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There were several times in which democracy nearly faded. While of course the ever distant nations of Florathel would have maintained this strange system on their own, it would have been the end for its original creators. Almost all of these times were galactic-scale conflicts or crises. The most recent of which was Jezebel's War, which could really be thought of as an aftershock of the War of the Ancients. Within the destabilized Confederacy of Borealis, nearly every movement with a decent following began to mobilize their forces. The most important of these forces were the old elite, ghosts of the Confederacy's more unequal past. Decedents of ancient nobility, the ultra-wealthy, powerful and highly entrenched political organizations, and even rogue artificial intelligences united under the banner of the Sovereign Initiative, a political movement whose goals was a restoration of the ancient Erstes Konsortium, an oligarchical state, the abolishment of democracy, and closer relations with the nation of Drusidia.

Not only was Jezebel's War a civil conflict within the Confederacy. It was originally as conflict of succession involving Tenshi's colonies in Ventemir, which would evolve into a near civil war as the Chancellor of Sagittarium sent aid to the rebelling colonies, a direct violation of the Confederacy's and Tenshi's alliance. The various states within the Confederacy began taking sides as political factions out of power, often with support from Drusidia, began political agitation. In 89,124 CE coup in Thalsiedeln, the Confederacy's most economically prosperous planet, signaled the beginning of the conflict as Drusidian troops were discovered to have played a part in the coup. Full succession almost immediately began as the Confederacy was thrown into chaos.

As the other nations of the galaxy dare not intervene out of fear of causing another War of the Ancients, the pent of nationalism, humiliation, and trauma from that war acted as a trigger for this new conflict. In a dangerously parallel situation to the collapse of the Yohjan Confederacy, groups of all ideological leanings began scrambling to establish themselves as the group to pick up the pieces. Donatus Shuker, supreme commander of Confederate forces during the War of the Ancients, once again lead the Confederate government, this time with the de facto status of "president" despite not being elected. Drusidia spent most of the war using its vast military to track down Shuker's fleets, only relenting upon the death of Jezebel II, the namesake of the war. When Imperatix Wren ascended the throne in 90,001 CE, she stopped supporting the allies of Drusidia in the Confederacy and removed troops. Instead of focusing on the securing territory in Ventemir. The war officially ended the same year, when Rune-Err, who believed themselves to be the true rulers of Ventemir, attacked Drusidia, destroying its capacity to further the conflict.

The Boreal Federacy would form as the Congress and Donatus Shuker essentially annexed all of the states loyal to the Confederate government (who were going to federalize anyways). The war as a civil incident in the Federacy ended with much of the Confederacy and Sagittarium both being occupied and reformed. The conflict has had lasting impacts on the Federacy, including creating its current economic system, the abolishment of the old elite class, and the creation of the Intergalactic Council.


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