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The Jasper nebula, is an average irregular cloud located in the depths of Herschel Space, in Iskadi looking towards the Rodaun. Sometimes it is usually nicknamed "The White Nod" or "the Beautiful Cloud". This position has made the nebula a perfect "jumping point" between Galaxies. The nebula is located within the Lewis Nations territories, and thus in Herschel Space.

It is home to numerous planets of interest. It has a dense concentration of starts, appointing to 1.1 billion. It makes it one of the largest nebulas within Herschel Space. The nebula is under the control of several companies belonging to the Lewis Nations, due to the high amount of gases and miners of gas have made the nebula an attractive point. However, important Aldorian presence also exists here.


The nebulosa was settled pretty much when the first human colonist arrived into Iskadi, somewhere between 52 000 CE (32 000 ADL) and 55 000 CE (35 000 ADL). Estimates about the arrival of humans are confusing as the nebulosa was home to several pirates, merchants, indepent explores and others. It is believed that the world of Torion was settled by bold adventure explorers and soon acted as a based for human pirates, merchants and others who saw the nebulosa as a place without law. An anarchy place where they could ran to seek protection for their activities and out of government control.

Word of mouth spread and that was how the region became more known among pirates, adventures, fortune seekers, merchants etc, etc... as a new "el dorado" place. It didnt take long to reach authorities, and government expeditions were sent to the area.

During this time, the Union sent probes to the Jasper Nebula and colonized the world of Minerva, who acted as a Unionist base in the region, gradually taking control of about a quarter of the Nebula. The region however had been under Aldorian colonization as well and several Aldorian world had flourish, with another quarter of the Nebula under Aldorian control. They arrived from the Rodaun nearby and thus had used the Nebula as a trading spot. The Intergalactic Federation also took interest in the region due to its location and resources and thus settled the world of Artemis which became the main world. The intergalactic Federation gradually took hold of a quarter of the Nebula as well. The remaining quarter of the nebula holds outpost of the other Lewis Nations (The Empire of Mankind, the United Alliance and the Republic of Sion), but for the most part it remains free. This means that the quarter is full of criminality (with a posible seat of the Farshlag Syndicate) and is home to local native species of the Nebula.

Major Worlds

Usually called the "Jasper Worlds", most of them connected around the Carabal Hyperlane, which is the main lain in the nebula. This worlds have other given names such as "Iskadian Wild Trail", the "Keresian Systems" or as "Carabal Worlds". It is made of around 1 million worlds able to be settled, out of which around 667 170 are currently inhabited. 348 567 worlds by humans, 318 603 by Xeno (182 566 by Aldorians, 88 903 by other xeno. The remaining 47 134 worlds are inhabited mostly by pirates and are mixed species worlds).

Most worlds are very sparsely populated. Most have a very low population-density. About 57% of all human settled worlds have less than 300 million inhabitants, and just 2% have more than 1 billion human inhabitants. Worlds with idilic habitable conditions, make just 5% of the total inhabited planets (17 428 planets with "excellent habitable conditions. Meaning Terra-type worlds, or some classified as having "Aegyn style habitable conditions" or "Birnis habitable conditions")but concentrate about 41% of the entire population in the Jasper worlds.

  • Winda:
  • Artemis: One of the main worlds, controlled by the Intergalactic Federation.
  • Carabal: A human world, gives the name to the main hyperlane that traverses the Jasper Nebula. It is as well a comercial hub that leads many ships in and out.
  • Torion:
  • Arasis: The main Aldorian capital within the Nebula
  • Minerva: A world in hands of the Union and also one of the main habitable Human worlds in the Nebula. The capital world of the Union in the region.
  • Uldaris: The second largest of the Aldorian worlds in the area.
  • Keresis: An Aldorian founded world that gives name to another hyperlane in the nebula which is called the Keresian Hyperlane. The lane ends in the so called "Delta of Keresis" due to the entrance into the hyperlane being shaped in a delta form, which allows many pirates, bunty hunters and other undesirables to enter without being detected. The world is currently inhabited by several species, being the Aldorians the majority. Sometimes called the "Lawless Place" due to the high operation of mafias and rampant violence, which the aldorians authorities either dont care or fail to cure.