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"A Planet made of Floating and Underwater cities, a Planet of High Tech, Commerce, Manufacturing, Health and most notably Fishing and Agriculture, being especially attractive for its Algae. Its peoples are Hard-working and practical, and sometimes defined as individualistic and hermetic, but once you meet them you can see their warmth" - High Priestess, Melissa Marrash

Ishai is an oceanic planet belonging to the the Union, being located in the Zeurel System, in the Lewis Galaxy and Herschel Space. It is then located in Herschel Space. It is the sixth planet from its star, and the third of the Big Five Worlds (habitable) of the Zeurel System.

The planet was an Ice world and was soon terraformed by melting all its ice away, creating a vast and large ocean covering the entire world. The ocean became habitable for many species and thus many marine flora and fauna were brought to the planet. Soon it was suitable for colonization, and several cities arose, all of which, are floating cities who go several thousand meters down the sea. Many Cities are as large in the surface as they are underwater.

Its main economy is driven by several markets, such as large scale fishing and agriculture (several algae), medicine, research, military and high-tech, commerce and manufacturing. Most of the energy produce comes from Hydraulic sources.

The Planet is home to the Irekian Technocrats and the Bank of Eleysia, one of the most important banks. It's also the homeworld and birthplace of the Tarkonau Order. Also other orders like the Menopeneia Order, have a seat in planet even if they weren't created in Ishai. The Water Dancers of Ishai are from here and are very famous not only in the Union but also abroad.

It used to hold the seat of the Maritime Army but to decentralized power and importance from the Zeurel system, it was relocated for the most part to planet Kataria.


Ishai was colonized in the year 35 962 CE, by colonist from outside the system. Some came from the nearby worlds of Neldum and Arkon, however most were recruited from other systems. The Terraforming process was activated in 35 680 CE and took 200 years to complete. Many creatures had to be imported and many parameters had to be fixed.

In the year, 45 129 CE, the Zeurel System was attacked by Imperial fleets during the Imperial-Unionist War but was successfully repelled. In the Year 45 182 CE, the Imperial fleet came back and bombarded some of the Planets in the system. Some of the the cities, Remoka, Kuenen, Irkeia and Ashada, and to some extent Tiltisamo, were heavily damaged by the attacks but all were successfully rebuilt as most of the population hide in underwater bunkers. Some few settlers (around 270 000 left the planet, most notably for the Akai Nebulae, and around 4.6 million people died).

Pool for the Parasite.jpg

In 47 956 CE the First foreign settlers arrived from the Empire of Mankind, after relations between both nations improved, granting the planet permission to gain access to all the commerce coming from the Empire. They founded the city of Terdegar. However, most Imperial Citizens are now a minority in the city (making 31%). They are allowed to not have the Parasite and almost all are dedicated to Trade of some sort. At times relations between both communities have been hard and tense, specially during conflict between both nations.

In 51 344 CE, the maritime headquarters were relocated to Kataria, which left the City of Shalodrun in economic turmoil, losing many inhabitants, that moved specially to the city of Terdegar, in search of jobs. However, the situation was improved, and the city flourished again under the health and cosmetic sectors.


The Planet has many small rocky moons, being Esapia, the biggest and most important one. It has a small colony on this moon of 15 million inhabitants (living in two dome cities).

No continents exists, so the entire planet is inhabited by floating cities. The Most important Cities are Ashada, Remoka and Tiltisamo. Most cities control large areas of the Ishai ocean. For example Tiltisamo controls half of the Northwestern hemisphere, from the pole to some mild latitudes, while Remoka controls the Southeastern side and Ashada the Central-West equator, for example.

  • Tiltisamo

This city is very varied and diverse in its economy. It is centered around Trade and Finance as well as producing many services for the entire planet. Tiltisamo is in charge of producing most of the Electricity of the planet, constructing facilities and being obliged of maintaining the several cities large Hydraulic Mechanisms and Operational Centers in each floating city. Tiltisame is a city that moves with the currents and is usually not tied to the oceanic floor, which in some cases can be several thousand kilometers deep. This allows the production of energy to each and every city, as they move through the ocean. It's also the seat of Tarkonau Order. Military equipment and other devices are also important in the city's manufacturing process. Also a tourist destination, it has a large and famous Submarine Hotel, one of the largest in the Union. Its total population is 5 Billion.

  • Remoka

This city is very varied economically. It main sector is services. Most land-farming domes are located in Remoka (although Ashada and Tiltisamo also have their own), producing several meats, fruits and vegetables for the inhabitants of Ishai. Chemicals and other Products are synthesized in the city as well. They also make convert large parts of the ocean to make them drinkable water for the locals and to export, most notably to Saikan. Its total population is 4 Billion.

  • Ashada

Habitation complexes (surface) on Ashada

It's the biggest city in the planet with a total population of 6 Billion inhabitants, and is centered around high-tech, trade, entertainment, services and military equipment/manufacturing and design. A large underground city, as large as it's surface, extends underwater, producing large amounts of algae and fish although most of it is for local consumption. It has a large administrative body, as it is the official capital of the Planet. It has been enlarge several times, making it a very large and sprawled city. One neighborhood is dedicated to Foreigners, most notably from the United Alliance. The Tourism industry and naval repairing are also important.

