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Izk is a desertic planet located in the Ekan System. It is the homeworld of the Krizik species, and the capital of the Krizik Regime, the Krizik Stratocracy, the Krizik Dominium and the Krizik Warrior Assembly. Since all this nations still control areas of the planet. The System is as well divided between this powers.

It is a warm arid planet for the most part, with big savannah like areas in both hemispheres, some tropical woods and huge deserts. The Planet is mostly desertic, with tropical flora and fauna nearby water sources and ocean shores. Most of the planet is arid, with little water and very scarce vegetation, with a lot of rocky terrains in many areas. The Krizik developed in the margins between savannas and arid rocky areas, so they need very little water to maintain their bodies. They migrated and settled all over the planet.

The planet has no very large oceans, just a few small ones and some little seas. The continents are difficult to draw but three can be clearly seen: Korsk, Venik and Zakek.


The Planet has fifteen moons, three of which are large in size and twelve are rocky moons of small size. Izk has three large continents.

  • Korsk:

Located in the southern hemisphere, the continent is splitted from the northen regions of Zakek through a straight of deserts.

  • Zakek:

A continent located in the northern hemisphere and home to the Krizik Regime

  • Venik:

A large isolated continent. It is only connected with the rest of the continents through a small straight. This continent is harsh and most of the nations within Korsk were swallowed by the Krizik Dominium.

IZK MAP 1.jpg


The Krizik originated and migrated throughout the planet. Near the shores, several civilizations started to appear.

The Krizik Nations fought throughout the Krizik history until one nation was supreme above the rest and absorbed or integrated the previous ones, one per continent. So then four nations appeared.

The Krizik Stratocracy was the one that was less warrior like, focusing more on science and technological research. They were then the first to start space colonization and soon, the other nations followed.