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The Jaystor'e are the native inhabitants of the planet Jaystor.

Physical Description

The Jaystor'e are physically shorter and smaller than Humans mostly due to the higher atmospheric pressure of the planet. They appear to have an insectoid appearance. They have six limbs, the bottom two of which are the strongest of them all and are used to hold up their carapace. The other two are used as manipulators, the upper ones stronger and used for manual labor whereas the middle are used for more delicate operations.

They have three eyes with which they can see all around them. Their carapace can have different designs and colors depending on genetics and their respective locations from around the planet. For example, those living closer to volcanoes have blacker carapaces than those living near water, those of who have a lighter gray shade. Their mandibles are capable of eating simple fruits and vegetables but not meat. There have been documented cases where desperate Jaystor'e have eaten meat but not until it's been made incredibly soft.


Around 180,000 BCE, the ancestors of the modern day Jaystor'e began to evolve near the Vecca Sea, which they still regard as a place of holy significance. They created the Jaystora'tic, known as the First Lands. At one point the Jaystora'tic was thought of like Humans think of the lost city of Atlantis. They began creating other kingdoms and empires during what's known now as their first Golden Age.

However around 32,000 BCE one of the more deadly supervolcanos erupted, causing a mass extinction event that nearly wiped them out. A group managed to hide in an extinct series of lava tubes located deep underground the only extinct supervolcano on the planet. Around five thousand years later they emerged and continued to spread across the new world.

Around the year 1000 CE an asteroid struck, sending the Jaystor'e into hiding once again not only to the ancient ancestral homes where they once escaped from the last disaster, but in underground bunkers. Many of the population at that time survived the impact and subsequent volcanic eruptions. In the year 2912 CE they emerged and began to rebuild their civilization once again.

They were discovered by humanity in the year 3428 CE and contacted a year later. The Jaystor'e initially believed the humans to be their gods, but after long discussions between the two species, the Jaystor'e realized the humans weren't gods. The Jaystor'e were granted rights to some planets unable to be settled by humans and became an interstellar species, living under the protection of the Yohjan Confederacy until they were able to form their own kardashev II civilization in 15,901 CE.

When the Split of the Yohjan Confederacy occured, they lost access to a great deal of the technology they had come to rely on. Confined to just their own system, they began to diverge into a myriad of smaller nations vying for control of their Dyson Swarm. They remained more or less untouched until 31,091 when they were again contacted by humans, this time from the United Federation of Star Systems. They willingly joined and became a self-governing prefecture of the nation. To this day they remain as citizens of the United Federation of Star Systems.