking them; the turbulence left in the Yohjan Confederacy's wake, there were precious few. Even so, Ysau remained as a husk of the great power it once was.

By the time of the First War of Ouranir, they controlled more than 40% of the galaxy and were creating closer ties with or ready to conquer most of the other major powers of the galaxy. It's estimated that they would have become a much greater power if left unhindered. But when the war came, the Empire of almost thirty thousand years was devastated in seven. Advances in military technology and the outdated infrastructure of the Ysau saw defeat after defeat in the Ouranir Galaxy. Kaiser Isla II, leading the forces of the Erstes Konsortium, easily conquered the nation in 23,404, giving the Konsortium great influence on the galactic scale.

When the Konsortium reorganized into United Federation of Star Systems, with the blessing of the greater Confederacy, fully integraded Ysau into their empire. Their last act before fleeing was to bombard Piray, the capital of their former ally, the Piray Empire. They rebuilt power over hundreds of years for a counterattack to retake their ancestral lands, which rode to war in 22,648. They saw initial success, but afterwards a slow decline began as the enemy overwhelmed their defenses through sheer numbers one by one. By the late 22,700's, their fleets were scattered and shattered, and by the 23,100's with one planet to their name, leaders began to surrender to the invaders. Resistance would continue, but would slowly diminish as peacekeeping troops from the UFSS and Alech Dominion suppressed resistance violently. Dominion troops in particular perpetrated many war crimes against enemies, captives, and civilians alike. In 23,404, the last heir of to the thrown, a mere child at the time his Empire had made it's last stand, surrendered himself and his hidden asteroid base to the UFSS. Most consider this to be the end of the war. The last figurehead was gone and the military destroyed. Rebel cells dispersed or went deep underground, and violence dropped drastically.

Currently, the Ysau have been part of the UFSS for more of their history than they have been independent. The monarch is still the head of state and has certain privileges just as many other nobles in the Confederacy of Borealis do. The UFSS repaired their broken infrastructure and gave them representation in the wider Confederacy, two undeniably positive effects. All but the most fringe Ysau nationalists embraced the new order of the UFSS.