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The Jul-Kapa system is a binary star, orbited by the twin stars Jul and Kapa. Both of them are rich in materials. The system is completely under the control of the nation known as the Union and It is located in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It was settled by colonist from the somehow close Zeurel System planets around 36 311 CE. This place was the scenario of the first war between humans and the native system inhabitants, the early stage of the Tryn. This species was inhabiting the planet of Oryn, from which it's name is derived. Currently, their native planet is under Unionist forces.

The total population of the system is 90 Billion souls. Out of this, 87 billion live within the planets of Dakinti, Nuon and Etul (and to a smaller extend Oryn). The remaining 3 billion live scattered over the asteroids, moons, domes, mining facilities and military stations all over the Jul-kapa system.

Jul System

  • Dakinti:

The world of Dakinti

This world is perfectly suited nowadays to Human habitation. It is lush and green. Dakinti was the second one to be settled by colonist from the Zeurel system. Most of which came from planets like Arkon, Neldum and Euden. The planet was terraformed to suit humans really early and soon became populated and the most populated world of the Jul-kapa system. It is heavily based on indudtry, manufacturing, shipbuilding, military, entertainment, energy and services. Most of the armed forces and the military academy of Jul-kapa are located here. The total population of this world amounts to 33 billion inhabitants.

  • Nuon:

The world of Nuon

It was the first world to be colonized from the Zeurel system. This world was naturally suitable for humans and did not need terraforming. It was however, not suitable for the Tryn, who largely ignore it on their small space program, however they were interested in its ecosystem, fauna and flora. Settled by mostly colonists of Saikan and to some extend from Arkon, Neldum and Ishai, it has a strong similarities to the culture seen in Saikan or by the Saikanians. However, Nuon is a lush world. One of the most beautiful and comercially succesful of all the worlds, its economy is based on services, finance/banking, comerce, science, pharmaceutics and medical products. They are ruled by a femenine order of women, very much related to the Sisterhood of Kryso, that operates all religious ceremonies in the planet. Its total population gets to 27 billion inhabitants.

Kapa system

  • Etul:

planet Etul

The planet of Etul is Savannah like, humid as well and covered by large fogs and stormy weather. Its inhabitants have dark skin and no hair. This was due to the conditions of the planet. The early colonist focus on genetic manipulation and thus adapted themselves to the new ecosystem of the world, thus why their skin color and abscence of hair. Today its focused on military, science and agriculture as their main economic pillars. Its culture is certainly based on a martial culture, all the way back from the difficult times of colonization. Most of this colonist originate back to Maikomai but also from Euden, Neldum and even to a smaller extent from Saikan. It was the latest to be colonized by humans and wasnt colonizable until it was terraformed. It was done in such as matter as to suit the climate of Maikomai to most of its original inhabitants who wanted to recreate their former home. The planet has a total population of 24 billion inhabitants.

  • Oryn:

The world of Oryn

The native world of the Tryn, it is a thick tundra like world. Oryn is divided in three demarcation zones. One has been given to the Dakinti, the other for the Nuon and the third for Etul. The Tryn left on the planet are on a primitive stage and were among the least developped of their own species, allowed to remain in the most remote areas of the world, barely pausing a threat to Unionist authorities. They have been protected by the Oryn Act of Pacification, and the only time they are prosecuted is when they get infected by the Gift Parasite. That mostly true by activists of non-allowing aliens to get the gift. Others help natives to be empowered by it and help them even scape to remote areas where other Tryn live or hide them in their houses from authorities.

The Tryn that got defeated by the Union were forcefully expelled in the Matriarchic Arcs, giangantic vessels that carried millions of refugees, who settled in varios parts of the Intergalactic Federation and the Alliance, settling the planets called Adryn (meaning, "New home for the tryn") in the Intergalactic federation and Idoryn (meaning "Similar to Oryn").

After that, many colonies have flourished in both of this nations, to the point where the Tryn have achieved their own province in the Intergalactic Federation. The total population of the Planet is 3 billion (of which about 30 million are Tryn).

  • Palami

The Gas Giant of Palami

This gas giant is located closer to the Planet Oryn than to Etul, making a weird orbit that makes the gas giant and it's moons to sometimes orbit far away and close to the Tryn habitated Nebula in the neighbooring system. It is believed that the Tryn take this opporunity, when the Giant Gas planet is closer to them, jump into the region. The Gas Giant has a total of 27 little moons, 18 of which are asteroids and the rest 9 are rocky moons, big enough to sustain a colony dome. The moons are under the dominance of the Tryn and it's control has completely failed to be taken by the Union. Thus the area is very dangerous for travelling and mining the gas stations over Palami is considered a dangerous affair due to the constant threat from the Tryn bases.



A member of the Tryn species (technologically advanced member - posibly a pirate or mercenary soldier)

The system was explored from the nearby one of Zeurel. Soon after, the first probes arrived. It was discovered that one world was suited for human habitation, and three of them were suitable for posible human life. One of this contained Alien life unsuitable to humans at that stage or point in time, back in the 35 909 CE (15 743ALD). It wasnt until some centuries later, in 36 127 CE (15 961 ALD) that the first tripulated mission was sent to the planet. It landed in world of Nuon. Soon after, in 36 184 CE (16 018 ALD) they landed on a second mission over Dakinti and in 36 192 CE (16 026 ALD) they landed over in the Kapa system, in the world of Etul. It wasnt until 36 203 CE (16 037 ALD) that they had an inicial contact with the race of the Tryn. This did not ended well, and they had to retriet back.


