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Isolda is a world located in the Futel System, located in the Lewis Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. It is thus placed within the galactic Nephos Arm in the Imperial Nephos Arm subsector, in the Orsuldai Region. Isolda belongs to the nation known as The Empire of Mankind, being a stronghold and one of the main seats of power of the Zykov Family. It is one of the most ancient colonies of humans in the Galaxy and all over the cluster, home to great landmarks, like the Great Temple of the Twelve Emperors, which is the main one ever built by the Empire dedicated to the worship of the first and most glorious emperor personalities.

Isolda is also known by it's high standards of living, being famous for their love of music. Isoldan musicians are reknown all over the Empire and so are most of the theaters plays and operas coming from Isolda. It is home of one of the biggest academies of acting as well as the Royal Conservatory.

Many worlds were colonized with settlers from Isolda, being Okaia, Meldan and Pandora some of the most important ones. This has made both worlds have a very deep cultural connection with Isolda, spreading its beauty and special cultural particularities across herschel space (as well as adding their own cultural particularities to the mix).

Economically, It's very diversified. Most of the planet is based on services with sectors like agriculture, music and entertainment industries, manufacturing of clothing, Gardening, export of fuels and appliances, basic domestic robot manufacturing and others being the key ones in their economy.

Its rulers are Aviena Zykov and her daughter Dardrelle Hosenberg, both sister and niece of Fiona Zykov, the current head of the Zykov Family. Both women rule and live in Isolda, as the planet is one of the traditional seats of this house. However, as tecnically now Aviena Zykov has married into the Hosenberg Family and Dardrelle is actually Hosenberg, once Aviena dies, her place would be taken by the second son or daughter of Fiona (as it is customary) and Dardrelle would have to return to the fieldom of her father's family.


Some say that Isolda is the traditional seat of the Zykov family origins. During the Nobility wars it was made the seat of the Zykovs that were loyal to the Emperor and remained a seat of the House, until it was changed to Okaia (from 33 950 CE to 37 280 CE // from 13 784 ALD to 17 214 ALD). Isolda is currently the oldest of the seats of the Zykovs and thus also their oldest seat even if today, Okaia is their main seat. Traditionally, the lower siblings of the head of the house, and usually a female (but not always) rules the planet. Thus, Fiona Zykov's sister, Aviena Zykov (known by marriage as Aviena Hosenberg) is the current ruler of Isolda. When she dies, the seat of Isolda would be passed to the younger sons of Fiona.



Isolda was colonized in 21,469 CE (1,303 ALD) by settlers of Mitra and Elpida during the early times of colonization. Some later colonist arrived from Rhea and Thetis. All of which have given a distintive culture to the planet. The first ships sent had around 2 million settlers from Mitra and about 1 million from Elpida. This early colonist were later joined by another million of Rheans and Thetisians. This has made the dialect of Isolda particular in the sense that it is heavily marked by common features of Mitra with a distinctive Thetisian and Elpidan sounds.

The early settlers founded some of the big cities of today and quickly rose into becoming a beacon of culture, music production and refinement. For many years, Isoldan music was the most beautiful and acknoledge as a sign of well verse culture.

Republic of Anthropos

The Anthropos Republic favour the colony due to its position within Nephos. It was a key world that joined well the lines conecting the Nephos Arm with the Horos Arm.

First Civil War

During the warm it was attacked several times by oposing forces of to gain control of it.

Second Civil War

During the war, the planet was divided between the fighting parties and the Guardian's loyal armies. Several combats ensued in its surface for years but finally the Guardians supporters made progress by the end of the conflict and conquered Isolda fully executing, capturing and later on enslaving many of the ones that had supported the parties.

The second civil war was heavy on Isolda which saw almost 20% of its population destroyed and about a 10% emigrated to found new colonies. However, the planet recovered fast and was favoured by the Empire to be reconstructed. Isolda soon became a supporter of the Empire.

During this time, the planet was given to the Zykovs for it's protection which soon made Isolda their homeseat increasing the importance of this world. It has become a prestigious seat of the Zykovs every since and soon after the First Relative's War it was the traditionally hold directly by the head of the house until it was moved to Okaia. Then the planet would be held always by the second son or daughter of the head of the house.

Nobility War

In the Nobility War, Isolda became the stronghold of the Zykov Family that suported the emperor as opposed to Okaia who became the seat of the Zykovs that supported the Nobility. Isolda saw a rise of importance during this time as it was well rewarded for its loyalty as oppose to other worlds of the Zykovs. During this conflict massive combats took place in the airspace of the planet but only a few ground battles took hold, sparing Isolda from massive destruction on its surface.

War of the Two Emperors

This war saw the world of Isolda alligned with Larissa and Roldar as oppose to the Zykovs that sided with Kador V. This made Isolda a stronghold of the rebellious forces and althought it made it out unharmed from the war, its importance was broken and Okaia became the seat of the Zykovs taking the old importance that Isolda once had. Isolda however continued to be a center of music, commerce and its strategic importance remain but it's golden age had passed. During this time, the Temple of the Great Twelve Emperors was constructed to reconect the loyalties of Isolda with the Empire.

Imperial-Unionsit War

Heavily bombarded during this period, it saw Unionist forces occupying large areas of the world causing heavy losses in the areas they controlled. However, Imperial brigades liberated the planet soon effectively cutting Unionist supplies between the forces in Miaris and in Drakori.


  • Iyonda

The largest continental mass, it is a massive continent of green forests, mountains and lakes. It holds the largest mountain range, the Agapuar Mountains which are on itself a marvellous touristic spot. Its total population is around 25 billion, making it the most populated. It's largest city is Muridel which was founded in a very large fertile region, in a strategical position in the early days of the colony.

  • Arnos

The second largest continent it extends through the south and is located nearby Iyonda and Zolus. This continent is lush and is known for its large river systems and agricultural lands. It has a total population of 20 billion, making it the second most populous continent. Its home to the city of Vieren, the capital world of the planet and the largest city in Arnos.

  • Belik

The third largest continents it extends from north to south and is connected to Zolus via a little straight and an inner sea known as the sea of Euride. Belix is a cold continent and has large massive taiga in the northernmost point while large oceanic forests in the mid south range with a large set of mountains. A large part of Belik is under the northern hemisphere's icesheet. About 17 billion people live here. Its main city is Froso, the second largest city in Isolda.

  • Zolus

Located within the middle between Belix and Arnos it is a large penninsula-like continent and known as having ideal temperature and climate. It's the home of 14 billion people. It's largest city is Sargad which is also the third largest city in the planet.

  • Seteda

Several large islands and penninsulas that are located in the south. It is the warmest continent of Isolda and holds very large humid forests. The southern part of Seteda has a colder climate thats touches the southern hemisphere's icesheets. About 10 billion people live here. Its largest city is Darossi the fith largest in the planet.

Culture and Society