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Jolies is a Jovian planet located in the Paleas arm of Florathel, near the Darakao Nebula. It orbits the first star of the Karzhan System. Jolies has 56 total moons and 3 major moons; Drupiln, Ret-in, and Gshd. Ret-in is a planet that is found most habitable to humanoid life. Jolies is observed to be extremely green, a rather rare feature.


Jolies has no surface feature, though it is seen to have bright green banded clouds, with one bright blue patch near the southern poles. Jolies is the fifth planet from karzhan and is about 13 AUs from it.


Its known history starts at the year 5,012 CE, after Apati explorers from the Guild of External Power had placed an Osseter in a nearby system. The three explorers admired the Karzhan system and chose to stay on Ret-In, its habitable moon. However, before the Apati found it, a group of Humans were the first to initially dicover it and chart it in 4,211 CE. But once it was dicovered that no planets in the system could be inhabited, the system was abandoned. Today, Jolies' moon Ret-In is used as a rest stop for weary trevellers.

The Monolynth

Jolies' Monolynth

In 64,004, a large structure was seen orbiting the planet. These structures have been seen orbiting gas giants and take many different forms, they are called Monolynths. The Jolies Monolynth is a large megastructure resembling a straight line. The terrain on top of the monolynth is habitable for only what seems to be Irosian life. These appear in many various systems, all seeming to be orbiting gas giants, in different galaxies. Where these monoltynths come from is something nobody knows, but it is theorized that a once type 3 civilisation has built these but are know long extinct.