In 36 243 CE (16 077ALD) the first stations in orbit were placed down and in 36 257 CE (16 091 ALD)the first station for scientific studies was stablished. However, it wasnt until 36 311 CE (16 145 ALD) when the first colonial spacecraft landed in Nuon. It carried run aways and others willingly scaping from the hardships of Saikan.

It wasnt long until a terraforming equipment was brought to Dakinti, and by 36 638 CE (16 472 ALD), the planet was suited finally to have life of its own (only minor adjustments were needed to be made to its biospheres to be adapted to life and was classified as easily terraformable). Dakinti colonist thrived quickly and thrived due to its rich agricultural soil and capability to sustain life. The colonization of the Kapa binary twin took longer, and it wasnt until 36 916 CE (16 750 ALD) that efforts to terraform Etul began, taking all over to 37 244 CE (17 078 ALD) to be completed.

The Unionist Civil War

The Unionist Civil War was an internal struggle among factions, to which the Jul-kapa system was a large anti-xeno advocate. It was a stronghold of the ideas to which the Tryn and other xeno life was unworthy of the Parasite and that Humans were the choosen ones by the Universe to lead it. It was their duty to expand all over the Universe and make all other humans become Unionist either by will or by force, purging Xeno's who got the gift in them. It all began in 40 578 CE (20 668 ALD).

Jul-kapa was a strong system that fought for this faction. During the conflict, the Zeurel system forces were defeated in their attempts to take Jul-kapa, as both systems belonged to different factions. The loss of Zeurel, despite being much larger in population and economy was due to the better trained and militarized aspect of Jul-kapa which had been dealing with conflicts since the time of their founding. The Holy Warriors of Nuon, the Gna of Dakinti and the Zash-kulu of Etul, were powerful factions of trained military warrior that contributed to their success. So much so that the System launch its own attacks into other systems although they never really did so on Zeurel.

With the loss of the peaceful factions of the Union, the more warrior like ones arose to power, with the High Priest of the Union being selected from Etul. However, his rule did not last long as he committed terrible things that later did contribute to his downfall.

First contact and the Imperial-Unionist War

In 47 491 CE ( 27 325 ALD) a war was declared between the Humans and the recently expanding Tryn. Tensions had been growing between the Tryn and the Unionist who until now had largely ignored each other. The Tryn had a much less advance technology but during the Imperial-Unionist war, they had adquire large support from the Unionist enemies, the Empire. The Tryn in the form of pirates and mercenaries had carried attacks to drive humans out of the system, at least out of kapa.

Due to the exchange with the Empire, their levels of technology had advanced and by the end of the Imperial-Unionist conflict, the Tryn had already began a process of expantion on their own accord. This cause growing problems and tensions between the two. Conflict arose when the Tryn claimed their former lost colonies of Etul and the moons of Palami. This initiated a war right away. The war was the germ for the formation of the triumvirate which came to be in the year 47 502 CE (27 336 ALD), after almost a decade of war. Finally, this alliance permitted a join attack and in 47 505 CE t(27 339 ALD) he Tryn were defeated. In 47 507 CE (27 342 ALD) the Tryn were expelled from their homeworld. However, the Tryn were incredibly difficult to expell from Palami and thus, Unionist forces had no other chance than sending from time to time squirmishes to clean the area from pirates and Tryn colonies. But no all were effectively erradicated and the Tryn soon after always reappeared in the area. On the contrary the area around Etul was secured from the interference and presence of the Tryn and has remained like this till the present.

The Jul-Kapa Triumvirate

The Triumvitate that rules over the System (Left, representative woman of Nuon; Center, representative of Dakinti; Right, representative man of Etul

To assert their economical and military interest in front of the High Priests of the Union and the Parlament, they have formed a triple alliance that dates back to the days of war with the Tryn. The delegations of Nuon, Dakinti and Etul created the council of three and thus mantained a powerful alliance to fight for their common interests or resolve disputes within the systems and worlds. The only planet that is not subjected to a seat is Oryn which is under control of the other three by the delimitation zones.

After the maximum authorities of the Union nation, the triumvirate are the ones controling the system and having all power over it. Currently, the triumvirate has executive powers and may obtain emergency legislative and judiciary powers if a war brokes in the system.

Tryn pirates still exist in Jul-Kapa, mostly relegated to the moons of the Gas Giant known as Palami and the colony of Guryn, which its location within the Kapa system remains hidden. Spionage members have tried to find the location of this colony to no avail, but it is assumed to be in the nearby obscure territories, a section of nebulosa that lies right on the doorstep of the Kapa system, most likely in a minor star system closeby. Any power sent to that nebulosa has been obliterated and spionage missions have recover very little information of the nearby system other than its filled with 4 planets, one of them being a Gas giant. The stimated population of this colony of Tryn in exile is believed to be somewhere between 1 billion and 4 billion and is the source of all pirates travelling from Palami's moons to this Nebulosa. A dangerous travel for human vessels to perform. Due to this, most inter-system travel is made through Etul or the Jul system.


  • Medrenian Kau Order
  • The Nuonian Mothers