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The Jekets are an ancient Civilization, native to the Iskadi Galaxy, located in Herschel Space. They inhabited the present day territorial domains of the Empire of Mankind and the Intergalactic Federation, creating a Galactic dominion that endured for millennia. They lived in the Iskadi Galaxy from between 3.300.000 to 2.700.000 BCE. ( Around 3.320.166 BLD - 2.720.166 BLD)


They were a deeply ritualistic, religious and technologically advanced species. They conquered half of the Iskadi Galaxy and enslaved most of the alien species living within the conquered territory. Slave force was very numerous and very much used throughout their galactic dominions. They made numerous slave sacrifices to their many gods, from which they were very devoted and took most aspects of their lives. Huge temples were erected to them in every corner of their territories.


During the early stages of expansion, they aggressively expand throughout the nearby systems. When they encountered species such as the Oira, they soon wage holy wars of conquest against them and enslaved them. The Oira, for example where a very much loved and appreciated species by the Jekets, who served as loyal slaves to them. Numerous graphic depictions of close ties between Oira slaves and their masters exist and among all the enslaved species they were the ones treated the best. The Oira were one of the few species who was forbidden into sacrifice. The situation was stable for numerous millennia but things were about to end.

Troubled reached the Jeket Civilization when they wage a War against an extragalactic invader, known to them as the Ojkets, and to Human xeno archaeologist and historians as the Vemex Civilization who lived and prospered in the nearby Galaxy. Apparently they had made contact with the Jeket, with awful results. This led to a massive invasion campaign to the Iskadi Galaxy and open war with the Jekets. This world endured for several millennia.

Finally, the Jeket were world after world conquered by the Invaders and enslaved alongside the other species the Jeket had long time ago enslaved in an ironic turn of events. The Vemex however were not many but were slightly more advanced than the Jekets, what gave them the advantage. However, this situation did not last long, and soon after the Jeket final defeat, horror stroke hard. The Jeket, in a last honorific movement, unleashed a deadly sickness, who wiped out the Vemex in the Iskadi Galaxy but also in their home Galaxy, bringing them to extinction.

The sickness however, also caused the extinction of the other enslaved species of the Galaxy and the Jeket themselves, who had to pay the prize of extinction alongside the Vemex. Some theories exist however of some pockets of survivals here and there devolving later into other races, but nothing conclusive. With this sickness, both, the Vemex and the Jeket came to an end. This sickness however, seems either immune to humanity or has been long extinct as well, when it didn't have more beings to infect.

It is believed that the sickness caused massive revolts and trouble in the Vemex dominions and this led to many Vemex flying back to their home galaxy, bringing the deadly sickness with them. It is believed by some that it is related to the Kerox sickness of the Axons.


Large remains exist in Imperial and Federal territories of the presence of the Jeket and most of the Hyperlanes in that area of the galaxy where engineered by them. The Vemex however lead the exploration to the the other half of the galaxy that nowadays lies within the United Alliance territories. Here they created few hyperspace lanes (that would later be used by the early U.A settlers) to hide their fleets in uncharted Jeket territory or lead surprised attack to their enemy from the hidden area of the Galaxy. Some hyperspace lanes connected faraway points, pointing to the fact the Vemex travelled from their home galaxy to the borders of the Iskadi Galaxy unnoticed and used the hyperspace lanes to come closer to the Jeket territory in order to attack.

It has been shown that the Jekets were transported to other Galaxies by the Vemex, although it is unclear if for some reason the Jeket had colonies outside Iskadi and why they didn't expand into the half of their Galaxy. It may have been due to Religious Believes but this is still unclear. The Vemex in turn have been proven to visit the Korka Nation at some point, landing on Tekorka but not interfering with the natives nor enslaving them. Apparently the Korkas were not developed enough and the matters of the Vemex visit seem to have been scientific.