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The Iriat Nebula is a large nebula located in the Akris Arm of the Flower Galaxy. It has a small number of intelligent species, only two of which have achieved space travel. Because of this relative scarcity of intelligent life, the Iriat Nebula is not very well known. However, the Oralat Virtual Utopia, its largest native civilization, lends it some fame by being the main inventor of the Spike Drive, a very efficient and very fast method of traveling huge distances, which has led to its adoption throughout the Flower Galaxy neighborhood.

Due to its proximity to the Flower Galaxy, the outer reaches of the nebula are lightly colonized by various powers in the Flower Galaxy, including the Marakat Interstellar Union and the Florathel-Tuar Interstellar Commune. The Mid Shell and the Core are reserved for the developing civilizations there.


The Iriat Nebula originally formed 3 billion years ago. The nebula was mostly ignored for the majority of its unusually long history, until several probes were sent into it by the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy. These probes found a large civilization occupying the core of the unusually long-lived nebula, but when attempts were made to communicate with it, no response came back. The cause of this silence was because the inhabitants of the civilization lived in virtual worlds on vast matrioshka brains, surrounding the majority of the stars in the core. However, an attempt eventually succeeds at communication, and a treaty was forged, allowing the civilization to keep to themselves in the core of the Iriat Nebula without interference, and other civilizations to colonize the outer reaches of the nebula that they didn't want anyway.

After the signing of the treaty, the Marakat Interstellar Union, Florathel-Tuar Interstellar Commune, Economic Federation of Saleas, and the now-dead Corroloa Empire pounced on the chance to colonize new space. During the War of Saiheran Succession, the government of the EFS fled to their colony after the Sack of Saleas, mostly abandoning the main nation. After the end of the war, they returned to the heartland and rebuilt what had been destroyed, abandoning their colony. The colony was later annexed by the MIU, and the collapse of the Corroloa Empire gave their portion of the nebula to the Marakat.

Today, the Oralat Virtual Utopia remains reclusive as ever, often going for months at a time without a single communication between them and the outside universe. The colonies have remained much the same as they were at the end of the War of Saiheran Succession, except for a new plot claimed by the Akradax Collective.


Name Distance to the Iriat Core Stars Controllers
Eewer Cluster / GCC-I 1 1,143 ly 33,982 OVU Flag.png OVU
Vylissus Cluster / GCC-I 2 3,300 ly 29,488 MIU Flag.png MIU
Nulier Cluster / GCC-F 3 2,800 ly 19,836 FTIC Flag.png FTIC


A map of the Iriat Nebula. The viewer is advised to view the full-sized file for maximum usefulness.