  • Kuenen

Facility for Algae Research and Cultivation

A City based on Farming and Fishing, being the biggest producer of Algae and Food in the entire planet. It's very large and its space covers several thousand kilometers due to its huge water farms. It has as well a large Biocenter for research and treatment of the Algae. It has several factories to process all this production and exporting it. It total population is 3 Billion

  • Ireka

Floating City of Ireka (surface)

Its a center of education, it is mostly based on research, high-tech and most notably Engineering work and design. The University of Irekia and the Irekian Tecnocrats are famous all over the Union. Some water vessels and other equipments are built here (civilian and military alike). It's the only place where traders from the Republic of Sion are allowed. There is a small neighborhood and trading spot for them in the planet. It has a total population of 3 Billion.

  • Terdagar

It is a commercial spot founded by Imperial traders and settlers who came get their hands on the algae, making the city a tradecenter between the Union and the Empire in the system, making the city wealthy and attracting many. The city has the second largest Algae production, although this ones are not for consumption but for medical uses. It has developed a large Mineral sector, extracting many minerals from the oceanic floor and then transform them in metal work for naval or spacecraft manufacturing. Has a total population of 3 Billion

  • Lauron

Underwater facilities

It holds the center of the Famous Water Dancers of Ishai, a cultural and dance style famous all over the Lewis Nations. The Secrets of their training are located in here and only the Unionist citizens or converts to the Unionist religion are allowed to be teached to keep the secret within the Union alone. The cities economy is based on manufacturing goods, algae production, fishering and commerce. It has a total population of 2 Billion.

  • Midrewen

This city is the main trading outpost of the Intergalactic Federation. It was constructed mimicking the Terdagar strategy of a foreign comercial city, and as this one, the current federal population is 22% of the total, mostly traders. It holds a total population of 2 Billion

  • Shalodrun

This city used to hold the main center of the Maritime military, but after relocation to Katania, only some marine military remained, and much of the city's economy had to go through intense reconversion. The economy nowadays has been readapted and now, its a center of the Health industry, producing large quantities of Pharmaceutics and Cosmetic Products. Its entire population is 1 Billion.

  • Yudulai

The tiny and holy city is based on production and export of its Gifts, which are the ones produced and implanted throughout the entire population. Its population is made of 1 Billion residents.

Culture and Society

Underwater half of the Floating City of Tiltisamo

The Planet has a small minority of Imperial Citizens as well as Members of the Federation and some traders from the United Alliance and the Republic of Sion (only allowed to reside and trade within the floating city of Ashada and Ireka).


Most of the dishes found on Ishai are based on Fish and Algae. Other products, such as seafood, plankton and other animals are also raised. Some foods outside this varieties are considered to be somehow expensive as most of them have to be produce in floating adapted farms or imported from other worlds.

The Main dish is the Broat Fish and the Tertella Shrimps. Specialities known all over the Union and the other lewis Nations. Most of the Fauna and Flora were imported from other worlds, however, some adapted and evolved to adapt to Ishai

Another famous dish is the Takke Fish, marinated with Yoka Algae sauce. Although the Takke Fish comes from Thetis, it has well adapted to the ecosystem of Ishai. They were brought by the first Imperial traders and has thrived (so much the Teyak had to also be imported to reduce their wild population).


  • The Water Dancers of Ishai

Are a famous school of dance, dedicated to underwater performances as well as dances that take place on the surface of water (seeming as the dances were floating or walking in the water surface), they use some special designed and tech shoes and use lazes and beautiful dresses to make it even more impressive. They are very much appreciated as a sign of culture and sophistication in the Union. Even the Emperor of the Empire of Mankind has this performances specially requested in his receptions. The Intergalactic Federation has as well this performances touring the important Opera Houses of the Nation from time to time, making it a big event (usually affordable for the Elite only) in which all the visitors dress in their best outfits to enjoy the show and socialize.

  • The Irekian Technocrats

Tarkonau Elite Soldier

They are a group of researchers and designers, most notably of underwater artifacts, most notably for maritime warfare. They have created several inventions and are known for their Engineering mastery and its dedication to it. They form a Guild and rule the Engineering University of Irekia, which centers of Engineering branches of tough.

It's an order of fighting priests who are trained in the ways of the Parasite called the Gift, interacting inside water and watery ambiance. They have trained to be perfect swimmers and to hold breath for as much as one or two hours under the water. They are elite water warriors. They collaborate actively with the Irekian Technocrats to try new creative designs and also with the National Marine Military.

Flora and Fauna

  • The Eberu

An Eberu speciment in the wild

Its a squid-octopus like creature, quite large in size, native to the massive oceans of Ishai. Its a predator, that lives in the deeps of the ocean but resurface at night. It has a membranous light that attracts prey. They begin their live cycle with as little as 2cm in size and gradually grow until adulthood, reaching between 50cm and 1 meter. Then, right after they keep growing and if they survive long enough they can reach massive sizes of up to 20 meters in lenght. Those who reach such big size are mostly older survivors, and just a very view achieve such big bodies. Usually the average Eberu lies between 1 m to 10 m. The larger the Eberu is, the older it is.