Iuri Conrad Halfred (2 April 3970 - 31 December 4602) was an entrepreneur, discoverer of the Halfred system, and the eponymous owner of the Halfred Corporation. Before the Halfred Corporation's formation in 4032, he worked as a prospector for himself and other small mining operations. Halfred also wrote multiple technical handbooks on the topic and process of astromining.

Early Life

n his career as a prospector, drifting from system to system searching for wealth hidden within seemingly-worthless planets.

Reportedly, Halfred's only ambition in his early life was to make 10M C-Units.

Creation and Rise of the Halfred Corporation

After drifting into the Halfred system in 4029, Iuri Halfred came upon a mineral rich asteroid belt. As a direct result, he settled into the system and invested the last of his C-Units into multiple mining vessels, forming the Halfred Corporation in 4032.

The Halfred Corporation's headquarters were initially located on Bisydu, but its mining operations would not be for many more years - instead, mining began on its moons. During the 40th century, the surface was primarily used for manufacturing industries. As the company expanded during the 41st and 42nd centuries, sulfur was mined from the planet's rich atmosphere and surface deposits to supply alloying materials for the local industry.

Until the 89th century (during which hundreds of millions immigrated to Bisydu for refuge from the First Galactic War), the population of Bisydu comprised of workers for the Halfred Corporation. These workers - miners, chemists, mathematicians - often protested the Halfred Corporation and Iuri Halfred himself for better working rights. While basic housing, food, water, electricity, and internet connection were provided, the living conditions in general were subpar: the local industry created an uncomfortably high temperature; the SO2 atmosphere required workers to constantly wear respirators. Although Halfred and his corporation could not change these factors immediately, this did spur the terraforming of Bisydu into a more habitable temperate terra.

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